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– Hi, guys, welcome back to: – [All] ThatYouTub3Family! – And today we’re going to
play Baldi’s Basics, Mafia! – Whoo!
– Ooh! – That’s right, we’re playing
Mafia, Baldi’s Basics style, just like you guys requested. So how this works is Jake
is going to start off as our narrator. The rest of us are going to draw a, roll a character card out of the bowl, then we are that character card. Jake will direct us on what to do next. This is like the game of Mafia. – [Dad] Yep. – This one. – What will it be? Ooh-ooh. – I think I’ll be this one. – And I’ll be what’s left over. – [Ty] Wait, should we show our cards? – Alright, guys, the
way you play this game is that there is one Baldi, which acts as the mafia. So, when the narrator
says, “Close your eyes,” and when it says, “Baldi, open your eyes,” the Baldi will eliminate one person. Then there’s the principal. The principal is the detective, so when it’s time for the
principal to open their eyes, they have to point to someone and say they think it’s Dad, and the narrator will
shake its head, yes or no, to reveal if that is the Baldi or not. The other player’s the drummer, so when the narrator says,
“Drummer, open up your eyes,” they have to point to
someone who they want to save from the Baldi. And the last player is the student, and they just, they’re a random citizen. They don’t have to do anything. – Okay.
– Alright, let’s get playing. Ooh, this is who I am. Duh duh duh. – [Jake] Ooh. Ooh. Everybody. Close their eyes. Baldi, open your eyes. Who do you wanna catch? Baldi, close your eyes. Principal, open your eyes. Who do you think is Baldi? Principal, close your eyes. Drummer boy, open your eyes. Who do you wanna save? Drummer boy, close your eyes. Everybody, open your eyes. – Good morning. – [Jake] So, Jordan was just
walking around the school. – Oh, no. – [Jake] Then all of a sudden, Baldi showed up out of nowhere. The door slammed and squished her. – You got smushed by a door? – I’m out? I’m (mumbles)?
– Yeah. – Dad. – I think Dad’s Baldi in this, too, so it’s two Dad to… – I’m the student. – [Ty] No, you’re Baldi. – Okay, but you don’t have a chance now to be the student, so. – (laughs) Oh, my gosh. – (mumbles) So we’re taking out Dad. – Alright. – [Mom] Dad, reveal. – Did the drummer save me? – Yeah. – [Mom] Actually, the… – Who did the drummer save? – [Jake] Dad. – Drummer saved me? – [Jake] Yeah. – No, it didn’t save you from elimination, it saved you in the story, but not from elimination. – Oh. – So you’re still eliminated. Who were you? – Baldi. – Baldi, Baldi.
– Ahhh. – [Mom] You were? – The principal. – [Mom] The principal. – So I knew it was Dad, because I guessed you first. I was like, “It’s Dad,” and it was. – I knew it. – I was trying to decide
whether to save Dad or Jordan, and I thought, “I think
Jordan’s the Baldi,” and so I saved Dad. I saved Baldi! Why did I save Baldi? Ahh.
– Alright. – [Mom] Let’s try it again. Draw. – I draw. – This one. – [Mom] Choose wisely. – This is my character. – This is my character. – This is my character. – [Mom] Everybody, close your eyes. School has begun, and Baldi’s waiting there in the hallway. Baldi, open your eyes. Who do you want to catch at school today? Okay, so, close your eyes, Baldi. Principal, open your eyes. Principal, who do you think is Baldi? Who’s disrupting your school? Okay. Drummer. Open your eyes. Drummer, who do you want to save? Okay, close your eyes. Alrighty, you guys may open your eyes. School has started. Baldi’s standing there in the hallway. The principal wants to keep a tight role on their school this year. They don’t want any mischief, no mishaps. They have some very important students showing up at school today. So the principal wants to make sure that the school’s on a tight rein. – Keep Baldi away. – [Mom] However, you guys
were all in the hallways, walking along, and Ty tripped and fell and got hurt really bad. – Ooh.
– Ty-Ty? – [Mom] Yes, he landed– – Team Short Stuff? – [Mom] Yes. He landed on the lunch
basket and cracked his skull. (Dad gasps) The nurse was able to come in and patch up Ty and fix Ty, and Ty healed and was all better. – Jordan.
– Baldi’s Jordan. – Me? – [Ty] Baldi. – I think it’s you. – Baldi’s Jordan. Jordan.
– It’s Jake. – Jordan.
– Jordan. – Jake, look at me.
– We all say Jordan. – Tell me I’m not Baldi. – I’m not Baldi. (Dad laughs) – [Mom] Really? – I think it’s Jake.
– It’s Jordan, Jordan. – I say it’s Jordan.
– Jordan. – Dad, are you Baldi? – I am bald, but I think you’re Baldi. – Oh, then you’re Baldi. (both laugh) – [Mom] Okay, so everybody
who thinks it’s Jordan, raise your hands. – Everyone. – [Mom] Okay, so pretty
much three against one. Jordan– – I’ve been expelled. – [Mom] You are expelled
from your own school. – I was the principal. (groans) – [Mom] All the students
booted you out of school. – [Jake] It’s Dad. – [Mom] You’re not longer there. – Who was it? – (laughs) It’s Dad. – [Mom] Oh, my goodness. – It’s Dad. – This is (mumbles). – It’s you. – [Mom] Alrighty, guys, close your eyes. – It’s Dad. – Yeah, close your eyes. – [Mom] Close your eyes. Let’s see if you can survive. – Next time. – It’s Dad. – [Mom] Night two. Okay, Baldi, open your eyes. Who do you wanna catch today? Okay. Principal, you’re out. You can’t accuse anyone. Drummer, who do you want to save today? Okay, everybody, open your eyes. Day two of school has begun. Accidents have already happened. The principal got
rejected from her school. Once the district found out,
they booted her out of there. – Oh, man. – [Mom] She’s no longer principal. Day two is chaos. The kids came strolling into school. They were excited. Ty, you were okay. You made it to class on time this time. Your head was bandaged up,
but you were still able to be there and learn. So you guys come running along. The day went fine. You guys loved your teachers. All was going well.
– Yes. – [Mom] And you guys
made it to the lunchroom. – Uh-oh. – [Mom] This is where you had someone who cooked you something bad. Some bad food.
– Uh-oh. – [Ty] Who was it? – But I didn’t bring,
I brought my own lunch. – It was the lunch lady! – [Mom] Who got sick from
the food at the lunchroom? Jacob got sick from the lunchroom. (Jake pretends to gag) Did he have to go home? He ended up going to the nurse’s clinic. When the nurse realized what had happened, that he had gotten a
little piece of peanut in his food. – Oh, no.
– Nooo! – As you guys know, Jake
is allergic to peanuts. – [Mom] Yes, was someone
trying to take down Jake? – No. – [Mom] Well, the nurse was
able to give him some medicine, and he was good to go,
and he went back to class. – Yeah!
– Whoo-hoo! – [Mom] And he finished the day. He was saved, he was fine. (Dad laughs) But who, who was trying to take out Jake? – Baldi!
– Baldi! – It’s him. – Baldi. – [Mom] Hmm, ‘kay. (talking over each other) Looks like it’s two to one. – But I trust my brother. – Listen, he did it to himself, so it would make it look like it was me, but it’s really him. (laughs) – I trust my brother. It’s you. – I trust my brother. It’s like, yeah, you don’t
know what his part is. – [Mom] Okay. – You don’t trust your dad? – Baldi!
– Baldi! – You’re already bald! – He sabotaged himself by
putting a peanut in his lunch. – [Mom] Okay. – I wasn’t even there. I was in class, studying. – Jake wanted to try a peanut. He thought maybe it’d be good. – But it was lunchtime. You weren’t stuck in your– – No, I was studying, I brought my, I told you already, I
brought my own lunch. I wasn’t even in the lunchroom. – It was you.
– You’re Baldi. – [Mom] Okay. So, they took out you. You got kicked out of school. Who are you? – [Jake] Baldi, Baldi. ♪ Welcome to Baldi’s Basics
in Educational Learning ♪ Well, hello there, Jacob. – [Mom] The district caught up with you. – Would you like a peanut? – [Mom] They found out you were not supposed to be in school, and they booted you out. – ‘Cause I’m too old for school. I graduated years ago. – I have a shiny peanut for you. – [Mom] Okay, so that means
Baldi’s out that round. Should we bring in a new character? – I was the best nurse ever. – A new character. – [Mom] A new character. – Alright, you guys, it’s
my turn to be the narrator, and I’m so ready, you guys. It’s gonna be such a great round. So we mixed up the characters again. We’ve got Baldi, who’s
going to be the mafia, and we also have the student,
who’s going to be the citizen, and then we switched up
the other two characters, so we have the bully, who is
going to be the detective, and we have the sock puppet,
who’s going to be the nurse. So, let’s get playing this game. Alright, everybody has picked a card. Are you ready to show the camera? Everybody close your eyes! Close your eyes. Mom, who are you? Hold it. Ohhhh. Nice. Dad? Jake? Ty-Ty? Who are you? Okay, everybody close your eyes. It’s the day before the
first day of school. You’re going to bed. So, first off, we’re gonna
have Baldi open your eyes. You’re preparing for the new school year, and you’re looking through
your list of students’ names. Who do you want to eliminate? Okay, Baldi, close your eyes. Bully, open your eyes. Who do you think Baldi is? Bully, close your eyes. Next up, sock puppet, open your eyes. Who do you want to save? Alright, close your eyes. And, everybody, good morning! A bright and early 6:00 a.m. You’re about to head off to school. First day of school,
everybody’s so excited. You all arrive at the bus stop, and you hop on the bus, and
you head over to the school. – Whoo. – [Jordan] Alright, so, everybody has gone to all their classes, everything
is going fine and dandy. It’s the first day of school. Everything is great. Then, it was recess time. Duh duh duh! – Oh, no. – [Jordan] You all head
out to the playground to enjoy a nice recess when as Mom and Ty are playing soccer, (Mom pretends to cry) Ty kicks the soccer ball past the goal, and it
runs out into the field. – Duh duh duh.
– Duh duh duh duh duh. – [Jordan] Ty doesn’t
wanna go get it himself, because that field’s dark and scary, so he decides to stay behind. – Not me. – [Jordan] But Mom, being
the good person she is goes out to the field to
retrieve the soccer ball. – No, I’m not that good.
– Don’t do it. – [Jordan] Now, this is a scary field. It is not your ordinary soccer field. And so Mom’s all by herself,
retrieving the soccer ball. – Come back.
– Come back! – [Jordan] And she is jump
scared by Baldi in the bushes! – That’s scary. – [Jordan] And Baldi expels her. (Mom gasps) – [Jordan] For leaving school territories to go retrieve a soccer ball. – I got kicked out? – [Jordan] Yep, Mom is out of the school. Good-bye, Mom. (Mom pretends to cry) You’re out of the school, expelled. – [Mom] My mom’s gonna be so mad. – [Jordan] Alright,
it’s down to you three. Who do you think it is? Jake? – I think it’s Ty. – [Jordan] You think it’s Ty? – You voted for me straight off the bat. – [Jordan] Oh, that is kinda suspicious. Dad, who do you think it is? – Who do I think Baldi is? – [Jordan] Yeah. – Jake. – [Jordan] Jake? – I think it’s both of them then. (Dad and Jake laugh) – [Jordan] So, Ty and
Dad both think it’s Jake. Jake, why are you not Baldi? – Because I was playing on the equipment with my friends, playing tag, while Tyler was in the
scene of the crime with Mom. – [Jordan] Ty was the
other one that was voted. – [Dad] He could have been
the first one on the scene. – No, I was back in the soccer field. I wasn’t in the other field. – [Dad] How do we know
you didn’t follow her? – Yeah, but you kicked it out. – [Jordan] Who do you think it is? ‘Kay, final votes are being casted. Three, two, one, point
to who you think it is. – Ty.
– Jake. – [Jordan] Dad, who are you voting for? – [Mom] Oh, two said Jake. – Ty. – [Jordan] Dad, who are you voting for? – I say it’s Jake. – But, Dad, you’re pointing at Ty. – [Jordan] Okay, two votes
for Jake, one vote for Ty. Jake, you have been eliminated
and expelled from the school. Who are you? – I was the student. – [Mom] No, you weren’t. ♪ Back to Baldi’s Basics
in Educational Learning ♪ – [Jordan] He was Baldi! – I was the student. – And I was the healer, again. – And you didn’t kill me, thank you. – I was the bully. – [Jordan] You guys, you guessed right. You got Baldi on the first round, so everybody else wins. Good job.
– Yes. – [Jordan] Except Jake. – We’re so good. – That was pretty fun. If you guys wanna see other Mafia games, tell us how to switch it up. I wrote down a list of other
ones that you suggested, but if you have a super favorite, go ahead and let us know. But guess what time it is? – [All] Mail time! – This first package is
from Justine in Oregon. – And they sent us a, for Audrey, a fidget
spinner and a Pikmi Pop. – Ohhhh.
– Nice. – Yes, how cool. We’ll have to send that to her. There’s a little treat in there, too. – Logan. – [Mom] Oh, Logan’s so wants his treat. Hey, hey. – [Dad] Logan. – This is for me and Jake. – Ooh.
– Nice. – A fidget spinner, and
a treat, and a ball. – Okay. – Awesome, thank you for all the toys and the goodies, yummy. – [Boys] Thank you. – That was nice. Alright, this next package
comes from Ashlyn in Illinois. She’s almost 12 years old
and going in the sixth grade. – [Jake] Logan really
wants what’s in there. – Yeah, okay. Ooh. – [Dad] Look at Logan, he’s just waiting. – Okay, some awesome sugar scrub. – [Dad] Nice. – [Jordan] Logan’s like,
“I wanna share some.” – A bath bomb. – [Dad] Ohhh, we were just
talking about those today. – [Jordan] (laughs) Look at Logan. – Okay. – [Jordan] He’s like,
“I want the bath bomb.” – This is not your treat. We will do this in a bath bomb video. – Come here, come here. Jump down, jump down. – Okay. – He gets so excited for mail time. – And then hand sani, go figure, ’cause we like hand sani. – [Jordan] Yes, we love hand sani. Yes! – And there’s, like, a dollar bill eraser. So cool.
– That’s so cool. – And then a whole bunch
of treats, some candy. – Oh, wow.
– Yum. – Thank you so much. – [Jake and Jordan] Thank you! – Thank you guys so much
for watching this video. It was such a blast playing
Mafia, Baldi’s Basics edition. Don’t forget to comment down below. Tell us if you want us to play Mafia. If you enjoyed this video, give it a big thumb’s up. And? – Hit the bell!
(bell ringing) – Ooh. And make today an adventure. We’ll see y’all next time. – [All] Bye!

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