More than $10,000 Playing Card Collection

Your collection looks ridiculous Ok some really nice Playing cards here Shit I don’t even know how to go about showing your collection here It’s huge Ok, chicken nuggets 8 Chicken nuggets about 14 We see some Mondrians in there Mondrians Mondrian playing cards over here Beautiful cards They’re based on An old artists Style of artistry Of paintings so That’s how they got to that design It’s really cool are these dragon backs? (Oh my gosh) Do they actually sell? (Yeayeayea) Really? I expect these to be like The cards that Get stuck and never move (When I just started cardistry) (It was the popular deck at that time) (Which was like 5 years ago) (They’re quite popular,quite popular) Now? (Yea) Because of the price advantage Ok so we have some Arcane playing cards Some more Ellusionist playing cards (Those are first edition as well) These are first editions? (airflow)YOOOOOOOOO (Air cushioned) YOOOO(This is also air-flow) Doesn’t that mean you are rich already? (YES) (no) We have of course our neighbour The Virts playing cards are here as well Ellusionist playing cards Oh the hellions! These are supposed to be Some limited edition launch right?(yeayeayea) Is this Artifice?(black edition) Are these supposed to be limited edition? (Yesyesyes, they are limited) (inaudible)This man has too many cards (badass)Yeah Badass.What’s this? Is it the same? Yea, it’s the same ooo the XCM deck by De’vo.Let’s see this first.What’s this? (these are Keeepers)(Keepers) Keepers are the Daniel Madison no, the Ellusionist ones? (yea, Ellusionist) (They’re by Adam Wilber btw) Like when you have When you have as many cards as Cardvolution You start to forget where you get your cards from (You feel in the box it’s shaking when it’s new) That’s because the box is not tight enough (Ye but it means they’re thin cards) You like thin cards? Better than thick cards I like myself some thin cards Artifice Blue and green The De’vo deck De’vo of course one of my Biggest influencers in cardistry This deck of course also very very dusty (Everything is dusty) It doesn’t matter the order that the cards are in (umm no) These are,ooh what’s this? I’ve never seen these before. (I also don’t know) (You also don’t know?) Why do you have cards that you don’t know? Printed by Expert Some nice silver foil on it And then the number over here Card related logo over here Celestia Selling price 35 dollars But if you quote You get 10 cent discount on his website Ok nice Got that deal for you guys There’s some Superior playing cards? Of course I thinks it’s EPCC’s attempt at Yea the box is swag It can even open some more right? Here’s more superiors at the bottom there by just a different colourway So I’m not going to bother These cards I’ll put over here Very nice Always in frame Need to be Need to be presented well Oh these cards These cards are quite expensive right? Manticores of course One of your babies (YES! My baby) (Indiegogo right?) Was it Indiego? Yea it’s Indiego 2 Finishes Diamond and Emerald finish (Also designed by Edo Huang) (Yes Edo Huang) (And Benjamin Lu) Next we have these Bicycle Dreams Interesting design, a bit dark for my taste (Gold seal tho) Oh yeah you’re right that seal is gold That’s interesting Pinston He finally managed to get one deck off the ground Congrats Pinston I really like this design Did Gemini come first? (I think Gemini came first) oh yeayeayea 504 Bicycles what’s that? ahh it’s the Hallo’ween one (The way they are seperate here he got 4 here got 2) *laughter* yeah why are there 4 here and 2 here*laughter* *laughter*(yeah just just an observation)*laughter* *laughter*(good observation,OK)*laughter* *laughter*(that’s all,that’s all)*laughter* Rilakkuma Cool What’s this? Bearbrick Cool There’s some Memento Moris down there as you can tell We’ve looked at them before so I’m not gonna go into more detail (NOCs)YOOOOO This is by (Blue Crown) What’s the guy’s name again? I can’t read it Is that Harry Lorayne?No. (Laura London) Laura London? Is it like red with a gold border around it? (No it’s red with a black border going around) Would’ve been nice with a gold border (Yea i know right) This red and gold work so well together (yea)damn. If only there was a deck that was red and gold,like (Yes,um) I was gonna say isometric number 2’s (Oh really?Ha) Do you even know what you bought? Some NOC’s over there very nice Let’s take a look at this one Rarebits Theory11 was trying to make Rarebits like rare right? What is this?Geminis,yes, also by Pinston,shoutout to Pinston Cherry Casino is by Franky Morales Was it Franky?(Franky and *inaudible*) Neil Patrick Harris decks Shoutouts to Neil Patrick Harris The box is nicer than the cards tho To be honest Like the box has this like rose gold and gold foil combination it’s sooo beautiful But the cards are normal If they could put the rose gold and gold foil on it That would be epic (But it’s not) *laughter* Deck one’s These weather quite well. Oh these are the pre weathered versions So you can see on the corners of it it looks like The metal has worn off In the original version it is clean all the way around And after using it and putting it in your pocket and such Then it slowly became weathered like this We have Bicycle makes the weirdest decks bro (Quite cool deck tho) Really?(Yeah) This is what it looks like I guess it’s interesting But Bicycles branding is like all over the places (But I feel like all these Bicycle decks are like only wholesalers would buy) (And then to put it out for sale.Then maybe those new cardists will go and buy) (for collection,for collection maybe.) But cardists usually… umm… no. (More seasoned cardists wouldn’t see the appeal) (It’s more for the collectors’ side)(yea) Jungle playing cards by Art of Play WOOW!Is the back really this colour combination?(yesyesyes) WOOW! umm Monarchs In green,red.Is this the white Monarchs? No, Artisans Dude,just this cabinet alone most of my viewers wet their pants already If one day you forget to close your window and the rain just falls in Would you cry At least there’s cellophane, trust the cellophane I would jump down,AAH!*laughter* Antlers you can see there And below you can see some of the best decks ever Such as Coseas very nice If you’re looking for some, you can look for Cardvolution I’ll put this right here for now very nice Run playing cards This is the red one or the… No the normal version (why does he sound so depressed) I see (the standard) After the score there’s only one thing to do Run*laughter* *laughter*run,boy run Some World Poker Tours these are some really really nice playing cards Blue seals (I bought a brick from Alan) (I bought a brick from him)Nice. World Poker Tours,blue WPTs.What’s this? Tally ho’s Blue seals? (No no no those are the black seals) What is this? (This one I don’t have much story about I know it’s very popular) (But I don’t know what it is tho) (It’s blue seals) And then it hasn’t sold out? (It sold out like hotcakes.)(really?) (a lot of people want) It’s gold foil We can later google it Aristocrat’s down here Gold foil Gatorback boxes USPCC boxes What’s this? Some novelty playing cards Aviators for days The Copen…What’s this called?(Copag) Copag playing cards Supreme playing cards More Chicken nuggets the ones that we were reviewing today Geminis YOOO the purple Orbits Are they selling fast? (Yes,very fast) (Yea they will sell) (Not my thing) I don’t understand why*inaudible* (YOO YOU HAVE BLACK TIGERS) Are these air-cushion (Yea it’s one of the very first,you see there’s the dash) 808 Dash means it’s the first edition?? (It’s one of the first decks that Ellusionist created) Oh I see.Moving along Alan’s extra collection over here (Waitwaitwait my dustbin) It’s ok-the dustbin ,man, we all have dustbins Ok so we have Tobias Levin’s hand-drawn playing cards,cool idea (ooh ahh the Private Reserves)Private Reserves,yeah What is this,Jerry’s Nuggets?Jerry Nuggets. (woah)White Lions! Is there more stuff,different stuff in there? YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO(OMG YOOOOOOOWTF,WHAT WHAT WHAT ) You’ve got some really good quality shit here,man (WOW)*sigh* Alan,why you got so much of the real deal? (There’s like Thousands of dollars in one box,just this one box thousands of dollars.)Right? (oo Split Spades)Are these the really old ones? yeayea. WOOOW This is my childhood Silver seal Whatever that means Why are there 2 normal random bikes? WHAT? I have not seen these before Is it Bicycle bought rights to use That’s why their branding is so big on the front What the shit How how? It was in the variety box? Yea in the David Blaine variety box But those are still available right now? No. (White Lions) Really? I just checked their website yesterday Those are the different ones It feels like I’ve seen some quality stuff in that box (Jaspas being suspicious af) So my camera battery died and now we are on the phone Let’s start charging the phone Signed David Blaine cards Gator backs Some not very good cards and sharps Very old autograph by David Blaine He changed his autograph? No Then why is it an old autograph? Old deck! Ellusionist rare decks You’ve got too many cards You really have too much (Jaspas has more lol) There’s some good collector stuff Next up we have some Madison Dealer’s These are the Madison blanks? No way, who would buy that? He said it But the truth is I think the Madison blanks are a very good idea The only good thing about it is the UV But you can just buy a UV-pen Sure but it’s not printed And it’s also not… How do I say what’s the word for it… Obnoxious enough These ones are just like I printed these because I thought it was a good idea And people still buy And they just sell I like that Dan and Dave rare stuff What is this? Is it the gold coloured Smoke and Mirrors? Is it open? yea. OH NO Yea exactly What’s the point of a seal if you can open it and then put it up again? That’s why it’s a good thing for collectors Look at these babes Every single deck is hands signed? That is absolutely crazy I feel like this is the last time you’ll be seeing this deck on the channel The original magic con deck This is the design The Asia lecture tour We have the other 2 years of magic con playing cards These cards are quite quality stuff Tungstone playing cards This is by DD There’s a QR code here. Have you tried scanning the qr code? No I have actually not Somebody in the comment section pls tell us what this links to So we have the deckstarter playing cards here It was supposed to be DD’s kickstarter variant for playing cards But I think they gave up on that idea And they used to be very expensive and high value but Now they just sell on Art of Play I think I really legitimately like this deck Ultra thin cards by DD Really nice design Recommend it, I like it And these are the Smoke and Mirrors v1’s I need to show you guys Oh my god he’s got the whole set The whole entire series Welcome to a history of Smoke and Mirrors I love this music So when Smoke and Mirrors first came out there were 2 colours: white and black They were called the smoke version and the mirror version The white one was smoke, the black one was mirrors The original design This is not the actual back lets open one So after that they decided they needed a more complex design When they released smoke and mirrors v2’s This is what the boxes look like If you compare the box design you’ll find that This one is slightly more yellower You’ll find that nothing has changed At the bottom it says smoke and mirrors special edition Not to be confused with the original edition After that came the smoke and mirrors 3rd edition The front still looks pretty much the same But at the bottom it says luxury edition And finally you can see the back design on the back of the cards After which they released the 4th version which was neither black nor white It was just this I believe they called it “eco green” Crafted from recycled paper at the bottom It showed you the design in full minimalist detail on the back And on the face It’s a very interesting colour change I remember when it first came out people were a bit resistant to pick it up And then came the denim edition So the denim edition looks like this You can see it’s dotted like so A very simple design here These were also made with recycled paper Next cam the red editions It seems like Cardvolution Managed to get it signed again Do you like email them to have them sign? Yea. So the red version was called the rogue This is what it looks like Basically a colour swap And the bottom details were changed a little bit Finally came the carbon edition It’s monochromatic green black white Bottom looks like this On the face of the deck beautiful embossing And a wonderful foil seal Even has a half moon cut out for you to tear along the lines I believe this was supposed to be the original v7 The carbon But when they released the carbon edition they released all the reprints of this one It feels like no dot means it’s like inferior reprint version And this had no dotted version is what you’re saying So I was quite annoyed Let me spend some money to get the dotted ones Ok so that is the end of our presentation This whole box all these rare cards are all opened Let’s try them So these are the private reserves Jerry’s nuggets Have you felt Jerry’s nuggets before? Yea at your place in the video “5 decks all cardists must have” And the monogram the V and S connect to the very next V and S So smart design love it, beautiful It just looks so good I love it “Baby you’ve come a long way” do they fan? yea, they do. Golden nuggets The black versions The cellophane is like barely staying on That’s how you know it’s vintage cards My hands are itching right now Did we just get bamboozled? This is how you know it’s vintage The real vintage experience That black and yellow doe Just looks so nice All the different shades of white The real old cards And this is one of my holy grails The old design old studs Look at that shit Is this supposed to be the seal? Kinda interesting flap design After this day I won’t wash my hands for the rest of my life You can see the printing is much thicker You can see the white and offwhite again Is there even an ace of spades Am i just blind Not very fan friendly This is white centurions Oh no it’s black centurions jk it’s white Joker’s nice tho They feel like they’re so thick Fan nicely Some of the DD cards we’ve looked at Some Saturn playing cards Some Winns, some Rounders and the split spades from the OG days Thank you very much for the look at your card collection Very expensive Especially this box this box was absolutely epic Thank you guys for watching, if you haven’t please check out @cardvolution on Instagram Ok I know I said bye already but I just found another huge stash of cool cards Lets take a look Real quick look We’ve covered some of these cards before But you can see some interesting ones like Hoyle’s here Dark diamonds Then we have some more cool cards here What are those in the corner? Crown playing cards Vodkas Primes Some vintage bikes The new fan backs An awesome Jaspas deck deck here (who the fuck is that lol) The sons of liberty playing cards Yo this is nice collection bro These are the Saturns Chicken nugget collection The bikes that we saw from before This is Casion royale I believe Legends serpentines Butterfly Offwhite background with a nice I think it’s slightly metallic Yep slightly metallic blue ink here On the face it’s more close to white The cards fan, they’re not air-cushion finish tho They feel a little bit like Aviators but With more personality to them Edges feel a bit rough In the old Bicycle way Which I like very much Cards feel good, very interesting deck Do a faro so it’s like all the different way I’ll throw him out These cards are quite unique and special What is this supposed to be limited vintage special edition design The borders look colourful as fuck Is this like your collection of ad cards? So what’s the story behind this deck`? I dunno, just randomly picked it up But this is not the original box tho, no Is it just a random box? The box is quite cool Yo these cards feel ok They feel ok It’s very interesting because of the print It’s so interesting i never noticed that in other cards And then when you do a fan you can feel some weirdness going on It just feels weird Special? Weird. Have you felt it like this before? (Jaspas learning to say “yes” in swedish) This deck would be better with the dots And when you do a fan it’s super weird The feeling is different I’m not sure whether it’s the print or if they were using some special kind of paper I’m very confused Nothing feels like this Is this USPCC? yea. What? It doesn’t feel like USPCC at all I wonder if it’s the ink or the paper that makes the difference Ok I’ll feel this Just in case there’s something interesting about it Ok I’ve been waiting for this for a long (really long) time Not as thin as the other studs The printing over here is not that sharp That’s because it’s a very old deck The thinnes of these feels like the newer studs But the varnishing doesnt at all It’s a very interesting deck ‘The design’s very nice Edges: rough af They smell like Aviators This is vintage casino cards Do they smell like nuggets? A little bit but with a scent of oak But they feel a little bit softer than Jerry’s nuggets They feel nice tho If I could print any deck I wanted I might make one deck that feels like this You could get high on this smelll You know how I always look so unimpressed by more recent cards This is why I’m comparing to stuff like this These cards have personality A golden nugget feels like a golden nugget The cards have a much lighter smell than the golden nuggets The print on the faces makes sense It looks quite good Not as heavy as the golden nuggets Do you think it’s a thing for people to smell cards? Yea it is Like even for newer cardists? Remember the time we jammed like me and Dan and Seb were smelling cards? This is like an old man with one foot in the coffin And is still doing like pole volts perfectly Look at this curve Just ever so slightly offwhite On the edges it’s definitely offwhite All right guys lets really end this video Thank you guys very much for watching I hope you enjoyed these subs :3

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  1. I'm sorry something was wrong… The jungle playing cards don't have the color way on every card back it is the same design but just in green. But They really handle well

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  5. I scanned the Qr codes on the back of the cards at 17:41 , and they all scanned to words in french, I then translated them in order of left to right. Here goes

    Henry and Jacques
    February 16th, 2011
    A game can hide another one!'
    Tungstene (This one wasn't in french, and doesn't match up with any other language other than English.)
    Positive, insist, succeed
    Jacoto and Riton

    I have absolutely no idea what this means, if it means anything at all.

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