Learn to Play Blackjack from a Dealer : Player Courtesy & Dealer Tipping in Blackjack

As I said, it’s really important to learn
a person’s name. Why? Even though this is blackjack, is it about the cards? No, it’s
not just about the cards, it’s also about the player, it’s a give and take, it’s
a game. The nicest thing a person can hear is their own name, so when you bring them
in, not just with the cards, you’re bringing them into the game, something that I’ve,
that’s really important to me, is because also when your boss, or pit boss is walking
by, they want to see that the players are having a good time. Why? They’re also there
to gamble, but they also want to make sure that you are smiling, that you’re fair to
the players, meaning that you explain to them things that they need to know and it’s also
your responsibility to be professional. You want to go there with your professional outfit,
you know, dressed appropriately, and also, most importantly with a professional attitude.
Even though it’s a game and it has rules, you want it to be professional, but professional
also means being personable. Um, some funny moments, I, I leave, for the most part I have
a good time when I leave. It’s a give and take as I said, um, what’s really exciting
because as I said, the dealers are working on tips, you get your pay, but the tips are
a part of it. I have to let you know, I just don’t focus on the tips. I think, once you
start focusing on, oh, I hope they tip me, guess what, you not only stifle them self,
yourself, you stifle the play. I just do it naturally, play the cards, smile, what’s
your name, you know its it’s a whole, it’s, it’s a whole little um, it’s, it’s the
whole enchilada. So when they’re playing and they’re having a good time, they’re
more apt to go, “Hey Pamela, you know, thank you I’m really having a great time”, and
this is what’s really cool, sometimes, they may not win, sometimes they may leave the
table, not being a big winner, but guess what, the bottom line is, is that they had fun.
And I’ll tell you, more times then not, just because of the player having fun with
the dealer, doing what they should be doing, they will tip me and a lot of times, I do
pretty well, because they’ve had fun and it always comes back to the old adage, its
not whether your win or lose, its how you play the game that counts. Thank you and happy

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5 thoughts on “Learn to Play Blackjack from a Dealer : Player Courtesy & Dealer Tipping in Blackjack

  1. @Gamingfloor This wasn't shot in the casino with a mirrored area/ dealer's breakroom! After a whole day of shooting multiple videos; bow ties do move! Lucky for me I'm professionally dressed with a pretty smile! 🙂 Thank You for watching! 😉 pamelahill net

  2. lol she says "you wanna go there with your professional outfit" as her bow is all out of wack…. do as i say, not as i do, giggle.

  3. SHAME ON YOU! You eed to point out that US dealers make min.wage!! You might not focus on tips because your working at a premium casino! FAKE

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