Learn to Play Blackjack from a Dealer : Player Etiquette in Blackjack

Really important, if they players bring drinks
to the table, you want to put out a coaster, because there’s nothing like a glass of
red wine being spilled on the felt. Not a good idea and not easy to get out. Also, if
a player’s playing and they have their boyfriend or girlfriend, husband, wife come by, it has
to be pretty quiet, you don’t want to be where its disruptive, because not only, standing
behind the player, usually, most times, not allowed, because the other players might think,
that um, they’re cheating, who knows, so you want to be really careful with the people
at the table. Also, because the space allotted you don’t want to have too much of a crowd.
Um, oh, really important to know too, so the players don’t get intimidated, you can ask
the dealer questions, if its your first time, you’re there to learn, so feel comfortable,
you’re not playing, this is important, you’re not playing against all the other players,
you’re playing against the dealer. So whatever your cards are, you’re not in competition
with the other players; you’re only playing against the dealer or the house.

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