Learn to Play Blackjack from a Dealer : Learn to Double Down in Blackjack

What I would like to explain to you now is
double down. You might have heard that phrase that player say, “double me down, dealer”.
What a double down consists of is any two cards, what that means, they get two cards;
the dealer will give them one more card. Usually, players double down on a ten, or an eleven,
why? Because that’s a good foundation bet, in their first two cards, they’re more apt
to get a very good hand or twenty-one that way. So let me show you how this happens.
I come to the player, six and five, they have an eleven, they, lets say they bet a hundred
dollars, again, blue chip. I come to the player, they say, “double me down”, the first
thing the player needs to do and the dealer needs to be aware of, is that the player needs
to double their bet. So for instance, they have a hundred; they’ll put up another hundred,
match the bet. The dealer would then give them only one more card, and this card will
be down. What a good idea is to do, is to turn the card a little this way to represent
no more cards. So this is called a double down. Same for the ten, dealer says double
down, lets say they bet five dollars, the player will then put up another five, the
dealer will then double down. And here’s a last example, this is not ten or eleven,
but deciding how a player plays, they might want to double down on a nine, that’s their
option. Here’s a seven and two. “Double me down, dealer”, lets say they have another
hundred up, double down, the player needs to put up another hundred, the dealer will
then double down, put the card down, turn it to the side to represent there are no more
cards and then play goes as continues.

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