Lightseekers the Trading Card Game Trailer!

Prepare for battle with the Lightseekers Trading
Card Game! Fast paced action for 2 or more players that’s easy to learn whilst also offering
depth and complexity for more advanced deck builders. The world of Lightseekers is
home to 6 powerful orders. Tech, Storm, Mountain, Nature, Astral and Dread. Each starter deck
offers its own distinct abilities and play style. Crush your opponents by unleashing
ferocious monsters and ancient magic. Choose your strategy and play your way. Deliver damage
or receive healing over time using powerful rotating buffs, sacrifice cards to play devastating
combos and build the ultimate deck using items that allow you to play cards across orders.
Discover the hidden power of over 385 cards when you scan them into the Lightseekers video
game! Every card features augmented reality effects and unlocks in-game abilities such as
new spells, boosts or even pets that will fight alongside you! The Lightseekers Trading
Card Game, available now!

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