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100 thoughts on “My FAVORITE Deck of Cards! – 1ST PLAYING CARDS

  1. I just found you and your videos they're awesome. Saw that your 1st playing cards on your website are sold out. They look so refined and I wanted to buy a deck 😔

  2. That extra process the printing company applied is called a color bleed. I've done it on notepads, adds a nice little touch, especially when done in metallic ink. Nice job.

  3. I bought 2-4 of these packs, I cant even remember how many, but I never got them nor did I get an email canceling my order or giving my money back or anything.

  4. Hey Chris I’m new to your channel and an aspiring magician. I’d really like to know how I can order this deck as I really like what you did with these cards. Please hit me up. ✌🏽

  5. Chris,
    Since you are now en route to 1st V2, I was wondering if you'd do a video or two about producing cards with USPCC from laying out designs, prototyping all the way to end product. I know there are people out there (myself included) who have ideas for deck designs and are wondering how we might go about producing our designs either for the heck of it or for profits.
    Not just the process of it, but it would be nice to see the pains and excitements that you went thru in getting 1st out the way you wanted them. If it's too late for v1 maybe do it for v2.
    Hoping for this vid

  6. Hey Chris any news on when you’ll have more decks available. Obv as you know, they are currently sold out. I became a fan recently so I’m a little late to the party. Will there be more soon, and will they be identical ( if that’s something you know ). Just wondering if I should spend the extra cash to buy from someone selling one of the original released decks .

  7. I know this is off topic but I am feed up with these %@#$$&$ eBay sellers!! I made a deal with a guy on 3 deck of these cards for $125.. paid for them on the 14th a Christmas present for myself, and the a-hole who sold them to me was messaging me about as soon as I sent a message…until I paid him as of today 24th Christmas Eve they haven’t even been mailed out!!! I sent message after message he finally messaged back on the 21st saying “I was in the hospital have emergency surgery”..bullshit he said I will make sure you get them before Christmas….still not mailed , won’t answer my messages asked for a refund so I could get them some where else. He won’t answer had to have eBay step in to get my money back which will be Dec 29th for the next step getting my money returned.. I just wanted to get myself a little something for Christmas, now I have to wait until after the first of the year because this jackass has my money.. don’t do stuff like that man this guy has no idea what it meant to me to have a little Christmas by myself. my family is gone but I still love Christmas, I always try to treat people fairly and this POS does this to me…… just not right.

  8. I never leaves coments in videos, but… thank you. I know you are not going to read this, but my inner child is screaming and jumping righ now. I am 37 years old and i'm feeling i'm 8 right now, just in the moment you said Juan Tamariz. I saw myself watching on TV a ridiculous man playing an imaginary violin and telling reeeeally bad jockes! I started to love magic with him and the late Pepe Carrol, so thank you so much, you have make my day with this. Sorry if I write something wrong, I'm Spanish.

  9. Finally received the 1st Playing Cards – great deck .. one thing I really appreciate is the lack of yet another plastic layer inside the box !!

  10. If you're going to own a Dachshund you should learn to pronounce the name – Docks-hoont or as said in N. America – Docks-und

  11. 15 + 12 dollars to india… man… 27 dollars … david blaine black lions is costing me 10+6 dollars

  12. 1:15 i can’t b the only pothead that thought that would b the perfect hiding spot for a couple g’s

  13. I'm no magician or card artist, but I do enjoy your videos. I am a poker player who collects different decks that catch my eye and look cool. Some for display some for playing. I do really like this deck you created. Where can I get one of those?

  14. I missed the original release, sadly, and have now bought ONE deck for 60 bucks. That is insane. It inflated so much but (call me crazy) it was worth it

  15. Hello Chris, just came upon your Channel, and already a huge fan. I used to do magic in the past, but watching your channel has inspired to to take it up again. Especially card magic, and I want to learn a bit of Cardistry. So Thank You

  16. why did you have to do a reveal of your 1ST playing cards? I ordered some for me, arriving tomorrow, and couldn't help myself when I saw you put up a video about them. Now it's spoiled.

  17. Guys I loveeee the Music!This is perfect for cardistry/magic. Imagine sitting in a café Sunday morning,it‘s Raining and you are playing with your cards,and this song is playing.It‘s actually called ,,Rainy Sunday“,But I can‘t tell who the artist is I think because of copyright

  18. My dream is your dream my card is your card your cards are out of stock (still 6 months later) my cards are still here I'm broke but your not , 60 dollars isint cheap so give me time to buy it please… Lol I was planning on buying these cards but they're sold out and I don't want to buy it from a third party seller only if you did a restock I would be happy, but now I got to waste my 70$ on somethin else maybe your memento Mori deck those are nice too

  19. You said 4 spades was your fave, then later you said A spades was your fave. What's up man, I thought you kept it 💯…

  20. My dog is named obi-wan kenobi as well! Your one of my favorite channel's that I recently found keep up the good work

  21. Could you make a French tarot deck, hard to find any in playing card size let alone having the royal cards similar to the ones we have today 😩

  22. Who else came here because the V3 just got released. I'm getting one! And, I'm giving Obi all the love, but I don't watch the vlogs too much, so I don't see him…any. I also LOVE photography Chris!!

  23. Not trying to be insulting but the whole 1st foil strip just seems like a straight copycat from the Orbit decks. Otherwise the cards look great overall. Just sayin

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