100 thoughts on “MY VERY OWN PLAYING CARDS!! (V3 Trailer)

  1. My older brother is in love with you and your channel and I have been saving my money for a yeah now to buy him all 3 versions of your playing cards for his birthday this December but the v1s are gonna kick my wallets ass lol. He always tells me that you are the reason he has been happy because you inspired him to lean magic and do what you love.

  2. Well I wish I could afford to buy some they look so different to other decks which makes them very desirable but I guess I will have to wait for the V4 release 😭

  3. I have to get a deck this time FML im so bummed i missed the First 1st deck , As a fellow Canadian im just wondering will these ship from Canada or U.S. im tired of expensive shipping costs lol ?

  4. I’m so excited for your new cards I haven’t gotten anything from your website yet, but I love all the first playing cards and hope to get some

  5. You know there are playing cards representing our constitution America themed playing cards with the bill of rights and 10 commandments on them and replacing the King, Queen, Jack and Aces are non-tyrany cards such as; Patriots, Gentlemen and Ladies other types of cards also the suits are different like instead of clubs, hearts, diamonds and spades there's unity, faith, revolution and declaration. They were made by a conspiracy person who wanted to create a card deck based on we the people that represented America instead of Tyranny and authority. I thought it was a cool idea. I have one of the last sets they ever sold. They had 2 types of themes heart and revolution. They also came with a poker chip.

    Check it out constitutioncards.com

  6. When u say to your self ok I am not ganna bye anymore playing cards for a while.

    And than theses get show

    Damn it. 🤣🤣

  7. Chris always says it's a bonus when a deck has duplicate jokers, but I rarely see any tricks with them. Are there any that you do?

  8. I know why you stopped doing magic tutorials, but man. I really wish I could enjoy your channel as much as I did two years ago. I was so enthralled by you then. I should say that I own your cards, and I love your personality, but I don't know that I can really get into your videos like I used to.

  9. Chris looking for help on a trick. I want to make a dog treat disappear. Thing is surrounded by 5 dogs so I can't just drop it somewhere and I've never done magic stuff.

  10. Loved the look of the V1s. Sadly I missed out on them. Copt the V2s and love them. Not feeling the V3s, however that Ace is fire. /shrugs

  11. literally saw the start of this of this video and stopped to yell at my girlfriend and say THIS IS WHAT I WANT AS A GIFT!! Haha!! I think they look awesome! good work!

  12. Chris Ramsay planning for first playing cards v1 uploads like 4 vids about it planning ,for v2 uploads like 2 vids about it planning and for v3 uploads 0 vids about it planning.

  13. I really don’t have any need for playing cards… I don’t play games with them, don’t do magic tricks or cardestry…. BUT I flipping LOVE the design! And even though I have no need…. I may get myself a deck anyway 😂🥰

  14. These are SO beautiful. Honestly trying to buy a brick cause ya girl got paid TODAY. But I wanna know the price so I know how long I have to live off cup of noodles for spoiling me and my boyfriend 😂

  15. When is the release time ? I'm in the UK and have to figure out when I need to stop what I'm doing to get a deck before they sell out

  16. I've missed out on the last 2 decks sadly enough. I'm salty at myself for that tbh. BUT, I definitely want to get these!! Super excited and definitely anxious about getting some before they're sold out. I don't want to miss out on these for a 3rd time!

  17. I got your Red Knight cards. They are amazing. Huge fan of the design, the box, and the way the cards feel buttery smooth.

  18. Just ordered mine 😀
    I don't open mine I'm leaving them sealed for collectables
    I did buy 2 decks of V2 so I could open one and use them though 😉

  19. Just snagged me a Brick. Couldn't get 4 bricks like last time But I've been working so much lately that I didn't even know they were up until I jumped on YouTube and seen they were up and all i had was enough to get 1 brick so Im happy with that . Congrats man they look super DOPE and cant wait to get them . Also would be super cool to know How many you are Printing this time around

  20. Just case nobody told you that was a pretty dope and decent good intro, I like your intros on your videos they're pretty cool.. good job

  21. Woot! Ordered my deck. So this is going to be my first real deck to learn with. I have high home for it Chris and thank you good sir!

  22. These are so nice I wish I could order them! I live far away and the shipping cost is almost the price of the cards themselves so I can't afford them but I hope you keep making them so I can buy them in the future. I'm just getting into card magic and cardistry and you've been a big inspiration and it would be great to eventually own one of your decks 🤩

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