Magic Review – How to Read Minds Kit by Peter Turner

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we’re gonna look at the how to read minds kit from Peter Turner and
illusionist comm how to read minds this was a Kickstarter project allied
Kickstarter successfully funded it was like gangbusters it sold great got mine
in the mail last week been tearing through it all weekend just just totally
devouring this whole thing this whole project just so excited to share it with
you let’s get into it and I purchased this product myself so that you always
get honest and factual reviews every single time my reviews are simple I
always ask the same straightforward questions and the first question is what
do you get what’s inside the box the box is all done in black and white the
graphics are really cool says how to read minds and there’s a skull on the
front 20 powerful mind reading skills taught within taught by the
world-renowned Peter Turner including reveal someone’s iPhone unlock code one
side says learn skills no one thought you’d have and the graphics all around
say mayhem madness mentalism illusionist how did you do that never be boring
again and the back side has some promotion has some ad copy for
illusionist and tells you a little bit about the Kickstarter hey that’s
everything I can say about this awesome box let’s take a look inside opening the
box you get two layers there’s a top layer and a second layer the top layer
has the marked cohort Dec this is the second edition this is the e7 stock
you’re getting a nail writer you’re getting two sets of ESP cards you’re
getting a USB key that has all of your video instructions you’re getting a bank
card that you can put it in your wallet and you’ll get a practice spoon for
spoon mending it also includes a UV light and an invisible ink pen on the
second level you’ll get a huge stack of billets you’ll get a switch wallet
you’ll get two envelopes the Dracula book test and
piqué wallet alright so how are the props are they well made
what is the deal like you’re getting one of these beginner magic kits and we’ve
all purchased them right we’ve all bought a beginners magic kit at one time
it’s usually like cheap plastic it’s a bunch of garbage and you know the stuff
that you’re like yeah maybe I’d give this to my ten-year-old cousin right is
this what you’re getting absolutely not that the the amount of stuff that you’re
getting in this box and the quality of the stuff is professional-grade this
these are the these are some of the best props now that I own like of the book
test for one the book test is beautiful the Dracula book looks exactly like a
book should it’s very easy it’s not complicated to do the two wallets that
you get are both real leather they’re really nice I’m gonna I’m totally gonna
use these even the billets the billets aren’t like rough hewn edged like blank
business cards they actually have a nice smooth gloss edge to them they feel
really good in your hands and they give you a considerable amount the mark deck
I gotta say this is hard for me to admit because I have the earlier cohorts deck
that bicycle printed and now this new one this is a second edition with the e7
card a mundi stock I like the e7 stock better I do I had both the X side by
side of my hands and I gotta say I like the e7 stock better the the edges are so
much more smooth I love the fact that they give you a USB key for your
instructions I know people were looking for it in there like Illusionist profile
but you know it’s this is a Kickstarter so they have to you know give it to you
on a USB key they don’t everybody doesn’t have an
illusionist profile but I love this over a DVD because now you have digital files
you can take those digital files with you anywhere I load them onto my phone I
take them with me you know in the car or in the airplane or you know reading in
the dentist office like you can take these files with you wherever you go
so that and that’s great because some of them are an hour long so you want to
take them with you where you have time to watch them even though a little
plastic credit card that comes with this set looks like a real credit card I
think I’ve had two or three others of these little fake plastic credit cards
so they never look kind of real because sometimes they even
like your name instead of the actual name like you know you expected to see
have your name or you expect it to have like phone numbers or something on the
back it shouldn’t look like a magic prop and this doesn’t this looks like a real
rewards card credit card slash gift card thing that you would have in your wallet
and it looks totally this it looks great these are all top-notch products now
don’t some of you mentalists that you know our intermediate or advanced
Mentalist so she already owned some of these props like you’ve already owned
like a nail writer and a switch wallet you already own a book test absolutely
of course you can that’s the great thing about this project also because Pete’s
giving you introductory level effects that you can do with these props and so
it doesn’t matter if you own some of these props or not because that the
teaching that he gives you will apply to the props that you have as well I mean
personally out of all the props I have ESP cards that I already use and
I like mine better so I will continue to use my ESP cards I have a nail writer
that I use and I like better so I will continue to use that so I mean that’s
the great thing about this kit is everything so interchangeable
alright so pocket space how big is everything the wallets are really nice
and small and thin billets you know you can take a smaller stack as you want and
carry it with you the UV pen is you know the pen size even the Dracula book is
something that’s probably small enough that it would fit in your back pocket or
your inside jacket pocket so even if you carried every single thing in this box
which you never would write even if you did you probably could load it all on
your person with an outside jacket I think you probably could do it so none
of these props are large or take up a lot of space all right so what’s the
overall quality in production value of the videos you’re gonna get one
performance video it’s a long our live party that was filmed in South Point
Tavern in Miami Beach Florida and you get to watch pete work the room and he
does all the different effects sometimes he doesn’t exactly like the teachings
sometimes he changed a little bit but I think when you watch it you’ll pick up
on that as far as the explanation of videos you’re gonna have Peter talking
to Garrett Clark and Brad Christian and Dwayne Williams from illusionist
he’s usually you know like a at a in a white room with a white marble
table there a big window of Florida in the background or he’s filming over in
Manchester England he’s gonna give you theory all the way through this the
videos are very conversational Pete is such a generous teacher he gives away so
much more than just tricks he gives you extra ideas and tricks all the way
through this and fact I’ve loved these videos so much this is a great little
USB key I’ve watched several of these videos more than once just because I
feel like I wanted to go back and pick something up
as far as Ray’s gonna teach you I’m gonna go through this really fast
because there’s so much but I want to give you the breakdown there’s 20 videos
in all first there’s an introduction where Pete just briefly you know says hi
it’s about two minutes the first video covers the bullets and it’s 32 minutes
long you’re gonna learn two tricks on that the second video is really an
illusionist video it’s guaranteeing to you about how to read the markings on
the cohort deck it’s eight minutes long then you’re gonna get Pete again on the
third video he’s going to cover the mark deck it’s a 33 minute video he’s gonna
cover and any card to any number he’s gonna cover the crisscross force and
he’s gonna cover how to read somebody with these cards then the fourth video
covers the switch pad that’s 43 minutes you’re going five tricks on this video 5
is the envelopes that’s 11 minutes long this is the trick he did with pink cake
pig cake in that video had three envelopes your kit only comes with two
but it’s teaching you a single trick video 6 is the bank card it’s 31 minutes
long you’re gonna learn five tricks just with this fake card alone video 7 is the
whisper that’s a seven minute video and you’re gonna learn one trick video 8
covers the nail writer that’s 13 minutes and you’re gonna learn two tricks video
9 is a double-sided presentation video it’s 15 minutes long you’ll learn a
single trick video 10 is a life equation trick that’s 20 minutes long again you
learn a single trick video 11 is a theory video it’s 9 minutes long and
Pete talks about predictions and how to turn some of these tricks into
predictions and not exactly just revelations video 12 covers the peek
wallet it’s 11 minutes long and you’re gonna learn three tricks video 13 is the
ESP cards that’s as almost an hour it’s 53 minutes long you’ll learn five tricks
video 14 covers the Dracula book as 24 minutes long
you’re only learning the single trick just there’s only one trick for the book
video 15 covers how to do readings that’s 20 minutes long again this is a
video on theory and it’s an essay kind of like on ambiguity and reading a
stranger video 16 is the spoon Bend that’s eleven minutes it’s a single
trick video seventeen covers the UV set it’s 25 minutes long and he’s just
working out different ideas for Revelations video 18 is the phone unlock
it’s 20 minutes long he’s gonna give you several methods video 19 is the
performance video like I said it was 52 minutes long in total and video 20 is
just a URL video that covers where to find refills for this kit once all the
kits have been mailed out to the buyers all in all this is 8 hours and 20
minutes of instruction 32 tricks and ideas I counted right it literally
counted I counted up all the minutes I counted up every single trick 8 hours
and 20 minutes 32 tricks and ideas alright so positives what are the
positives about this kit like I said the quality of this is amazing every single
piece in this is a great piece and I could definitely see using it in real
life I think Pete’s teaching is also very
entry level which I loved I have a ton of Pete’s material and I always watch it
and I always love watching it but then there’s a part of me that’s just I don’t
know a little fearful of approaching his style of magic because it is his style
and it seems to work for him and I don’t know how well it would work for me but
this as an introductory level to mentalism I think is great I think this
is a wonderful start for anyone that wants to do mentalism or to do what Pete
does so really I think this kit does two things if you’re a beginner and you’re
just starting off I think this definitely gets you up and going but if
you’re an intermediate or advanced level magician and you receive this I think
with your eyes you would see the potential so much greater then someone
just starting off I mean for instance I am NOT gonna use the switch wallet at
all the way Pete teaches in the video and I won’t use any of those tricks
because as soon as I saw the switch wallet I thought oh my goodness this
would be great for cribs this is the most perfect prop
for cribs and I probably have three tricks right now that either involve a
crib sheet where I have to memorize certain words in the book test or I have
a business card trick that involves a bunch of math utilizing phone numbers
and URLs or on the business cards and there’s a lot of calculations involved
this switch wallet is me perfect because I’ll be able to show the wallet show the
you know this is my paper here’s my pans and I’m gonna write on and as I turn
around boom my cribs already opened they never saw it and I could probably put
three different cribs on that and be ready to and then I could close it and
it could open it later do another trick you know or you could even say you know
I think there’s an A in this yeah than this word and I think there’s a there’s
that L in this word you know in fact I don’t even need this list anymore let’s
just let’s just talk like this and then you’ve eliminated and ditched it but
this I’m totally gonna use a switch wallet
for cribs all right I don’t love memorizing lots of different things I
like my magic to be a little bit more self working and so this crib wallet is
gonna help me out a ton but going back to people just starting out beginner
Mentalist if this is your first time as an introduction to Peter Turner welcome
but if you devour this kit and you love it and you want to get something next I
would suggest freeform mentalism from Peter Turner I think a lot of his stuff
is very advanced level but I think if you went from this to freeform mentalism
I think they’ll be a good next step in his material all right so negatives what
are the negatives you know there’s always good and bad with everything one
of the things I had mentioned earlier the ESP cards I did not love them
there’s a feature to them that illusionist even tells you about they
say oh look at this cool feature I didn’t like that feature I think it’s I
think it’s too noticeable and like I said I already have marked ESP cards
that I love and use all the time and so I’m gonna use those okay but that was
really the only prop that I didn’t love in the whole set the other thing I would
just warn you about is 2500 people back this campaign right 2500 people which
sounds like a lot right that means there’s 2500 other people out there
we’ll all 2,500 people devour this kit and become medalists and get out there
and work probably not right there’ll be a good number of them that just look at
it as novelty and they’ll probably never go back to it there’s there’s there’s
always those people but as a mass marketed item it just means that a lot
of magicians a lot of people will have these props and know how these things
work okay so it being so mass marketed a lot of people are gonna understand and
and have this kit but but let me just say like personally for me like I know I
live in a community of maybe five thousand people right five thousand
people in my community I’m probably the only one that holds it in my entire
community so 2,500 people sounds like a lot and it is but in the grand scheme of
things you know and you’re talking about the world or the United States it’s not
a lot of people who would like this I mean I’ve been saying this with the
whole entire thing people who want to get into mentalism I think another
another consumer that would really like this it’ll probably somebody like me who
loves Peter Turner loves Peter Turner’s work gets everything Peter Turner does
it’s excited about it but then also is very hesitant about performing his work
because Peter is so bold he takes he takes risks sometimes risks that maybe
an average magician wouldn’t take doesn’t have that same confidence that
he has I think if you wanted to take a step back and then enter his mind with
this kit this is a great entry-level product and I think that’s something
that has been missing in the magic community is an entry-level mentalism
kit from Peter Turner so I think definitely people that like Peter
Turner’s work will love this I think even the intermediate and advanced
Mentalist would like this too like I said the props are awesome and it’s just
great to hear his teaching I always learned something listening to him I
mean just listening to him talk about theory and confidence and working
smarter and not harder and keeping things simple those are all good things
to remember is it worth their money illusionist had this for $100 on their
campaign you can pre-order it if you didn’t pick it up at illusionist calm
for one hundred and twenty dollars so it is one hundred
dollars now if he didn’t originally back it but again even at a hundred and
twenty dollars it’s definitely worth their money
all right I’ve talked long enough that’s everything I can say about the how to
read minds kit from Peter Turner and a lucious calm like I said if you would
like to pick this up head on down to illusionist com to place your order
thanks guys I’ll see you next time bye you

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55 thoughts on “Magic Review – How to Read Minds Kit by Peter Turner

  1. Teter Purner Zechariah 11:13 The Lord said to me, "Throw it to the potter!"
    I know about nail writers and struggled with fooling anyone with one I had. A street magician exposed the secret to them on national television. Have you ever done a magic trick for someone and gotten a scared reaction out of a person who thought you had supernatural powers when it's nothing more than illusion? Once in a blue moon I've gotten those kinds of reactions from people, but it's been awhile.

  2. I got this last week, and I must agree with you… I wasn’t able to find the tutorial, till they emailed me! 😂

    All in seriousness, I own quite a good amount of Peter’s work. I haven’t had a chance to watch the ENTIRE thing, but the quality is on point.
    I did play around with the apps, and I’ve had some crazy reactions.
    I was able to know a strangers birthday, and their pin code.
    So yes, this mentalism kit is highly worth it!

  3. The videos alone are worth the price. He'll often go off topic and give you valuable insight so make sure to pay attention!

  4. I really appreciate this type of thing, it’s an upscale some would even say adult magic kit. I simply like that with all the magic one could buy this allows you to find out if and how you might click with mentalism. It is my belief that mentalism when done well helps magic in general rise up as an art. Thank you for the review and wow where did you find the killer T-shirt lol❣️

  5. Finally a full project by Peter Turner. To fully understand Peter's mentalism you would have to buy several downloads/dvds/books. But now it's easily accessible.

  6. Great in depth review !!!
    I almost bought this kit, but at one point i have to stop buying stuff 😅
    This looks great, 120 dollars it's a great purchase for anyone who's starting in mentalism.

  7. Love this set, I would recommend it for anyone looking at mentalism, the props are worth the money as a starter.

  8. Got my kit on Thursday. Very happy with it as this is my first time adding mentalism into my card magic routine. Tested it out at a work outing today and absolutely got insane reactions. While the props are a great value for the price I paid, so far Peter's teaching is the best thing about this. One of the propless tricks he reveals as something fairly unique to him got the best reactions by far. For a beginner, the explanation is worth the price of admission alone.

  9. i havent bought a magic book in 10 yrs ( i DID write one though..pretty famous in the bizarre world — "VO DU MAGIK" buy it someone thanx_) but apparently they demandd new magic dudes have to get as many g-dam tatto0s as possible. but my question is holy sh-t the real magic is how the hell can they afford both magic AND way too many tatto0s? sh-t im too old to be a hipster, ill never pull it off… breaking their balls on behalf of erich weiss, et al

    but lets face it———and yes im gonna employ my some odd 30 yrs of mentalism—but this set is definitely for the 21 n under mage….too young to get into bar and be called a wanker but jusssst old enough to fool your old a$$ granny and creepy boy scout leader..

    but still, im not (somehow) knocking this offering to our beloved Craft; im saying i would have died in 1986 to perform this stuff in 6th grade, instead of Blackstones magic set one two AND THREE (yep, part three also was all made of nothing but plastic….i know right….i waited like 2 yrs apart each set hoping to be found worthy of some metal things….BUT, and i swear on my mothers ashes **oh that reminds me, i actually did an ashes on arm effect for my family when her ashes arrived…isnt that "mental" af? now, to my defense, though her urn was on the table, still i swear i used faux ashes in a tray next to the urn—but i digress….***)
    but yea, after magic set 3, i wrote to hasbro or whoever made the set and complained that, i was long into my career at this point at the ripe age of 13, and thus just wasnt taken seriously with his "advanced" magic set…i gave my love and respect, but just had to tell him that he was in fact jeopardizing my career…well super long story short, fast forward like 6 months later and BAM! Mr Blackstone himself, mailed me a hand writ' from letter, along w a signed handsome as all hell press photo andddd….wait for it, a METAL color changing paddle, a METAL disappearing ball in vase AND my very first stripper deck! i think im still levitating from that day.

    anyway, this set probably rules bro, but i cant know until i own one, so i implore you to send, please…

    i pray it comes w temporary full arm tattoos….

    yo0 i so0 so0 s0o love your channel. its like a bromance minus the , other stuff….you really are super dope G.

    but yea happy holy days and google/magic cafe my book…..if it wasnt 11yrs old i'd beg you to review it…

    take care and thank you for this therapy—we ALL know how rare it is to be able to share magic anecdotes….i keep our secrets secret af….

    o0h and truth serum/tequilla

    –baba gede

  10. Hi David, great review. Ordered 😀 May I ask which ESP cards you use? You mentioned in the review that you prefere different ESP cards.

  11. I was on the fence about picking this up. I’m a beginner and I’m interested, but man do I already have more effects than time to learn them well. Good food for thought on the future though. Thanks for the thorough review.

  12. After reading the threads in the magiccafe about this, i finally have read someone who already own this. I was skeptical getting one for myself because of what others in the page are saying. Then it was backed up by this review. I have decided! I am getting my own kit now! Thanks D!

  13. I’ve been working with Pete on a few projects over the past couple of years, most notably
    “The Tompinator”
    Anybody connected with Pete on social media send him a message & ask him about it. It’s something very special & available (for free) to everyone who asks

    You know you want the tompinator x

  14. I wasn’t interested in this until I saw the review! Now it’s on my Christmas list! Hope you have a great upcoming holidays!

  15. hello my friend can you please make a review for this?? its brand new..looks awesome

  16. I've been studying and practicing mentalism for more than a decade, and I bought this – because Peter Turner! I have a lot of his books and vids. How To Read Minds just arrived for me this morning, and I was first surprised at the heft of the box. Everything is high quality, and I don't think any spectator would assume they came from a box set. They look like real things everyone already has and uses. As mentioned in the vid, pros will have most or all of the bases covered. But truth be told, a mentalist who doesn't experience glee when trying and using different versions of effects they already know must be boring in real life. For example, I have the Espionage wallet which does almost everything all of the wallets do in the kit. But I really love the quality of these items and look forward to using them. And I don't really want to rely on one wallet for everything, lest people get sick of seeing it! And NOBODY teaches mentalism as well as Peter Turner. Nobody. I consider myself pretty advanced, but Turner just oozes technique, and I'd be surprised if I don't learn a few things from this set. At the very least, it'll be a lot of fun. $100 very well spent. (EDIT: Spelling)

  17. The tip about using the switch wallet as a ditchable crib is exactly the kind of thinking Peter Turner wants you to do when developing your routines.

  18. David what do you think bout the usb card as replacement for the physical dvd. I’m really hoping all of magic goes in this direction, that way I can watch it anywhere. Never mind you just said all that. Let’s lobby the distributors to keep publishing in this format! I’m in love with this format. (Hear me sandersfx? Sansminds?) Great review, may just drop the dough on this.

  19. Thanks for reaching out. I always appreciate hearing from people.

    If you have a question, it's better to ask me on YouTube or Instagram. But I do check this account periodically.


    Adam Gelbard Facebook pm me

  20. I know what you mean peter turner is by far my favorite mentalist I have his penguin lecture but on there he teaches a technique for getting someone’s star sign that’s just a guess so he is too bold I haven’t tried out much of his stuff Bc I thought I would get caught but I backed this and live my kit maybe now I will finally become a mentalist instead of magician who does some mentalism
    Another great review David

  21. Are you serious???

    The thumb-writer is a grease pencil. What beginner is using a grease pencil when they perform?

    The ESP cards have the most visible marking system I've ever seen on marked cards. You couldn’t even call it hidden, it’s the ONLY noticeable part of the design. AND you can see right through the cards!

    The book test uses the first method a spectator would guess. It was the first method my daughter (who has no magic training) guessed after watching the performance. Also, for some reason they didn't cut the book to one of the standard dimensions a book comes in so it doesn't look or feel like a normal book.

    The wallet is oriented like no wallet I’ve ever seen. On the Cafe, Geraint from Ellusionist says it’s a leather hip pocket style wallet but he didn't mention that it folds open along the LONG edge. No real wallet is made like this. It's too big for a business card or credit card wallet and too small to hold money. Also, it’s not real leather, that’s just a bizarre lie.

    As you noted, the custom credit-card looks completely fake and that’s true whether you look at it from the front or the back. It's a clear magic prop.

    The notepad is okay if you’re the sort of person who carries around a faux-leather notebook with you (I’m not).

    The marked deck is fine.

    Everything else in the kit is filler.

    The quality of the items is about what I expected, but the decision making that went into them is so poor that I won't be using this at all. I'm not an Ellusionist hater by any means. I like a lot of the things they put out, but not this…

    Also Peter Turner is BORING…his persona, his delivery, all bland and boring….his methods only decent if you are an absolutely beginner…

  22. hi, I have a question for said the props are very high quality.. I didn't not own any ESP card so i can't compare, but I can say that: my wife immediately saw the m*****gs and understood something strange was there (and actually they are sooooo visible and simple to discover…) AND, most annoying issue, they are absolutely transparent! I mean, i was doing the trick on a white table and when i put the cards on it face down I could clearly see the signs… I had to use a dark mat and lower the light to avoid this issue. i think the trick is very good, the cards are terribly made. which are your thoughts on this? thanks!

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