Magic Tricks and Playing Card Flourishes : How to do the Dribbling the Cards Card Trick

Hi everybody Malik the magic guy for
Now i want to tell you about dribbling the cards. It is fun to say and it is fun to do.
Now you could actually use this as a way to have a card selected if you want. But there
are two ways to do it: from the ends and from the corners. What you are going to do is hold
the deck along the short edges. Front and back with your three fingers here and you
thumb here, and you are going to put a little bit of pressure with your first finger just
like this, and then you are going to let the cards fall of your fingers and thumb by running
your thumb up the side a little bit at a time. As you practice, you’ll learn how to do this
a little smoother; and this is a nice way to have somebody take a card. If you want
to them to call stop, they can take a card and then you can do whatever you want with
it after that. That would be a way. Now you can dribble the cards from the corners as
well; and the way that you want to do that is you hold between your thumb and your middle
finger. You put a little pressure again with your first finger, and the same thing you
just kind of run your thumb up the side and let the cards fall. And as I’m doing that,
I’m kind of sliding my first finger across the deck up towards this corner like this.
So it is kind of going like that, and that is going cut out, regulate the pressure a
little bit. So if you practice these with some speed, you can actually get this to look
like a really nice soft almost waterfall type of thing. So that’s two ways to dribble the

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10 thoughts on “Magic Tricks and Playing Card Flourishes : How to do the Dribbling the Cards Card Trick

  1. springing takes more practice but its alot more impressive in performance. im an amateur magician and everyone i asked has told me so

  2. i do the same thing but try instead of your thumb grab 1 corner and the 1 opisite side and slowly lift your fingers =)

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