18 thoughts on “Lord of the Rings The Card Game Extended Gameplay

  1. At 50:43, you kill the spearman from the damage of the attack. The way this actually works is as soon as you exhaust the spearman to defend, he deals his damage right away even before the attack from the enemy resolves. This way, if the enemy he defends only has one hit point remaining, he kills him immediately with 1.) resolving and shadow cards, and 2.) taking any damage!

    This is why the spearman is one of my favorite cards. 🙂

  2. In the extended play video at 15:05 when you placed the progress token on the current quest shouldn't the token have been placed on the location card and not the main quest card?

    From the rulebook:
    Phase 4: Travel page 15
    Instead, an active location acts as a buffer for the currently revealed quest card. Any progress tokens that would be placed on a quest card are instead placed on the active location. If a location ever has as many progress tokens as it has quest points, that location is considered explored and is discarded from play.

    If I read this correctly then the location card that you traveled to would act as a buffer and should of gotten the token not the main quest card.


  3. 52:13 the extra progress from the Blade Of Gondolin is placed on the active location (if present) not the current quest. Progress is always placed on the active location first unless the card says to bypass the active location

  4. 12.57 —- Have I got it wrong, or shouldn't Glorfindel have taken just 1 damage from the (2) Attack of the Dol Guldur Orcs, after allowing for his 1 Defence?

  5. 30.35 and 32.17 —- Richard (as Jen) uses Eowyn to discard two hand cards in the same turn, each of them allowing him to place 1 Progress Token: I think this is an illegal move as Eowyn's ability permits each player to surrender just ONE card each turn.

  6. Sir Just clarification, a card have a "FORCED" or other ability (exept "WHEN REVEALED")  and i  didn't kill that card on my phase, in the next phase that card engage me again, and every time that card engage me its ability always trigger?.. sorry for my english ^^

  7. So many mistakes. You know i love your videos, but its almost impossible to enjoy it, not to mention to learn something because the tons of mistakes. I think you should document much more on a game and try it at least ones, so you can make more interesting, and what you can follow videos.:-)

  8. I can't tell if this is a convoluted mess of a game, an ill-prepared playthrough, or simply a difficult and deep game which really required Ann to actually be at the table making second player decisions with her own hand of cards.

  9. Dizzy now……I needed a cuppa joe just to keep up….totally getting this.  It's like a card vesion of Ma-er…..another really good game that I enjoy! : D

  10. Blah.. you cheated.. you know before hand the shadow card has no effect, so decided to use the dwarf to take the blow undefended. If the shadow card has got a +2 attack, then you'll choose the rider… cheating.. haha.

  11. haha.. you cheat again! swapping enemy after it is placed in previous turns.. well, enemy got no chance at all since you got yourself a time traveling card in play… deja vu… edge of tomorrow.. hahaha.

  12. Dol Guldur is easy to pronounce if you think of it this way: 'Dole (like the pineapple) GHOUL (like the ghost — put the stress on this word) doer (a person who does something)'. If you want to sound more like a Sindarin elf, roll that last R. 🙂

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