Make Playing Cards Deck Review (M31, 310 GSM)

Hello everyone this is LeCardCollector and welcome to another deck review today I have a prototype deck
from MZ cards manufactured by make playing cards or MPC on M 31 linen
finish this is actually a cancelled deck and MZ cards is currently working on a
new design called Oink playing cards the reason I’m making this video is
because I never handled an MPC deck before and I wanted to tell you about my
experience about the MPC m31 linen finish and also reflect about the design
of this cancelled deck… At first glance it’s quite obvious that this was designed
with cardistry in mind it has a starlight rainbow design that flies from
both corners of the card all the way to the middle… At the center is a pentagram
illuminating the dark purple night it has thick borders (that are) a little misaligned if
I’d be very picky… this particular stock is quite hard to fan… There’s a linen air
alternative and even a magic quality cardstock but I imagine those have a
higher minimum order hence more expensive… Design-wise this deck could have
been so good with fans! The faces are like 99% standard there are little color
modifications on the court cards and it also comes with a double backer. There’s
also a nice bonus card with a yellow star in the middle and Rainbow swirling
on the sides… Freshly out of the box, the deck dribbles fine… It’s not the best
feeling but it’s alright the cards are very stiff with no “snap”
nice feeling at all it’ll probably injure your thumb if you
practice springing with these… I also find the cards very difficult to use in cuts, it’s
hard to separate the packets and they don’t stick together when you expect
them to.. I’ll leave you to watch the remainder of this performance I hope you enjoyed this short video if
you did please check my other videos or subscribe to this channel until next
time you

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