NFL Moneyline Betting Explained

Money line betting is one of the simplest ways to get a piece of the action during football season All you need to do is bet on the team you think is gonna win the game outright. It sounds easy, right? Let’s take a look in an example Say the New England Patriots are at home against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday Night Football You might see something like this in the Bovada sportsbook New Orleans Saints +325 New England Patriots – 450 The Patriots are an NFL powerhouse that are always tough to beat on the home field So they go in as heavy favorites as indicated by the negative sign in front of their odds They’re also the home team. So they’re listed at the bottom odds – 450 mean that you would need to bet $450 on the Pats to win $100 Whereas if you put down $100 on the underdog Saints and they come up big you’ll walk away with a cool $325 If you’re serious about your football money line betting is a must-have in your betting arsenal

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