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hello proof wins and welcome to ‘What the App?!’ today I’m going to take you into the
world of Loot & Legends. if you know anything about me you know I mean avid
board gameer RPGs FPS tabletops to desktops and pizza to…. not pizza. Loot & Legends is really unique game in a lot
of ways is a very cool style to it. It is an RPG style game with a deck builders CCG element to it so as you
take your merry band of Wanderers ultimately growing more powerfully
hungry people items and treasures which equate to
groups of cars so as you can see it in your else for your warrior priest and
they all have the system and there’s a very cool strategic elements I really
dig as a full I don’t like the feeling that a lot of
you where you’re just sitting there going to hit a button and wait and wait
and wait and wait for apparently no reason whatsoever this thing’s campaign side you were here to the page
you can drop in different cards / equipment pieces you can design your
characters in different ways you do some healing or two more combat mix it up
your warriors to either long you know like polearm style damage or crushing
damage your sword damage so it’s you know whether you want to poker slater
Club of to you and then probably my favorite the Wizards have five factions
got your ice wizard concepts or if you want to freeze people slowdown yeah sure
fire wizard really fast distance branching out kinda
stuff gosh poison Wizards of you very different cards there’s a multitude
of cars I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many cards their eyes number 727 good guest camera got yo
things like a lot of this generally don’t know they’re just making him more
and more and bigger and better better better better better better a really
cool thing that I didn’t mention the battleground is no targeting system so
you have your car and make a guest to what he thinks you’re gonna probably
want to take that step down or tap not so much this guy over here really love
that cards so the theory is that it’s not
necessarily kill her game you have these glowing yellow squares are trying to
gain control over which point five points to win and i really think
probably kill everyone off every mobile gaming out there is an in-store area to
buy things with a bag of holding with both the in currency and real dollars
and also your hard-earned dollars but none of that is necessary this game is
designed for you to win not just three to play you can play the entire game and
not spend a single dollar of your own you put in the all you can do it faster
I guess there is also a club element if you buy into the club to get a two day
free trial every time you win a battle you get a little bit more on top and
stuff like that so cool cool guys seriously I think it’s really cool I
like the original card hundred I’m glad that there’s finally a mobile version I
don’t mostly iPhone is available on iPad and it’s addicting it’s so fun the the world that it’s in with the
characters of feuding brothers and succeed you to go all the way to spend
your time and I’m sure that the drop is going to keep adding on new cars and new
campaigns and this game will expand exponentially to the point where you
have no life left so enjoy life looseness I will be playing PC games in zombies
dot com slash live on YouTube gaming channel to check that out watch me on Twitter for when that’s
gonna happen at Sam prove and of course you can find the game link in the
description from App Store or go to the iTunes AppStore and look for the but I
could tell a lie down there and stay strong

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