100 thoughts on “Most Wanted Online 1.0 – THE RELEASE VERSION!

  1. Hello! I am a real big MW fan, UG, UG2 and MW were my childhood. I want to help- seems like the problem with the hamachi and one conection per player ( You can't play with 2 PCs in one network) must be IP problems. So im not sure, hope I helped. I have question- what are you using to make game servers up? Maybe It's from there. Anyway, love the mod, congrats! EA shoud consider hiring you into the NFS team (would make games better). Keep up the good work, can't wait the random car issue to be fixed! Love you guys!

  2. I'm gonna wait for this to get better before downloading it. Mainly because I don't have a computer. I am more of a Carbon fan though. But I'm 100% fine with this.

  3. I'll wait till they fix the most obvious.
    It's cool that they started working on that, but I'll pass.
    There are plenty of EA racing games that should have a normal servers and be fixed like NFS:U2, NFS:Carbon..

  4. Will it ever be possible to have other player's cars show up? I might sound picky, but I am a huge fan of customization in this game / Carbon, so I think there could be a way to do it.

    Possibly (but not really because I have no idea,) you could have the program know your car, and then show it to the other players in-game?

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  6. Man. When i launch MostWantedOnline and Create my nickname and click Go Online! The game will crash. Hows that?

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  8. Soooo… First things first, I don't have Hamachi or any sh*t like that. My firewall is not on (neither the antivirus program's one is on, which is the worst idea when you want to have protection, but I have turned them off). The problem is it asks for vcruntime140.dll, although I have all C++ Redist versions installed. Anyways, I downloaded one (the .dll file) and put it in the main folder of the game so it can find it, started the game up (as an admin, may I add), typed a the name clicked "Go online!" and it welcomed me with a nice error message (0xc000007b). WTF? Any ideas about the cause of this?

  9. its seems a good work that you guys have made.How can I download it if its not on description?I would really appreciate to taste it

  10. Hi there.
    I was researching NFSMW mods the other night and came across this one which I was immediately interested. Today I thought to give it a try and see what it's like. I did every step required except removing modloader (I want to test it first, then see if I should temporary remove modloader from the directory folder of the game), but the game doesn't want to load. Currently I don''t have any VPN software installed on my PC, and I even tried disabling the Firewall. With firewall being turned on and starting MostWantedOnline.exe as an admin, I put the name on the nickname field and I click on "Go Online!". The command prompt of the file MWOClient.exe which starts the game, gets stuck at "Connecting to" for a reason. On the other hand disabling the firewall gives me a pop-up error which says "Error Receiving Data". I tried the troubleshooting tip from the MWO.exe and it suggested I should uninstall Modloader first. Which files of modloader are not compatible with the software so I can just move them to the desktop temporary?

  11. when i launch mostwantedonline.exe with admin it crashes i dont have mods or hamachi etc can you help me?

  12. bro my friend ist having a problem he cant instal online this message pops up: the underlying connection was closed.an unexpected error accurred on a send

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