Madison Trawlers Playing Cards – Arrival

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27 thoughts on “Madison Trawlers Playing Cards – Arrival

  1. My ordered early maybe won’t get to me in time for my birthday present to myself,but even if they don’t I’m still going to enjoy them 🙂

  2. I cannot wait to receive mine. To me, not only is the design beautiful, but I feel thankful that you, as an artist, decided to share a piece of your personal history and struggle with others.

    I find Cantona's use of this amusing 😉

  3. Today is my birthday and I have nobody to celebrate with. I turn the big 3-0 today. I would love any signed deck by you for my birthday. You've always been an idol to me. Keep up the good work. Love you man.

  4. This is one hell of a card deck! Haven't been that excited about a deck since long. I'm so stocked to finally getting these. Keep up the work D you're great

  5. "In the blue sky, the seagulls fly over garbage. Are we the ocean? Are we the desert? Are we the garbage? Who's to say?"

  6. Do you think you'll ever stop making decks? That a time may come when you imagine sitting down to come up with ideas and think you know what, I'm not feeling this anymore? Just curious

  7. How can I get in contact about decks I purchased and never received them? Over $700 and never got answers from email I've sent….

  8. I really love to see these cards but somehow the Trawlers are not here yet….. how can I get the shipping number, if they were already shipped…?
    Love from Japan

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