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Ok So I just woke up… Jamila is still asleep, because she had to stream real late last night. First of all I have to go wake up James now, then we’ll have breakfast and then I have to bring him to kindergarten. and in the first few days Jamila had to tell me where and what and all not 😉 Now lets get to it! Breakfasttime 🙂 Good moooorniing! Hello… *grumpy noises* I want to keep sleeeeeeping!! Lets give him a little bit more time… and in a second yeah he’ll scream he wants to get out anyway I couldn’t even get dressed fast enough! (James:) That doesn’t taste gooood! What’s going on James? You need some new milk? Achso, that doesn’t taste anymore? Shall we put it away now?… Thank you James! Sooo, James is at his kindergarten now. and I’ll let him out of the car now, because he already told me You have to get out! Get out of the car now!! 😀 and I was like… okay ok! I have to get out now, (no filming) Now he has to get out of the car and into kindegarten and then I will make my way back home. and Jamila should be awake by now and said she’s got some issues with her washing machine. So lets go and fix this! Yeah, while I am putting some clothes away, Clara is trying to figure out whats going on with the washing machine. She’s sitting there, reading the manual. Cause… well I just got that machine and it doesn’t really do what it should. Clara hopefully has, at least a little more technical understanding than me. *giggles* erm, yeah That’s how our teamwork right now. She just hung up some washing and I’m putting everything away. This way we get along quite nicely, dividing housework. Alone this wouldn’t even be possible. Right Clara? (Clara:) No probably not. *both giggle* Not at the moment. Well I hope she’ll figure it out! So washing machine is fixed! Now lets get started on the dishes! *ugh* Dishes, done! Jamila doesn’t own a dishwasher. so we have to make sure we don’t wait until we have a little mountain over here!! 🙂 Time to cook some food for later! Cooking healthy is very important to me. I try to cook once a day before I pick up James from Kindergarten. So I quickly cook something then I eat lunch and he has some dinner as well. Exactly, but now I am cooking for two, THREE.! Clara is also here now! Yeah, Clara and I are having breakfast right now. at 2:10pm we are having breakfast Why so late Clara? Because we where busy all day. (Clara:) No chance before! We couldn’t manage any earlier. I was already dizzy while we went grocery shopping right now. Yeah, monday is always extra stressful, because on top of everything else, I have to create the new timetable for the whole week. Then post it. Then we have, from yesterday… We streamed yesterday, so we picked out some clips some funny moments from yesterdays stream. to create some hightlights for instagram or other purposes. 🙂 Exactly, so we just went shopping…. One moment we have to be prepared. We want to buy the least amount of packaged foods possible. Bringing our own bags of course, everyone knows that! Then I always take this little guy with me. For drinks. So if we buy a sixpack of beer now… 😉 We can put them in here one by one and don’t need plastic or anything like that. Then I also have these small bags
for fruits and vegetables, because we surely won’t buy any fruits
or vegetables, that are packaged in plastic!! OBVIOUSLY! (Clara:) No we won’t. Well and now, we need the shopping list and one quick stop at the pharmacy. Okay, lets go. Then I preregistered tournaments. Organized the shares I sold. These things have to be done every day. What else did we do? So many things today right? First of all we need to go to the pharmacy. Unfortunately I have to get some medicine against my chronic gastric mucosa ignition. (Clara:) Oh no 🙁 Too much stress! Too much stress kiddos. Well, that’s life. Everyday I need multiple hours to prepare the stream and also to do follow up work after the stream. Yeah, so we’ve been in action all day. Yoooar. Now we need to eat and then we pick up James. After that I have a little time left to spend some time with him and then it’s already time to prepare the stream again. and after that I am streaming again. Soooo, that feels much better now! Jamila said she’s going for a little run and asked me if I wanted to join her… and I was like: “Erm, thanks, but NO thanks.” I can film you a bit, but that’s as far as I’ll go. 😀 That doesn’t mean I want to stay in all day, so Jamila promised me to show me the beach. Even thou the weather could be better… Typical Kieler weather! It’s always raining here! Soooo (Clara:) technically irish weather.. 😉 Irish, yeah Kiel is one of the cities in germany
with the highest precipitation. Okay… Yeah Well, right now we are on a little walk. Because I said I have to get back to the stream soon and I have to get out and move for at least 10 minutes per day! 15 min per day. Get moving. Cause I’m sitting and sitting and sitting. and yeah, now it’s time to get out for a bit. and of course we got caught in the rain! When we left home it wasn’t raining yet…. I’m on my way to pick up James now. Aaaaand then we go back home. I’ve got a red light right now, so I can film for a second. Gotta use our time efficiently. It’s not like we have a lot of it! (James:) Hop Hop Hop Did you get your shoes? Very good. Shall we put them on now? (James:) mhmmmm Are you helping me to open the door? Awesome! We are baaaack! (James:) Shoes off! Of course we have to take them off. We have to change anyway,
because we hopped around in some puddles! (James:) Yippiiiieeee (James:) Again! (Jamila:) Again? (Clara:) Everyone wants to play! (Jamila:) Everyone wants to play. That’s how we roll. Huiiii Mommy even plays for a living! (Clara:) Yes that’s true. (Jamila:) Right? Mommy plays all the time! Can you please throw this away?
(James:) mhm Thank you very much huh? (Jamila:) Is it sticky? (James:) YES Thank you, great job James. *cassette recorder playing* shhhhh Okay, James is asleep now and Jamila is already streaming. Are you live? Mhhh in 30 seconds. Wait! 18! Hellooooo, Oh wait with microphone would be better. HALLOOO here I ammmmmmm!!! Greetings to all of you! Let’s see… who do we have here…? Mucky, hello! Andy: hello Jamila, nice to see you. Yes I think so too… Oh I’ve got to play this hand straight away….. (Clara:) Yes Later on I join always try to join the stream as well. as a guest. I’m sure she’ll have some more guests some time Make sure to check out her twitch channel! aaaand that was one day in the three weeks
I joined Jamila for her Subtember challenge. Now let’s head on into her stream! Hello! Awwww Jamila is tired!
(Jamila:) I can’t do this anymore!! (Jamila:) No more!! But she’s having fun!
(Jamila:) So much fun!!! No she’s having fun for real! We talked about this!! Stop pretending!
(Jamila: LOL) but she is tired (Jamila:) Yes it’s fun, but I am very tired. I’m a very tired human. Well that’s life. Now a little coffee and then she’ll be ok. (Jamila:) Hopefully I will wake up soon. Easy peasy! Ohhh (Clara:) That’s korean!
(Jamila:) Oh my god! He’s probably following you,
because of your weird haircolor. Hello! I guess I look a little korean with my Kpop haircolor! 😀 This could be IT now! Oh NO! No I hope not. Jamia is Allin No not yet! Not yet? No NOT yet, but soon! No, not yet. At 8pm we have another one. Okay. I don’t have to fear FOMO,
cause we are filming it all anyway! So I can turn off my little camera. Byeeeeee

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