My First Gambling Experience

(Domics Intro) My first gambling experience happened when I was maybe, mmm, eight or nine years old. No, I didn’t sneak into a casino, or bet on chicken fights (That happened when I was 12) No, my first participation in gambling involved the kids currency of my elementary school’s recess grounds – Slammers! If you grew up in the 90s, you might remember pogs and Slammers, generically known as milk caps, which was a popular game for kids that involved using two types of flat disks. The pogs are typically cardboard cutouts with designs on either side. I remember I had this pog maker where you could insert cutouts of magazines, or literally whatever drawing you want and make pogs with him. It was neat. Unfortunately, the kids at my school didn’t give a shit about pogs, We only cared about Slammers! The heavier disc made from plastic, and sometimes rubber and metal But we banned those from play The rules were simple. First you and your opponent select an amount of pogs to bet, but since my school went hard we bet Slammers. Once you’ve agreed on the amount You pile them on top of each other facedown in whatever order you wish. Then you select your goes first usually by calling heads or tails on a slammer flip, and then you take turns using one of your Slammers, separate from the pile and throwing it at the pile to flip them face-up. If the person manages to flip some over, you take the remaining facedown Slammers and restack them and then it’s the other person’s turn. Whoever flips the most, wins. NO ONE at my school played for fun. Everyone played for keeps. So whichever ones you flip, was then yours. I didn’t really understand the stakes of when you bet something that belonged to you and didn’t know for sure if you’d win it back But… I was a kid. The concept of value was still in development. It was a new experience. I didn’t really have that many Slammers I don’t exactly remember but I assume pogs sets probably only come with like two or four Slammers because you didn’t really need any more than that to flip the pogs with another player But then at school you have kids with long cylindrical cases pouches and deep pockets full of Slammers, like you could tell which kid was bawlin depending on how loud he jingled when they walked. I don’t know who determined their value but some Slammers were apparently more rare than others. So some people would even bet with multiple of their less valuable Slammers to match it’s worth when challenging someone. I was one of those people who apparently had a rare slammer or maybe mine was just in better condition and more colorful I guess? I’m not sure which one I had. It could have been a simple design from Lion King It might have been spawn. It might have been a Star Wars one I don’t remember But some kid at recess saw that I was looking to play and he bet two of his Slammers for one of mine. I accepted. heads or tails? Um… heads? No wait, tails! Um.. okay, so… then it’s my turn? and just like that. I lost my first slammer. I mean looking back like, okay, whatever It was just a slammer, probably worth like a less than a dollar, but no! I was devastated man As a kid, I only owned so many things. So to lose anything? It hit hard. I had to win it back. Wait! I’ll… I’ll play you for this one. It was my last slammer. and because I was betting it, I didn’t have another to slam with So I asked the kid if I could borrow his and like the good sport he was, he let me Whoa, I – I won! And I was reunited with my Simba Spawn Wars slammer Rematch- It felt… Good! It was the beginning of a childhood gambling addiction I was in the game. All my friends were too. We played it every recess and honed our craft People were even doing dumb ritual techniques before they slammed, like it was good luck? They honestly only worked half the time, but I guess that was enough for people to believe it was good luck The recess grounds were ruthless. Certain kids developed Reputations for being the best in the game, and it was suicide to try and challenge them They were noobs stompers. If they challenged you, it was advised to reject them. But kids accepted anyway because if you didn’t, you’d be called A CHICKEN. Honestly, I’m surprised there isn’t an anime based on pogs and Slammers. Not saying it’d be good, I’m just surprised it doesn’t exist already. There were plenty of times where I lost all of my Slammers. But like any gambling addiction, that wasn’t enough to stop me from playing. I went to friends and asked for loans on their Slammers And promised to owe him back just so I could get back in the game Mike… I-I need your help. Could I borrow one of your- No, Domi. My best friend at the time nicknamed me Domi, based on the hockey player ‘Tie Domi’ and so I went by Domi in elementary school. No Domi. You’ve had enough. This game has ruined you. Mike Mike… Please, I-I have a family. Yeah, well, so do I! … Right, h-how’s your mom by the way? She’s good, asked when you’ll come over for dinner again Hmm, maybe this Friday? After you lend me a slammer! It was nuts. We got so bad that one time some kid tripped or something and dropped all of his Slammers, and instead of helping him, Kids just looted him and ran. And I’m gonna be up-front. I was a well-behaved child, but I wasn’t a model child. I was one of those kids. I’m sorry, I’m not proud of it, but I’m a changed man now Now, I lose actual real money at casinos And as a post-pubescent adult man who grooms and takes care of himself, I can shave some dollars off my grooming products with Dollar Shave Club. 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100 thoughts on “My First Gambling Experience

  1. I remember having like 10 pogs before when I play but I’d always lose. So one time my older cousin went with me to play pogs with our neighbors, he saw that I was always losing so he challenged our neighbors.

    We ended up going home with a container full of pogs.

  2. So I was mixing my hot chocolate like a NORMAL human and then I start sucking on the spoon thinking it’s a straw 👍🏻

  3. We got something like slammers over here at Mexico called Tazos, every time they had a different theme on their design, being Pokémon or digimon on them, Cartoon Network characters, WWE stars, Sonic the hedgehog, Marvel, currently Dragon Ball themed tazos are on sale. If you wanted to get your hands on a tazo you just had to buy a bag of chips and you could have acces to at least one or two of them. Their still cool to play with and continue being a nostalgic aspect to our childhood

  4. I had so much pogs and slammers and I rarely play cause I called myself a "collector" xD

    Also, Im a girl and most of the girls in my school weren't that interested in it, so I legit treasured my pogs and slammers 😂😂😂

  5. "No I didn't sneak into a casino or bet on chicken fights, that happened when I was twelve" well for me it happened when I was 8 👍🏻

  6. I bet 10 pogs and i slap it so hard i got it all lol im the best poger in our school now i have a. Bag of pogs muawahhahahahaha

  7. My first gambling experience was with cards. Kids would bring cards to school, not those yuki-oh ones. Cards whern't even allowed. i needed my best friend's help, cause i couldn't do it. until he taught me how to play

  8. Hey domics i am a pog player in the philipines i am a filipino in my school i am the pog king(tagalog version) kamusta ka na domics ako ay isang pog player sa pilipinas kasi ako ay filipino sa school namin ako ay isang pog king kaya marami ako pog meron ako isang printed na picture mo gusto mo ba sayo nalang yung pog

  9. When you learn to play blackjack at the age of twelve and get a pretty good idea of how gambling works with your free daily SunChips and Cookies

  10. My brother being the greedy POS he was STOLE my slammers and nice pogs. And if I played him and won he refused to give them up bcuz he just had to be the best and have the best like it determined how much better of a person he was.

  11. oi dom gawa ka pa ng mga video na ganito pls. baka pwede kung alam mo pwede rin tungkol sa texts. BTW pls do it

  12. We played rock paper scissors but there are consequences if you win with rock you punch them as hard as you can and paper you slap them as hard you can and scissors pinch them as hard as you can

  13. I once stole a Pokémon card I don’t know why I just then the kid I stole it from was one of my friends so I felt a little bad and said I didn’t have it that was like 7 years ago but I always think about it at night was I in the wrong

  14. Very good player at pogs and slammer:asks to play me: what the hell is a pogs and slammer very good player:HAHA NOOB ME: A POG OR SLAMMER COSTS A SLAMMER IS 2045 TUGRUG AND 22MUNG IN MONGOLIA AND A POG IS RAIR CUZ POEPLE DOES NOT HAVE I TUGRUG NOT LIKE THERE POOR THEY USUALLY HAVE 100 300 1000 2000 ON THEN AND MONGOLIA DOES NOT KNOW ABOUT THE good player: oh so huh inflation

  15. If there is actually an anime series for pogs and slammers it should be called "Attack on Slammers" because that big dude is using a slammer and the Hunters are using pogs cause why not? And you know why it should be called "Attack on Slammers" ? It's because that picture looks like "Attack on Titan"

  16. This sounds like a more normal and dramatic version of Pokemon

    Ya got the collectors , the noobs , the rookies and the elites

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