Let’s talk about TILT!

the Wynn / Encore $300 30k one-day event
part of the win classic haven’t won a trophy here in nine years it’s all about
to change today it’s 2:30 so we’re late reading but still plenty
of time to build up a stack and reenter if needed we’re running hot online let’s
see if we can carry over to live poker let’s get them the blinds at 200 to 400
400 big blind ante the cutoff limps the button limps the small blind limps and
we look down at a screen off and the big blind auto race situation we make it
2,000 all the Lemper seem to be 52 7 year-old Caucasian males they want to
see a flop but now it’s gonna cost them a lot more and they’re not happy about
it every one of them gives me a dirty look I don’t take it I just look at them
and say I can give dirty looks to guys and they stop looking original limpert
folds button calls and small blind calls three ways to a flop the flop comes six
four four two spades small blind quickly leads out 2500 we have just over 12,000
in our stack and we don’t have a spade but we do have East Queen high and don’t
respect that lead my gut says to jam but sounds of way to punt it off go through
my head and I fold other guy folds small blind shows pocket threes
got to go with your gut with blinds at 200 400 400 under the gun plus one makes
it 1,000 off of 15k stack action folds to me in the cutoff I have to read
Queens make it 3,300 the button goes in the tank and shoves all in for 12,300
action folds back to me does he have Kings races to people only
for bet kings and aces occasionally ace king in this spot I don’t know but I
didn’t come here to three of that fold queens we put in the call he shows ace 9
of diamonds all right easy double until the flop comes ace 7 5 all black we have
to read Queens the turn and the river our bricks and we now have 300 ships
pretty embarrassing way to lose most of our stack we end up getting our 300 ships up to
2,000 before we find king queen offsuit raise it up and get in a four way pot
for over six thousand ships and we lose to King five when two fives hit the
board and we are out of the wind 330k blinds are now two hundred five hundred
with a five hundred big blind ante so we’re going to re-enter for 30 blinds
shake it off and we’re just that more determined to run the stack up the
blinds it three hundred six hundred under the gun lamps under the gun plus
one limps button limp small blind limps I’m in the big blind with ace queen of
clubs so I make it thirty three hundred out of the gun snap jams the table of
comments oh that’s what I was afraid of everyone folds back to me he jammed for
about thirteen thousand it could be a lot of small pairs probably not aces
maybe Kings I put in the call have him covered and he has ace king off suit
flop is queen high brick brick you eliminate a player he says you can’t
beat luck that’s me mr. lucky run second break with 35,000 chips going
to 500 1000 1000 I go from 35 K to 25 k with no showdowns just losing small pots
because no one’s ever bluffing they always got it and how he’s got a better
hand meat and the chain reaction of losing mini
pots is just like I guess the straw that broke the camel’s back before I just
start tilting my brain off not with my chips not too much with my emotions but
instead just with my mental state just the series of events I mean you can stub
your toe you can spill your cereal you can just have five bad things happen in
the morning that’s gonna really dictate your day you have to be strong you have
to shake it off and be positive that’s one thing that I do like about cash
games versus tournaments is if I start tilting in a cash game I can just walk
away and I will I’d rather just not play so I get moved to a new table with a
fresh state of mind hopefully we can improve on our mental stability new
table mates they don’t know I’m tilted let’s put this 20k to work the second
hand it folds to me in the cutoff of a six suited raise it up 2,500 at 600 1200
1200 action fold to the small blind who shoves all in for 13,000 not a fun spot
normally probably pretty easy fold but you know who knows sometimes it really
pays to gamble gotta win a lot of flips and you got to suck out to win a
tournament so maybe I should just call it off half my stack a little bit more eventually I decided just fold and be
upset with myself that I just got shoved on but small blind and I look at him I
say well if you had pocket fives that’s about the only hand I can beat he says
wow I did have pocket fives I only say that because you guessed my exact hand
and instead of you know laughing at the coincidence of the situation it just
tilts me more because I made an incorrect fold at this exact spot
should’ve call and should have gambled so don’t play a hand for about an hour
you know don’t want to get out of line just want to play value hands and get
paid with blinds at 800 1600 with a 1600 ante
I have 16 thousand ships st. pocket East is under the gun so I make it 3200
action quickly folds to the big blind the same elderly guy who tanks for 30
seconds and puts in the call the flop comes jack jack 9 and all I can think
about his negative thoughts on what are the odds this guy just flopped a jack
but we don’t to play scared we want to go for value and I min bet 1600 he puts
in the call turns an off suit 10 a few gut shots get there and you know I
definitely probably priced him in for a gut shot he checks in for some reason I
check there was an off suit seven putting one to a straight and he eight
now makes the straight and he bets seven thousand chips what hands would be
bluffed with here is he turning his nine into a bluff our pocket ace is cracked
I don’t think he’s bluffing I fold asked to be shown the bluff or
Max Payne and he shows Jack three of Hearts guess I lost the minimum should
be happy but not really happy gs-13 levitated I get a few shoves through with Queen
ten in early position and King seven after a limp when I’m in the big blind
action folds me the small blind and I have twenty thousand at one thousand two
thousand ten five offsuit normally this is a fold but I’m just not about to give
up the 5k it’s in the middle people don’t call loose enough in these
situations so I shove all in five ten off I know a berate me in chat big blind
looks at one it says that’s a bad card so my hopes are high he looks at the
second one and calls he shows ace Queen suited I asked him why is that a bad
card he says bad card for you let’s suck out on this guy the flop comes Queen
high we turn to gutter ball and River nothing and we’re out of the wind 330k
50k actual prize pool run for two bullets for a loss of six hundred
dollars and a bad day at the tables thought after a month of no live
tournaments I’d be fresh and ready to go but just the feeling of being trapped in
a live tournament with no option nowhere to go
having to deal with your tablemates no matter how annoying they are no matter
how much you hate their mannerisms you’re stuck here there’s nothing you
can do other than try to lose that’s your only escape not a good situation to
be in you’re gonna have to really try and
change my mindset before I play another live tournament this is not a winning
mindset so I think when you’re on tilt every little thing upsets you more than
it normally would if it even would upset you for instance an elderly man on my
right took 10 to 15 seconds to measure out a min raise preflop one chip at a
time a few times to doing this and you just kind of
lose your mind a little bit and just say you know hey just saying him out we’ll
worry about the chips later bro I know people are mean on the internet and
they’ll say whatever comes to their mind if it’s inappropriate or not they don’t
care I’ve got a lot of feedback on the mustache most of it is a lot of the same
stuff you know 70s porn star cop young ron jeremy other inappropriate things no
real nice comments which is kind of shocking first time I’ve ever had a
mustache in 35 years so I’m new to this game first I’m pretty happy with it I
can’t really grow very good facial hair in general so when I realized I could
grow light I think is a pretty decent mustache I was pretty proud of myself
but that all changed at the wind today you know nothing against the winter
encore people are just being themselves and I heard a lot of the same things
young ron jeremy porn porn-star cop hybrid Nicolas Cage in some movie nothing really complimentary no and I
think that made me realize it’s time for the mustache to go all good things come
to an end and this mustache days are numbered luckily it doesn’t natural so
it would have been gone a long time ago but let’s remember all the good times we
had because times a negative feedback is making me think it’s time to say goodbye goodbye moustache hope you guys enjoyed
my perspective hit that like and subscribe button until next time I’m out you

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