Let’s Play Micro Tanks Online (IOS + Android) – Free to Play

(Opening Scene) (Shooting) Now I feel bad (Shooting) Aw, an ad Can you still kill me while I’m watching an ad I just spawned I see you Haha, that spawned right before I got there annnnd and dead get rekt make sure I’m at full health 2 to 1 (Shooting) I think the red one is bigger, like it does more damage Maybe there is even a heat seeking one, because I saw one that looked like it targeted on to somebody Ohhh, here’s another ad I gonna have to buy out of these ads ez what do you want to, say, best to 7? win by 2? hello I think the green ones also go forever since they bounce and the blue ones blow up after a certain distance. So like even if you just grab those and you can’t see them like if you have another that you can grab, then you can just chuck them somewhere It’s kind of cheap but I think I got a kill doing that with the AI

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