NFL Parlay Betting Explained

A parlay is the hail mary of NFL bets
high-risk very high reward with a parlay you’re betting on a series of events to
occur all of your selections need to hit for the parlay bet to pay out a basic
example would be picking the winners of two different games on the same Sunday
if either pick is wrong news but if both are right you win much more than if
you would bet on each game individually the more bets in your parlay the higher
the payout you can combine different types of bets in your parlay even bets
on games from different sports but there are some restrictions for example you
can’t bet the same team on both the points Brad in the money line and you
can’t combine the first half line with the line for the full game other than
that you’ve got a lot of opportunities to combo up parlay up to 12 of your
favorite teams games and you can become a Bovada betting legend

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