Matched Betting Australia: Interview With A Pro

G’day guys, I’m James McLoughlin from Betfair Joined by Mr Adam Hackney, Bonus Money co-founder and matched betting expert. Now Adam, you’ve been in the matched betting game for a long, long time, across continents. Could you please talk about your journey into matched betting and where it all started? Cheers James. Basically, I learnt about matched betting way back in 2004, I was looking for ways to make money online and came across a forum just talking about matched betting. I studied and read all the guides that were talking about matched betting. It took me ages to get that first bet done, I was struggling over a ten pound free bet,
checking and re-checking the maths of it. But then I really got stuck into it and saw
that it was a profitable way of making money. Within about six months of doing this, I was making more matched betting than I was in my full-time job. So for the next four years,
all I did was matched betting. Right, and that was in London? Yeah, back in the U.K. Yeah right, and then it tightened up over there and you hopped on a plane and just came out here? Yeah, basically, as more and more people got involved with it, the offers did progressively get worse. But when I moved to Australia, it’s seven years ago now, it’s shocking how quickly that goes, but seven years ago I moved to Australia and
I was shocked just how good the promotions were in comparison to the U.K. so I got involved in it back again here. Yeah right, and you’re still implementing some
of those strategies at the moment? Absolutely, if you’ve shown to be good at your betting
the bookies will limit you over time, but there are always new edges and new things. New bookies pop up, new offers to play or new techniques. I guess that’s one of the good things about being involved in the community at Bonus Money, in that people are so on top, when there’s a new edge, people are sharing it and getting involved. Yeah, it’s such a strong community that you guys have cultivated there. You’ve preempted where I was going to go, how did Bonus Money come about? So, one of my co-founders, Sam, started a Facebook community. He was matched betting as well back in the U.K., started a Facebook community here, which grew to about 500 people within a year of him just posting information and talking on there. I got chatting with him and said, look let’s turn this into a business so that we can help more people to profit from these offers from the bookies. Yep, and you guys have only increased the sophistication of what you guys offer. You’ve got a Chrome plugin, you’ve got Matcha, you’ve got a bunch of different tools, can you speak to those? Yeah definitely, the information around matched betting should and always should be free, to learn how to do it.
What Bonus Money does and offers is just tools, software and the community that can help people be more successful. So, if you’re new to matched betting, then by coming to our site and joining our service we can help you to find the exact bets to help you be successful on things like welcome bonuses. But then, you talked about the horse racing software, Matcha. Horse racing promotions are so lucrative here that our software just makes is so simpler for people to be successful here. I can speak to that, I’ve used that. The green, yellow and the red makes it very, very easy to know what you’re doing and find that EV (expected value) which you guys are always pounding. If someone is interested watching this, where do you think they should start? Literally come to the Bonus Money site, or jump into our community and get started speaking to us. One of the things we love to do is to help people get started. So, literally shoot us a message, join the site, join the community and then we’ll help you get started. You’ve got the free Facebook group and the website. Everything will be in the links here. Excellent Adam, really appreciate you coming in today
and sharing some of your knowledge. Good man.

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