literally the weirdest game on the internet…

OOUUAAGGHHH *CRACK* *CRACK* x2 *CRACK* x3 *CRACK* x5 *CRACK* x327 *just a lot of cracks* (R.I.P. Dobby’s leg) HELP MEH This is like the game where you’d say… L I F E I S P A I N H E L P M E N N N N O O O O W W W W (demonic noises in the background) PLEASE *crying* *gasp* *siiiggggghhhh* that’s how you feel. that’s how you feel when you play this game. see, look. look at- look at Kermit (Kermit’s leg starts freaking out) HA HAAH HAAAAA HAAAHAAAHA (creepy laughter) hellooo AUUUGGHH OOOHHH WHAT IS THAAAT!??!?! (even more cracking as Kermit’s arm gets stretched) OOOHHHH NOOOO (instant regret) oh no, Kermit! okay, I think I’m done enough with Kermit. Thanks for watching! SIKE, I HAVEN’T Up-Leg, Yeet x3 yeet boop BOP BANG Ok, Kermit is like… (I don’t even know what’s happening) (okay what is going on) ew

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