Learn to Play Blackjack from a Dealer : How to Play Blackjack

Now that I’ve shown you how to deal, we’re
going to show you an example of actual play. So, each player’s been dealt their cards
and the dealer, I’ve been dealt my cards, now we’re going to go to the first player
on the left. Every player has bet a hundred dollar chip. Okay, starting with the first
player, they have a value of twelve, now the player should know their own value, value
of their cards, but they can ask the dealer if they need to know. It’s up to the player
or the player’s responsibility to let you know what they want to do regarding those
two cards. If they want to hit, which means another card, the player will then say, “hit
me”, if they want to stay, they can stay or they can do the options of doubling down
or splitting the cards as I showed you before. So lets say they want to hit, and some people
tend to go like this, but that’s up to every player. Let’s just for all intents and purposes
show you what happens with a hit. Ten and twelve, they want to hit, ah, twenty-two,
that’s too much and that’s considered a bust. What happens is the dealer will then
collect the chip, take the cards and place them under the cut card. You’re going to
go to the next player, lets say they want to double down on this one, it’s a ten,
they will then put another chip up on the hundred dollars, making it two hundred, they
will get, as I said, one card down. We’re going to go to the next player, they have
a twenty, two tens, they say, “I want to stay”, good enough, once all the players
have decided and it gets back to the dealer, the dealer will then turn over their hole
card. I have an eighteen, so now we’re going to pay the players or take their chips. So
we’re going to start, this time when paying, start from right to left, when dealing, left
to right. They have a twenty, they win, they get even money on pay, so they get an extra
hundred dollars, the dealer will then take, actually I’m going to leave these here,
they get an extra hundred dollars, they’ll turn, I will turn this card over, its not
enough, this is actually sixteen, so the dealer will take the chips they got paid. Now to
get the cards off the table, the dealer will then take its dealer’s cards and then scoop
all the other cards with the dealers’ card, in one quick fashion, like so, and place the
other cards under the cut cards and then we’re good to go again.

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15 thoughts on “Learn to Play Blackjack from a Dealer : How to Play Blackjack

  1. in the casino i work at.. there's 1) a discard rack for used cards. 2) there's no cards face down other than the dealers 2nd card. 3) no bets placed ontop of on another >_>

  2. Great video i have been practising for free at best-betting-online but think im now ready to gamble for money anyone know some good places?

  3. @MrMrmagic1998 It's when you place double your original bet for an additional card. You can only double down at the beginning of your hand.

  4. @MrMrmagic1998 When you double down, you double your bet and get one more card. You cannot be hit after doubling down and you cannot double down after being hit.

  5. @MrTunnels An ace is worth either 1 or 11 (your choice) number cards are worth their number, a king, queen, or jack is worth 10.

  6. @Dancingcarl100 its not illegal just you have to hide it because if you look like you doing it and your winning a lot, the casino can tell you to leave or put you on their black list

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