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  1. I made the mistake and bought the box because I did not think about it. but from now on they will not get my money.
    Thx for your words.
    someone should build a statue for the guy.

  2. I made a big damn mistake by buying that chest. Man, I feel like shit. What have i done?? I don't know what i was thinking?? Couldn't even think of side-effects. I am sorry I bought it and I promise that I won't buy anything again. I am in full support of you now Alex. Thanks for being with us.

  3. Fuck those greedy lazy, shameless, lying pieces of shit. It's like they looked at EA getting fucked by the fallout of their own lootboxes and said "Hold my beer!" Netmarble isn't even good at it. They're as subtle as an exploding turd.

  4. You telling the truth i playing this game for a year and i never spend money for it and what we buy that chest?why not?then what happend?the best marvel characters like deadpool will be like that and everybody spend money. with your 1750 crystal you think we buy that chest?when someone buy it he or she want to rank them up and tier 2 so must buy it again.with your 1750 crystal please don't buy chest and save it for magneto or uniform and don't spend money for this game i never spend money you can play game without them

  5. Thank you so much for having the guts to peak out and bringing it exactly to the point, Alex! I've made some Videos myself (in german) about Netmarble losing their ways weeks ago but some people didn't believe me. But now it seems they've crossed a major line so that even the blind people can see what Netmarble is doing.
    I really appreciate what you and some other YouTubers do: Showing the world what criminals work at Netmarble!
    Thank you again my friend and stay awesome! 😀

  6. It's sad how gaming companies are promoting these sort of behaviours to kids.As if they do not make enough money in their daily operations already.This sad attempt to grab money is surely a sign of the impending doom of the game.
    Shame on you Disney! for not controlling your licensed partners!!

  7. I want to open jean grey but i must tier 2 magneto so you better if you don't have magneto take crystal for him 6600 is a lot but now i have 32.. and i never buy that chest why it is not like champions you can unlock them free but future fight not.they must end this and stop come a new character that unlock with money

  8. Maybe they just want to squueze all they can out of the players before they shut down in 2018. Just look at the 3.5 update. CTP obelisks and premium cards. Now with this RNG ultimate hero chest. Does feel like squuezing every last drop before they shut down.

  9. I think you guys are over reacting. it's not like every character in the game can only be acquired through loot box. The crystal can also be farmed daily 25, weekly 30 if you're gonna do the quests, you can actually get 840 crystals a month "for free" if you play constantly. The game also provides quests that allows new comers to get instant biometrics which is most of the time 100 and up, It's a "business" in the first place, they do have people who work for them so they have to think of different ways to yes get some money, it's not like everyone is "CASHER" in the game, to be honest I'm playing the game for free for 3 months and I don't feel really bad if someone is stronger than my characters because they use real money to advance. Even free to play members can acquire the new characters is just that it's more difficult than using money. Still it's possible. You are only reacting like this because you all think that NM has the responsibility to make you happy. If it wasn't an online game you have to "purchase" the updated game through a CD or cartridge. Like Nintendo PS and Xbox games. Let's all be realistic. Don't buy the Chest for god sake if you think it's not worth it (which is really not worth it) but don't you ever think that NM or any other gaming corp has to give you "everything" for free.

  10. Guys give MFF a 1 star in the store and say in the review to change the chests so we can get Anti man, nova and the others

  11. #FuckNetmarble

  12. I think one thing CynicAlex overlooked that was brought up by one of my clanmates. NetMarble has violated our trust. He said that he used to look forward to updates. Now, even if this is reversed, he's worried about how NM will screw us over next time.
    Another pointed out that this started with the card chests, and the gear chests. Yeah we raged, but they were things 90% of the player base didn't need to play or enjoy the game. Unless you want to compete in Alliance Battle (which is apparently pretty crap) you don't need them so we complained, and then ignored it. So this was the next logical step for NetMarble. (No I am not defending them. What they've done is cross the line instead of just pushing it.).
    The reason this is different is because you don't have to just get lucky once to get benefit. You have to get lucky multiple times. Once to get the character, then several more times (Let's just assume you got a 6star) to get the hundreds more bios (about 400-500 on average… so 2-3 more times minimum and probably closer to 6 or 7). to get the materials just to prep them for T2 or get a Hyper T2 Ticket (or whatever the hell they're called). You may as well just let kids buy scratch off lotto tickets because like CynicAlex pointed out, it's gambling for kids.
    This is where NM has crossed the line and violated the trust of the players. And then they doubled down by giving us crystals, for free, so that we could again as CynicAlex put it, give us a taste. At this point, I truly think they may have done irreparable damage to the game and their name. I won't touch another NetMarble game. Not after this. Unless this is reversed, I'm going to leave MFF and never touch another game with the stink of NetMarble on it. Which is a shame. They probably made some of the best mobile games out there. I encourage others to do the same.

  13. I totally agree and support you cynicalex. This smells of EA and the battlefront 2 controversy. Netmarble better wake up. EA lost 3.1 billion over that mistake

  14. I didn't spend any crystals. any money. but many players did it. in the global chat, I see so many players, they are buying this "chest". & some whales have already maxed all the characters and made them t2. NM never gonna listen because of this players.

  15. we are responsible for this. when they brought premium card chest, people spend tons of money to get those premium cards. that's why, in this update they introduce this BS loot box chest. we are responsible for this. some players have already maxed out all of the new characters. some players are buying this chests too. obelisk chest, is also gambling. I haven't spend any crystals. I won't stop, I'm with you bro

  16. we are responsible for this. when they brought premium card chest, people spend tons of money to get those premium cards. that's why, in this update they introduce this BS loot box chest. we are responsible for this. some players have already maxed out all of the new characters. some players are buying this chests too. obelisk chest, is also gambling. I haven't spend any crystals. I won't stop, I'm with you bro

  17. new small patch is release, netmarble bring nova/antiman/blue marvel bios to processor anti mater, what do you think cynicalex, i want hear your opinion??

  18. Yea I spent my leftover crystals on it, was it worth it? Nope. Was it informative? Yea, I’ve already informed all my friends who bought it how the fucked the odds are. Got two chests and the guarantee ultimates? Blue marvel, which they don’t give bios for after you already have him for completing, and gorgon (fuq).
    Chose to dirty my own hands to get some data on how fucked the system is right now. Yea I regret it, but it’s helping some of my friends and alliance members learn how it’s a waste of crystals.
    I’m boycotting this game as well, despite me already purchasing it, and I think this is egregious as well. Loot boxes for base content is inexcusable as it’s, like you said, a gateway gambling deal. I’ll be uninstalling till either a fix, better update that will involve a fix, or to accept offline logins. It’s sucks that we’ll watch a good game die due to poor decisions. If this is what they ultimately wanted, mission accomplished.

  19. couldn't agree more than this cynicalex!!! this is disrespectful to all the player out there who willing to spent because to us its not just a game but its something that we love!!! #boycott

  20. They can open a kids corner in every gambling establishment in America. Maybe it's a total conditioning experiment like you said.

  21. „Greetings Agents!
    Your voices have been heard and we have been working on solutions to address your concerns regarding the new update.

    We have made the biometrics of Anti-Man, Blue Marvel and Nova(Sam Alexander) available through the processor in the S.H.I.E.L.D lab.

    We want to thank all of our players for showing tremendous passion and support for this game.“

    We did it guys!

  22. Tbh I pretty much like the latest change that ultimates bios are now dropped from the processor. It kinda gives the feeling when I was at the beginning of this game and had to collect my roster reeeealy slowly. Finally there are chars which are obviously strong and exclusive, but you still able to process with em. The thing that the processor is finally usable is also besides the point

  23. Hey bro, Ive been watching your videos daily, and I know you love the game just as I do, keep boycotting this bro, people are with you, you have a fanbase that support you and the game to get better, hope they fix this all bro, for the good of the game and the community. Don't give up! Lets share this video to our friends and the community of MFF. Really a pity they went this way.. Thanks again Alex for exposing these awful things.

  24. They made ultimate's and nova's bios available in shield lab (processor) but what do u thick alex is it practical to pull out a single bio for 150 gear, anti-mater and 5 norn stones

  25. i was looking and i noticed they didnt change the artwork of loading screen.. its still Thor Ragnarok.. and besides that.. i spended over 3k crystals and i got ZERO from new CARDS! that pisses me off tbh. i got nothing. no "P" card and no usefull cards and after that i saw this.. i wont buy a shit till its all changed…

  26. Thank You Cynicalex for speaking up for the community . You have always spoke the truth. I respect you and your views. Keep doing what you do. I stand behind you 100%. And if people remembered , you helped bring X-men to the Game. And recently try to recruit players from Marvel Heroes to join… Marvel Future Fight and this is the thanks you get. plus we all see how much you invested in this game. damn man i feel bad for you, plus those who did gamble with this so called Ultimates upgrade. Even the Big Whales have these new characters only at 6 stars and Skill Level 15…. Wow

  27. Still here with you , man. I'm not spending a thing until we see some serious change. I'm against all loot chests. I don't like the one for cards and gears either, I want them all gone. If Netmarble wants money, put a damned price tag on it. If the price is fair, I'll make a purchase, if not, I'll keep farming for the ones in game.

    Stay strong folks. Strength in numbers, and judging from the two recent patches, we've got the numbers. Let's see what sort of patch we get tomorrow =)

  28. I love this guy. Fat sausage fingers XD
    Well i liked that they give me free Inferno and coulson uni… Who would buy Ultimate chest when you get half assed hero, i dont need them half assed even if its for free. But free uniforms are appreciated. They can keep their chest and can delete my Blue Marvel, dont have use for him if i cant T2. So far i was F2P and just when i was about to buy stark and bios they do this (well tnx NM), now even if they change this shit i stick with F2P. But to be honest this game is starting to die, not sure how long it will take but its dying there is no fixing what they did no mater how hard they try… its downward spiral… But well as usual we will have fun till it lasts XD

  29. well my phone is broke from 2 days ago so luckly i dont have to worry about playing this. i will uninstall after i get it back. thats fucking horrible

  30. thanks netmarble for the free crystals! just buy skins then hahahahah never for loot box. daily bio 40x can just get ms. america and clear the missions for Blue Marvel. Really not thinking NETMARBLE!!!

  31. First of all y'all are crying too much. Guys like cynicalex and others are whales. He's spent hundreds of dollars on this game. And even bought packs that are $80+ don't fall for all this boycott mess. There ppl that already have Nova and are happy

  32. I tried to play "contest of champions" but unless you engage in this same gambling practice that NM is trying to get us to buy into you get nowhere and make no progress unless you pay. I hated that random bs and then i found MFF. Now it seems I have to start looking again as this will kill the game of they change it.

  33. Dude I support you but drop this lame "what about the kids" thing. Back in the days when politicians tried to limit violence in the games they used the whole "what about the kids?!" Same thing when they tried to ban alcohol and now weed. We don't need the "What about the kids" argument to make our point.

  34. You know I was planning to get my girlfriend a gift card on Christmas for this game which she just started playing since she saw it in action through me and she's a huge marvel fan so she wanted the game, I wanted her to like at least unlock every character and have at least vip 1 but this update hit us hard I mean she even hated it and it barely has been a month since she started playing because this is the type of game she didn't want cos she so contest of champions and it hurt

  35. Just finished the video. Absolutely the strongest one yet on the boycott. I salute you, sir. Good work. Everybody else, KEEP BOYCOTTING.

  36. Boycott as a player that spends a lil cash here an ther. I agree take crystals so it’s like it’s free that’s like giving free drugs away as a dealer….. o wait first taste is free lol….. Now I own u 🤩

  37. I 100% agree with you cynicalex. It feels like we were being used in the game,and it felt like we only get the characters we already have . I don't understand why we can't just get the characters from the regular chest and remove the ultimates chest.

  38. They should give a dozen of those 300 bio selectors that include anti man and blue marvel in the selection per player instead of the 1750 crystals just to buy one chest with random bios lol

  39. You poor thing…If you don't like it then STOP PLAYING!you waste your time and MONEY with this lame game!Do something important with your life!!!

  40. I got a chest before knowing about the thing they were doing. Nova is like my favorite character so i just did a 10 chedt thing and i got a 6 star nova, idk really what they are doing but i decided to quit the game before walking into a game that has this much boycott

  41. Cynicalex is more than right, he exposes the dirty nature of their game that gives us non obsession. Plus, they are conditioning us but no one is ever gonna fall for it. Thats why even they tell us that we should stop playing the game the only loss is theirs, we would still play another game like mcoc, and etc. But our requests should be fulfilled. #WithCynicAlex

  42. Netmarble: Fun isn't something you consider when making money, but this puts a smile on my face.
    hits us with hard ass transactions

  43. Im with you Cynicalex im not going to buy anything from now on, I dont want non of that, "GAMBLING SHIT!!!",Ill keep on fight no more buying crystals, biometrics,and etc.

  44. All games have were you buy stuff and you can get crystals without buying them this is not a gamble it's a game and you can't blame Disney or Marvel for what the creators do and damn if you that big of a problem with you boycott every single game that's made cause just about every single one of them are like that so there for your rant is useless and the crystals they gave can be used for anything no one is forcing you to buy any specific thing I used mine on silk uniform and I kept the rest save up purchased the small chest but no one pushed me to it. And saying that this is pushing gambling on kids is like saying call of duty pushes kids to want to shoot people or wrestling pushes kids to fight each other when they have a problem. Stuff that people do like this pointless video costs people's jobs, cause good games, to be deleted and cause good developers to stop making games, it was hard enough to find this great game. So to be honest if you don't like it why do you even play it if it cause you to be that angry they always had characters that are in chest only so why you trying to make a big deal about it now

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