LONGEST PLAYING CARD DOMINO!! – Over 2000 Decks of cards

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100 thoughts on “LONGEST PLAYING CARD DOMINO!! – Over 2000 Decks of cards

  1. chris i dont know why i love to take blue monarchs when i go to a formal party and i go to perform i dont know why but i feel like a pro!

  2. Yo chris! I really want to get myself a puzzle box ! Which of the puzzles is your favorite one/which one should I get! I've had a couple different puzzles like these before, but the ones you review are sick

  3. how did you get all them decks of cards? and what did it cost and im curious what do you do for a living.

  4. Which deck of cards would you say was a high quality premium deck? There was a well known magician in the UK that once promised me such a deck but due to “circumstances” that didn’t happen. One more thing, if I paid for the shipping would you send me an autographed card please. It can be any card.


  6. Are you going to the Magic Castle in LA!?!? I have always wanted to go there but I don't have a magician connection. Heard it's quite the place!

  7. 46 dislikes!?!?!?! Honesty whats there not to like, like bruh i finna neck your mum.This vid deserves 100000k+ likes

    You can always mail me those 2000~ cards if u dont know what to do with them 😉

  8. Bro please give me 1 deck of cards I don't care if it bicycle deck because I'm here can't find any quality deck even bicycle or bee deck😭😭

  9. Coming from Peter Twiteed! Got a sub brother amd of course a Thumbs up for the video 🙂 content is king no matter what 🙂

  10. Seeing all those decks almost made me wanna cry of joy… For real, I started practicing cardistry and card magic a few months ago and honestly, my country doesn't even have that much playing card variety to pick from, right now I only own a bycicle standart red back deck and a bee deck and I'm saving money so I can get a tally-ho viper deck (cuz black playing cards) and the sideshow freaks deck from bycicle alongside with the robocycle, because I really love the art on both of those decks.

    More than a "magician" (and I use the quotes because I'm not nearly as good as I would like to so I can perform to my friends and such) I want to become a collector and seeing this… is just beautiful…

    Thank you Chris for showing us this domino effect it was very well done and I would really like to see more deck reviews and stuff like that on your channel!

  11. Came from Carina Fragozo channel, loved that the first video I saw was this, this is soooo satisfying to watch, and even gotta a house tour lol.

  12. L got a level 10 puzzle l want you to do a video on don't now what name it is but I'll send you a link in a week

  13. hello Mr Cris Ramsay i saw this video and i love it im allways watching your youtube videos and i love all your post. im prom the Philippines. can you give me at list 1 deck plz hehehe

  14. Hi Chris, I know its almost impossible that you will give me some of your decks but i will try to ask you anyway. Even if its the cheapest decks you have.

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