Make your Playing Cards look EPIC!!

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100 thoughts on “Make your Playing Cards look EPIC!!

  1. I know this vid won’t get a million views but I had so much fun making it and I really think it will help some of you out! Thanks for tuning in!

  2. I just simply love what you do bro, I'm a Venezuelan living in Ecuador, I have learned so much with your videos, keep up the excellent job and I really hope to see more tutorials, I'm trying to begin as a street magician but I'm just starting so that's why I would love to see more tutorials or performance, love you bro, hope to see more of you

  3. me: hey bro, let me see your grid
    my friend: no, that's cheating
    me: what?
    my friend: you're not allowed to do that in battleship

  4. OMG Chris! I've needed this video for the longest time. I haven't even watched it but I swear my photography really needs some work. THANK YOU! #RAMFAM

  5. ive very recently started to enjoy photography, but i only have my iphone right now. these are incredibly helpful and they are things i might;ve had to learn the hard way if it were not for you. thank you so much for the influence you have on my life you have become one of my heroes

  6. How do i take fast moving shots with a phone. Higher shutter speed? ISO? I have no clue about cameras. Thankss

  7. Sorry.. Im only at 8:12 and i only took highschool photography but…
    Rule 1 was be aware of your environment.
    Rule 2 (for me) take at least three of the same shot
    Rule 3 never use center unless its a 5th grade portrait, try to create balances to highlight the focal point.

  8. This video really gives me some new ideas for instagram. I have been upgrading my photography lately check my insta @designer_playing_cards

  9. Chris you almost have 1 million subscribers ,I can't wait until you hit 1 million. I've been subscribed since 99k

  10. I'm sure you've heard this a thousand times, but… I wanna see you and Peter McKinnon doing… Whatever….

  11. You guys should do a video on how to actually make playing cards, like how to organize and get the cards made

  12. Honestly even if you’re not into takings photos of cards. You can take this into any photo job which is just overall amazing. Absolutely loved this video!

  13. Not sure if youll respond or even see this but at 6:48 do you say "one thing you can do is make up displays that don't actually exist" and Alex's goofy Werm is a no-no or did you say "one thing you CAN'T do is make up displays that don't exist" and that making them up is the big no-no?

  14. I notice that mostly shots are taken from above to ground, The 'birdbview' but why not from low to high? The 'frog's-view' so ground to sky? Just a thought 😊 Edit, ah I was ahead but not with the video, I see the both low-high views beeing taken 👌😎
    And still love your end tune! 😎

  15. Thank you so much. This Video helped me a lot. Can you please make a video like this but for filming so like card deck trailers or something.

  16. Every time I watch a B-roll I think of the actual photographer just running around the person in a circle and how that would look 20 ft away to a random person just trying to have a drink. lol

  17. Lmfao was that a stab at Ekaterina? I remember counting the crazy 7 packets in her thumbnail and what Alex did was like identical. I'm dying laughing.

  18. Ok how do I keep a deck of cards nice and clean and fresh because I got my first deck like barely a week ago and they already dirty and the sides are slightly damaged lmao

  19. I know this is inappropriate but is anyone interested in card photography. Like poker cards, i shoot them for fun! So, if you are interested, can u check out my feed? My instagram is @woricks_wrld

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