Matched Betting Explained – Very Simple With Team Profit Sarah!

Hey Team, in this video I’ll be showing you
exactly how we milk the bookmakers for over six hundred pounds profit,
completely risk-free so let’s get cracking now you may have already seen
bookmaker welcomed offers advertised on TV and they’re typically along the lines
of bet five pounds and get twenty pounds free which means you simply sign up to
the bookmaker place your first five pounds bets and in return they’ll give
you a twenty pounds free bets now in total there are over twenty-five
bookmakers offering these welcome offers and while most customers will only stick
with one of two bookmakers we’re not most customers we are savvy and we sign up to
yep you guessed it all twenty five this means that you’ll receive over eight
hundred pounds worth of free bets in total which is the equivalent of over
six hundred pounds in cash profits a nice addition to anyone’s bank accounts
now we could get unlucky and lose both our five pounds bets and all twenty
times free bet boo however this is where the term matched betting comes in
we take our initial five pounds and we match it by betting on the opposite
outcome so for example if you bet five pounds on man United to win on the
bookmaker Coral you match this but betting five pounds on Man United not to
win by betting on both outcomes we don’t win any money but we don’t lose any
either however great news we still receive the twenty pounds free bets with
the 20 pounds Free Bet now in our bookmaker accounts we repeat the process
of betting on any team to win and not to win this time because we’re using a
twenty pounds free bets but then getting winnings paid out in cash we will always
make a profit completely risk-free for every twenty pounds Free Bet you
receives you’ll make fifteen pounds of profits each offer takes a maximum of
twenty minutes to complete which works out to be approximately forty pounds an
hour so from your 800 pounds in free bets you’ll make in the region of six
hundred pounds profit risk-free in not much time at all
so if you fancy an extra six hundred pounds in your bank accounts let’s head
to the next video understanding betting exchanges

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14 thoughts on “Matched Betting Explained – Very Simple With Team Profit Sarah!

  1. Guys,
    I really like your awesome the way you guys have simplified the hole matter.. yet I am so fresh to this matter.
    Can you assist me with making money?

  2. Hey there! The above video gives an overview of matched betting, for a detailed step by step video showing you exactly how to complete the Coral Bet £5 Get £20 offer, please see here:
    You can also see more videos in our free video guides section:

    If you have any questions please do add a comment and I will do my best to help you cheers!

  3. I don’t understand how this works. If you bet £5 on Manchester United & the return is £8 & then you also bet £5 on Chelsea to win, in which the return is £11 & Manchester United do win, you’ll only get £8 in return & you’ve betted £10. So that’s a loss of £2. I don’t understand??

  4. Shouldn't 1 and X2 have at least a 2.0 quote so you don't lose any money in the first Place? If I bet 5€ on Manchester and It wins I may get 6€ but I lost 5€ betting on X2, so now Im -4€.

  5. I got a question what if it's a draw? On united to win or lose And if u have to bet again with the 20pounds u just got for free because you can't just cash out how is that making money ?

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