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Welcome everyone to the sports Camilla Parker. I’m Sean stack in the money green and he is
my partner and picks Ryan real money. Kramer what’s happening Ryan. Hello Sean.
Hello indeed. You’re talking NFL picks week nine.
Oh I thought well I thought we were celebrating Halloween. Yeah. Because very spooky podcast
I myself wore the scariest thing I had in my closet which is Carmelo Anthony. New York
Knicks T-shirt jersey. Who does ammo does have the orange though for Halloween. Sean
I see you’re wearing something very scary. Philadelphia Eagles jurors. Right.
Very intimidating they scare the opponents great great a great transition there.
I did my best since you didn’t dress up for Halloween. No.
Why would I dress up for Halloween. I it’s just insane to adults that care about Halloween.
I guess if you have kids. Yeah it’s fun. Get some candy hang out do
the whole thing. But yeah I’m a grown adult. You think I’m going to give a shit about Halloween.
Oh yeah yeah. I mean it’s it’s it’s pretty interesting. Grown people we are in Los Angeles
Shawn it does make a lot of sense when you look at it that way. Oh yeah I’ll be trick
or treating tomorrow night. Okay. Do you have any. That is one highlight.
You you threw that out there as a reminder that this upcoming Sunday is the annual tradition
where we eat get to eat a ton of Halloween candy.
Well the rule is every piece of candy you want to keep you must pay a tax of one piece
of candy. So you’re you’re you’re teaching your kids
about the vig early on. Long story short I can’t lose Shawn. Yeah.
Lose the house always wins. I’m Brandon Lang circa 1984 just can’t lose just can’t lose.
Well he was Brandon Lang in 1984. I know because I thought it was like a early 90s thing. Yeah.
You threw me off with nineteen eighty four now. Now you’re gonna make me look it up.
Well while you’re talking why you’re doing that Ryan.
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Quick note Brandon Lang dot com. Mm hmm. Looks like it was created in the 1980s. Somehow
if the Internet was around back then. Update your site bro. Ken. Ken. I’m not actually
not finding this guy. It’s a.. Are you looking at it. Yeah. The
Brandon Lang Web site is pretty hilarious. How does he still. Oh and it’s a photo of
him of course from the two for the money. Wow.
Imagine. Imagine if you were like while you were living. Mm hmm. You were played by Matthew
McConaughey in a movie. All right all right. Would you not be into that. Oh yeah of course.
Now it looks like he’s having a grand old time. That’s two hundred thousand on draft
kings too. Yeah. I like that when it when is Matthew McConaughey
going to play the Sean Greene story. I mean I’ve I probably had a better year than Brandon
Lang. Let’s be honest okay. Kramer lot to get to. Yeah of course recapping a week 8
NFL picks couple of listener requested a Kirk Cousins voice cracked bringing that back for
a sound drop. Turn that played against you. That’s as loud as it goes.
So great. Sounds like a dog. Plus it sounds like a dog that’s being molested.
Yes that’s that’s how you compare Kirk Cousins Oh before we get that you haven’t addressed
our guest. Oh yeah. We got Kapur bear his rock in the man escaped a t shirt refining
the gentleman of course landscape made in the USA and that’s why you can tell he’s got
that smile on his face he’s he went all bear down there and he buried it all but well we’ll
be we’ll be talking about the captured landscape bear down the line here in a second right
before we do down by the way huge stone gigantic dog Big Dig captured bear. Shout out to the
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merch. What do we do when do we take a look at the
all time leader board. What are we doing here. We’re trying to give away thirty five hundred
dollars. Who’s in the mix right now. Well Sean. I’m
going to make you listen to a lot of names for one reason and one reason only I am in
the top 10. Wow. Ride with.
Tied with 67 correct with Tommy Dick and NFL pickles tied for seventh place mat steam Vincent
DV 46 niggles bagels he’s a regular Yep tied for fifth iron chef Brad hammer sport. Feel
free to update your names guys if that’s possible. Feel free to come with something a little
heavier D Hoffman fifty five tied with Nacho Libra 4 to 1 in third place in second place
Mikey C.P. 6 2 2 and in first place with a commanding 2 pick lead Gotti 15 Wow.
Shout out to the Gotti man Sean you know what my bet my bedspread teases what does that
run. It’s still the Falcons just feeding them every
week feeding them every week. Got it at six and a half because I took it early after we
recorded. That’s the thing and again Pittsburgh it’s
just like a real sportsbook as soon as you lock that price in it’s locked in. I know
a lot of people know my bookie super contest also got that Seattle minus six and a half
and a little tout to myself I’m telling you on the pregame Periscope we ran through all
the picks again talking late line movement and I advise people stay away from that plus
nine or that minus nine Seattle because I have a feeling that the six and a half will
be good but the nine will be bad. The Seahawks win by exactly seven points. Very good show.
Well when you when you call your shot like that you got a you get to tag yourself a little
bit. We like how I told you to take the Giants
MONEYLINE or lay the points and it came squarely in the middle. You’re welcome.
You’re welcome Ryan of course that lions were my lock that didn’t hit however I hit the
Chargers plus 175. It was a it was a real delight NDAA go super. Cha cha cha cha angriest
and most fired up I’ve seen Decker all time in recent memory while he was up smack and
stuff. Oh boy he go doing a hundred risky we’ll do that too. Yeah. He goes It’s such
a long season could we not get one break. And then of course the Bears miss a 42 yard
field goal charges MONEYLINE hits Justin’s day is saved Cramer hit his lock Seattle minus
six and a half. And surprisingly we both hit our three team teases rare rare week four
that I had in Seattle Houston and you had Houston Seattle and Tampa Bay plus eight and
a half ballsy leg of the tees thrown Jameis Winston in there.
All right. Well you know that guy just puts it up there
yes it is kind of a turnover machine but he’s also just so awesome for the fantasy. It just
doesn’t matter just doesn’t matter. All right let’s get through the games. Minnesota 19
skins 9 high. The Vikings I kept going back and forth to eye to eye. Play Kirk Cousins
of prime time or do I feed him. No I do not like that. You had the skins real ugly game.
Legit chance for Minnesota to cover late and then just multiple holding penalties ground
the clock out and not a good game by any means. Yeah. And you knew the answer to this question
don’t back Kirk Cousins in prime time. I even I recorded a video for my bookie explaining
how to bet football one of the three things I included was fading Kirk Cousins in primetime.
I don’t even listen to myself. I thought the I thought the Vikings or the
skins curse would be more than enough to throw it out Adrian Peterson against his old team.
Doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy that you know lets a grudge just go by the wayside.
He was fired up. So yeah you know kudos to you. Thursday night football giants 26 lions
31 had the Lions minus 7 you had the Giants plus 7 Mr. Jones.
Sliding in that back door. Saw it coming from a mile away. Two separate drives where I swore
they were gonna backdoor eventually one of those two they hit Detroit just when they
got up by two scores. I was upset because I wanted them to just kick the field goal
and go up 28 20 or whatever or 27 20 and then just right. What I would have been twenty
seven 19 and now they had to score that touchdown because of the Giants weak secondary and then
eventually let the garbage such a nightmare scenario. Giants were never in this game.
My favorite is when you explain that that comes up twice maybe three times a year where
you’re betting on a game and you don’t want them to score those extra points. You know
the back door will just be wide open. Huh. Yeah. I mean what do you do. The Giants fucking
saw the season. The season’s over. Oh I thought it was on the brink. Ryan is
back against the wall to back. Is the wall Game Tennessee Titans twenty seven Tampa Bay
Bucs twenty three. I had our titans our guys use the pucks man. So many chances for this
game to go the Bucs away. And I was kind of rooting for the Bucs as well because you pick
the Bucs in the Super contest correct. Or was that peanut. So I was kind of secretly
rooting for the box even though I knew they would lose and that’s I picked titans Tannehill
decent game. JAMES CAAN throws for 300 yards. They won the game. The refs blew it.
That was a that was a board for a touchdown that was really horrible.
How. When it happens of the saints It’s a nonstop discussion for the entire week. That’s
why you gotta let this ball play out. Why do we have these discussions when they
they blew it dead so quick on the blocked field goal scoop score that got called back
because because they recovered it but they blew the whistle. Every other sport seems
like such an easy thing to do. Not to blow the whistle. Americans.
This is an American sport problem. They blow the whistle every other sport in the world.
Play just keeps going on and you figure it out later.
For those of you who’ve been watching the rugby World Cup they just go to the replay
you hear on the TV feed you hear the ref talking on the replay. I swear I saw it not not. Nothing.
And that’s that. But they let the play go. And yeah I was just bitter because I lost
this game but this was a horrendous call but more horrendous than the call Sean that fake
was that that was like that guy had no business running the ball.
So now I mean that was pretty clear it wasn’t quite Sean Taylor in the pro ball on the punter
but it was pretty close. It was close just imagine you have Derrick
Henry. I’m a grown man. Just a just of a beast of a human being dying to carry. That’s his
reason he was put on earth and then instead he let a.
It’s like skinny little European guy or I’m sure he’s European. Yeah he’s a special team.
Ryan charges we’re just talking about 17 pairs 16. We were both on the Chargers. Wow.
Just two teams who do not want to win a game. Going head to head something had to give and
it was the Chicago Bears. Pinheiro missing a 42 yarder. Matt Nagy catching a lot of heat
for not not running one more play to get the field goal kicker closer. And then there’s
even a little bit more more kind of like bad luck for Matt Nagy I guess Pinheiro they asked
him if that was the hash you wanted it on and he said no. So they couldn’t even write
a QB sneak to the other side of the hash to get him set up right. Not good times in Chicago.
And again we’ve seen it with this bears team where the defense is really good. But at some
point when you lose complete confidence in your offense it’s kind of deflating.
And yeah you could just you could just see it out on the field.
I mean what. Remember all these people coming after us
for saying that we’re where we’re coming on. Coming on a true Bruschi a little too hard.
We’re wrong about you Bruce. He’s a good player. Looks like you lost your defensive coordinator
and your team fucking sucks now. Well and period you lost you lost Fangio who
turns out maybe not an amazing head coach but an awesome coordinator. And we hit it
so hard in the NFC North preview. I’ve talked about it a number of times but
like their turnover differential was so insane that they were due to regress and now that
they’ve regressed it’s really expose the ineptitude of the offense and in particular Mr. Biscay
and I think they do miss Jordan Howard they miss Jordan Howard.
I think this Montgomery Kim I mean he’s looked good at times they’ve put they have weapons.
This is just midstream Biscay. I was watching NFL library one of those shows today and they
were talking about how it’s you know it’s hard to play well as a quarterback when your
coach doesn’t believe in you and he’s calling only short Chicken of the year.
It has nothing to do with whether they believe in you or this this author all throw complete
passes and people believe in you. That’s how life works. Tropical Storm Patrick my home’s
isn’t good because oh I believe in you. Yeah. I’m. I made my home’s backyards like no you
guy. You think when your job back to passion like. I wonder if Nagy is intimate. No you
don’t. You just complete the pass. You know it’s really that simple. Brian is it.
Are we upgrading tropical storm too risky to a hurricane.
Yeah. Here’s the amount of blowing he does is tremendous. This reminds me of a reason
I tunes are you. From onions water titled said by no one ever. Why do you guys hate
the bears and love the Packers. I just need to know why you guys love the Packers and
just rip on the Bears. You guys once said all praise Aaron Rodgers and yes he’s good.
But how many Super Bowls has he won. Onions one one. If he was that good he would win
the division every year and he does it. He’s a little bitch that won’t listen to his coach.
I’m not sure you’re five star podcast though so shout out to the Chicago Bears fan. Hit
us up. I’ll get you guys. I’ll get you a T-shirt that I love. I have no issue with the bears
as a team. I’m just kind of calling it like I see it. Sure. If your offense is amazing
Cleo Mack watching that guy play defense man that yeah it gets me fired up like I turn
Gus Johnson. I mean I’m that is one aspect of this game
coming up against the Bears that really scares me is guys like Cleo Mack playmakers that
they have. It’s not my fault. The bears can’t figure out the quarterback
position and I think to our credit we’ve gone out of our way to make fun of Aaron Rodgers
in unique ways that aren’t discussed in mainstream media. So I feel like we make fun of Rodgers
and Ton. I mean but the guy wins a bunch of football games you’re right he’s not up there
with Joe Montana Brady multiple super Eli Manning. And again. Maybe that hurts. If you’re
going to put Eli Manning above Aaron Rodgers in the all time quarterback rating I know
we were just counting Super Bowls. I thought we were just kind of OK. Well I’m just pointing
out that Super Bowl is probably not a great measure of all time quarterbacks. As you see
with the when you create a model and you see results that in no way pass the eye test it
time to go back and look at the map. What’s the point of the game you play to win
the game or win the championship. Listen I tell me who else is calling Aaron Rodgers
you know calling him a cardinal like whatever you.
We like money and the bears. If you go back and I challenge you listen
to all the preshow or the preseason stuff we’ve done I guarantee I’ve taken more bears
overs on the season than I have. I locked the bears up back to back so I don’t
know I don’t know where your biscuit is. Yeah I called it before he got drafted I called.
I think what it is is right. You keep bringing up the fact that they pass
on Patrick behoves Deshaun Watson. This will be a good time to am I the Earl Thomas passing
by the Eagles. I thought that on me. But again trading up
job to the Bears fan Hit us up. We’ll get you a T-shirt. Seattle 27 Atlanta 20 Vardy
hit on this one. Seattle covered that six and a half that sweet sweet six and a half
or picked it on the preview podcast ugly game matchup. Some out there for 400 yards.
Seattle I’m reading outside Seattle is fraud highly highly for San Francisco’s going to
win this division just because they’re fraudulent and the Rams or down and out.
It’s a weird. There going to be two wildcard teams from the NFC West. Definitely. Okay
I think one hundred percent. I think 460 yards shop 34. It’s insane.
Weird game 24 nothing felt really good. Talk about a typical gambling situation. Oh yeah.
Oh here it go. No it’s Oh shit. They missed field goals. They missed a couple of field
goals. They cut their kicker this week. He missed somebody’s field goals. How do they
come close to covering this. They covered some numbers.
Crazy Jags. Twenty nine jets. Six. I was all over the Jags here. The Jets say Ryan great
means you game jets again. Horrible Donald’s banged up offensive line issues. Trouble in
paradise. Adam Gase just he’s he’s quietly I would even put him in Jeff Fisher territory.
Like this guy’s at all time like they were talking about his last 25 games or Jeff Fisher
won games. Yeah I mean we like to bust his jobs because it was eight days or seven and
nine. But I mean Adam Gase can only dream of being eight and eight or seven and nine
like those days are long behind Adam. Guess he’s not had a winning he had one winning
season 10 and six first year since then 6 and 10 7 and 9 1 in 6.
So what I mean is he. How. What’s his overall record.
There you have it. Yes it’s 24 and 31. Now if he if you just look at his if you look
at his last three years then you’re looking at 14 and twenty.
That is a Google or worst head football coach records. Dick MacPherson 18 24 he put his
coach so many more games like here. David Shula 19 and 52. That’s pretty comparable
right. Yeah he’s in the David Shula. I don’t know
if Adam Gates has that name recognition. I mean it’s it’s remarkable how bad he is
and how toxic. Like I think the number one thing you take away from this if you’re a
future employer is he can’t. He has no idea what culture is. No. None of
his teams have had culture. None of his teams have had any clue. I mean what was his best
record. It was his first year in six coaching a team right.
Yeah he took over a team and then he poisoned the culture just like just day is attempting
to do down in Blacksburg with the Hokies. Eagles 31 bills 13. Both were on the birds.
Nice win for the Eagles. Put them Turner and 18 rushing yards slamming it down the bills
throw throw in the bills throw a table Josh Allen newsflash not good and the bills defense
overrated I would say hue Jackson eleven and forty four now you’re in Hue Jackson Territory
Adam guess without the heat which is weird because they’re there in the knee he’s in
the New York market and you think you’d be catching more graft but I think Jets fans
and b right is just so broken they don’t even care yeah huh.
Pat Pat Shurmur is pretty pretty high up on that list. Bad records.
Yeah. Eagles look good. I think that was. I tried to lock it up you wouldn’t let me
know tried to lock it up you wouldn’t let me turn wash your hands all over seemed obvious.
Good game Sean nice went quality way. Josh Allen were you in a biscuit.
Yeah I think a basket Rams twenty four bangles ten. We both cover that minus thirteen and
a half. Be honest. Didn’t see a ton of this game seem pretty simple.
You know Rams moving the ball up and down the field a little bit bangles just horrific.
Not much else to report Yeah. I mean honestly we didn’t see a ton of this
game in the moment. We liked it as a back bounceback spot. Yeah solid bounce back spot
Bengals are just horrible benching Dalton on his birthday.
Not on my special day. How could you in Daltons like.
I wish they could have done it like 48 hours earlier so they could have traded me naming
names. Yeah but why didn’t they trade him. Why didn’t they trade AJ Green. Like what.
What are they doing when have the Bangles been run by a competent.
The shocking part I understand being Jangles I’m sorry.
I understand being cheap but cheap and stupid. There’s no excuse. The Bangles have been debating
the fact that the Bengals have talent is the part that surprising their ownership is clearly.
Clearly they don’t know what they’re doing then and you know at this point what’s next.
What’s not. I think Finley’s pretty so. I’m actually kind of intrigued by the Bengals
show teaser. Look out. Coming off the buy Arizona 9 New Orleans thirty
one I picked this thinking that Bridgewater would be the starter. He wasn’t Brees came
in and looked great. Put up a bunch of points against this Arizona defense thirty one to
nine. You’re on the Saints not much for reporters New Orleans moving I mean New Orleans defense
has really been the big surprise for them the offense has looked good as you’d predict
but I think their defense has been the real shot defense looks really good.
I mean Kyler looked like a rookie and yeah just another win Sean another win on this
quite epic season I’m having against the spread of the Saints are ridiculous they’re winning
the Super Bowl right. It does feel like they have you. Have you bought your Saints to win
the Super Bowl. Future ticket yet. No I’ve not. What is what is my book.
You have that carry. Well what I was going to tout first and foremost is that I picked
it. I picked one up a little while back and I picked it up 12.
The one who saints down to 5 50 plus 550 feels good to have a twelve the one in my pocket.
It does. It won’t feel good when they lose to the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Broncos
13 Colts 15. You’re the Broncos. The Colts just can’t quit the Colts. You know who should
quit the Colts fucking Adam monetary to field goals he missed and a extra point that was
really the difference in the spread. Again this colt seemed just wins games. That’s why
it makes sense that we both had him in the tease. No you didn’t have in the team but
I did. Great teachable team. And again I still think this team is kind of priced as if Jacoby
was set as a backup quarterback and we see that and he’s just not their defense has a
lot of their playmakers back. Should’ve seen this as an uglier game. But I mean. Yeah.
Hit a couple of those field goals cover this. No problem. Some of these kickers this year
I mean I got like just been released the last couple of years. It’s like it’s been bad and
then it’s gotten worse and this year it’s like it’s even worse.
I understand the extra points when they moved it back but I think what happened was in the
same way. And this is a brilliant point by myself and I rarely really compliment myself
right. But in the same way where like a shooter he gets to the free throw line he gets in
rhythm he sees the ball go in the hoop. Now that they move the extra point back I think
that kick becomes tougher. They miss a couple extra points and then all of a sudden they
become unravelled because they think I can’t hit an extra point. I have no confidence.
Kicking is clearly a mental thing and I think there’s something to that that’s just a great
point. It is a great point need that layup line.
Very go get hot. Carolina 13 San Francisco 51. I guess we just we just had to start believing
in Jimmy G and the 49ers. So weird. I still though these good and we forgot to
mention Sean. The most important thing. Joe Flacco out with.
Yeah neck stiff neck and a stiff coach. He criticized then all of a sudden his vertebrae
was fractured or whatever. After he complained that they didn’t go for it on third and fourth.
Yeah. Carolina did. I really didn’t see that coming. Really like Carolina This yeah guy
really just have to realize that this guy is really good. No I wasn’t getting cute.
I thought this would be a decent game. Didn’t see that coming at all.
I have to respect Houston 27 writers 24. We both had Houston they won Sean Watson great
game there at the end especially make plays didn’t ever feel like that minus 7 was gonna
be in that great a shape and Houston. Nice win for them but they still feel like they’re
underperforming like they have so much talent. JJ Watt is of course after the season so that’s
a horrible break for them but it still feels like they’re underperforming a little bit
right. Even though they’re was 5 and 2. Now I will not lay seven points with Bill
O’Brien. I will not play seven points with Bill O’Brien
and I was surprised because it’s weird the Raiders pass rush normally isn’t that good
but they seem to get some pressure against this Houston team at Laramie Tunstall just
keeps getting false starts leading the league in false starts oh and Texans are 5 and 3.
Kind of an interesting team and the AFC South. The bottom of the barrel right now is the
titans of foreign for every team in the AFC South is above 500. So they’re all they’re
all like no one’s great but they’re all pretty solid.
Interesting division Yeah I just I can’t. The Raiders my I’m going to say some controversial
show go for the Raiders might not be horrible Yeah.
They’re frisky there. It is a dog. I think they’re starting to be half competent
occasionally on defense and it’s still Derek Carr though it’s still Derek Carr.
I just you know as I played this this is the spot. This is the classic like just below
Brian’s a fucking idiot game. And yeah Raiders played hard to get our shit
on now. Raiders played hard. Kudos to them. New England twenty seven Cleveland Browns
13 pats. Another cover at the 13 and a half mark three back to back turnovers against
the Browns. You knew they were cook then the back door interestingly seemed like a possibility
but then Freddie kitchens did the smart thing kick the field goal late when they were down
twenty seven ten don’t want to get that momentum touchdown you want to knock it down to two
store two scores and I’ll say this because no one has talked about it and it’s completely
swept under the rug but the Cleveland kicker had one of the great all time onside kicks
it was not recovered but I don’t know it was his style I thought it was going to get there
I would definitely if I was a special teams coach I would look to that style of kick he
did a drop kick and he’s a punter and he just kind of basically bounce it off the ground
and just like when I was a half inch off kicked it very low hard to handle and that’s the
kind of onside kick you want Baker Mayfield kind of collapsing yelling at reporters going
on tweet storms emotional dude I’m most proud about this prediction we were so on point.
Freddie kitchens I had Beckham as my seventh best receiver we openly were shitting on the
fact that they were getting a win total of nine I offered the entire world yeah oh yeah
well future Freddie kitchen isn’t he’s lost control Odell Beckham is giving another man
a pair of shoes that was so hilarious the shot if I ever try to give you a pair of shoes
is the goat hair shoes and you get to see Sharon Shannon at Shannon Sharpe shared no
that’s like a tongue twister Shannon Sharpe shared yo yo yo dope he shared a photo of
like bakers like face when he’s looking at Odell and Odell is dying to give that gift
to and I mentioned in the preview I guess he’s already I got my gift I got my housewarming
gift I can’t wait to see Tom’s the look on Tom’s face when he unwraps those goat hair
cleats Tom’s on to Baltimore that’s what you should be caring about the next game you fucking
loser back home. Packers 31 chiefs 24 I had the Chiefs you
had the Packers interesting game I was raw I was right about Matt Moore and Andy Reid
being able to scheme up some plays for them and you know they’ve being able to move the
ball I thought the defense could give them a decent effort but just mad that Casey defense
is just so bad and kudos I mean I don’t mean to trigger anyone know the guy said he wasn’t
training but Aaron Rodgers had some awesome throws right and that really kind of was the
difference like that touchdown pass to I think it was Aaron Jones Jamal Williams in the back
of the end zone like that was just insane throw you know he’s such a bad man his family
doesn’t even talk to him he’s a bad boy plays by his own rules completely ostracized by
his family but partakes in random guys he meets at the gym for a I’m just talking about
his roommate situation again if I was an NFL player I would not have a roommate but hey
that’s just me I’m old fashioned Pittsburgh twenty seven Miami fourteen wow we were both
on the Steelers just because Miami was in the crawl space right.
But. Are we taking three covers in a row. Miami has crawled its way out of the crawl
time out maybe not even in time now did they’re they’re home free once they got that sweet
sweet Fitz magic it really is the key Josh Rosen Yes Josh Rosen was in on the tank job
he was selling the subprime mortgages whatever they needed to get done to destroy this football
team. Brian Fitz magic guy has no quit in him no no quit I love him love him fucking
Did you know show went to Harvard Yeah he does have a lot of yeah probably explains
the essay TS Do people on his team. He’s probably over under number of players who took the
S.A.T. is on that Dolphins team. Mm hmm. So you gotta take your right now. I mean you
have to have a test in your knee right. Oh yeah. Why do we do that over under people
who took actually took the S.A.T. on that Miami Dolphins team you have Fitz magic again
and this is a shooting on the dolphins for being incredibly stupid it’s just the reality
of NFL players. I’d say 50 percent right. Oh man. No way no way. Not a chance right.
All right. Well let’s see what else we owe before we before we get to the man escaped
Reid and then moving on to the week 9 picks Ryan hooker. We missed some of the Green Bay
Kansas City game because we. Owe double dates went out to the lovely Pacific
dining car. Los Angeles awesome spot great for a steak open 24/7 which is a rare home
in Los Angeles. Almost like you’re plugging. I wish. I mean I wish I was getting something
out of that Pacific dining kind of a novelty right.
Well it’s it’s a novelty with with good actually. It’s a it’s a unique L.A. spot. If you’re
coming to L.A. from out of town I would definitely check out specific dining car. It’s had some
nice steaks there or I did. Right. It had the risotto but a. Plant based diet. OK. OK.
Joe Rogan we. And then the plan was we went to this this
haunted house for adults and it was like half because you know Sean and I love.
Yes. We were. You’re all you’re all jacked up off Halloween. Well like look we love.
We love doing activities and hanging out. Now your lady friend suggested it seemed like
a fun night. She she’s really into Halloween. So yeah it’s a it’s a little you know it’s
a lot to deal with this time of year. We have not in the green household we have not done
anything for how long I’m going to get a last second bag candy in case we get trick or treaters.
Nice our neighbors next to us had a pumpkin sitting out for the entire year. They eventually
eventually he added more pumpkins but it was hilarious just watching it because I I I just
completely tuned it out. But every day I walk by that house like walking my dogs and in
like August I realized they had a pumpkin and I said to my wife I’m like oh they get
an early on for Halloween and she’s like No it’s been there the entire year.
Apparently you just let pumpkins. That’s the lack of whether it’s alive its own. It’s all
kind of big. So we get to the we’ll get to the haunted house which is just a neighborhood.
Yeah. Like man I would have been pissed off if I lived around that thing. Oh yeah. Lot
of foot traffic. What I would try to describe it it’s this giant mansion with like half
hearted stuff like little different side rooms where you go for different shows are you gonna
do like a little haunted scavenger hunt and then you get like a punch card and you get
all these different cocktail and a lot of outs lot of ends.
But when we’re out checking in there is this warning sign right. And this warning sign
Shawn it talks about strobe lights and you having seizures and normal shit right. I don’t.
Know. Perfect time for the music Ryan Mack. Oh take us through the experience of the haunted
house. I’m so I’m reading this. I’m reading this
sign and I see some get down to the bottom and it says. It says nudity.
And I’m at this point I’m convinced that they would never just warn us about some boobs.
Yeah. We had that conversation we were going back
and forth but we go out. No one’s no one’s spooked by booze. It has to be something else.
Yeah. I mean it was 100 percent. I was convinced
we were going to see a dick. Yeah. Even before we got there I was convinced we were going
to show up in a room where there was gonna be like people wearing masks and just dongs.
So I don’t know why. And again maybe your dong da is much stronger than mine because
Shawn I said when I say the haunted house that a guy’s dick was like the last thing
that ever occurred to me. Well it’s Hollywood. And I of course John
I lived in West Hollywood for a number of years so I knew this was always on the table.
Yeah. So yeah we we go round we do this scavenger hunt where it’s I don’t know. Well how would
you describe it like going to a museum if everyone was kind of getting scared together.
It kind of felt like a frat party. Yeah. But they made their own spooky stuff and they
did a little bit of production. Bunch of jungle juice punk a bunch of jungle
juice. And so we get through the first step we solve the puzzle. How do we achieve success.
We go down we go get some more drinks. And I think we go outside really Okay let’s
do the next step or we get well let’s get a drink and get in line for the next step
and it’s this it’s labeled ritual the ritual though ritual. Yes. Oh great. This is going
to be OK we’re going to go into some dark room. There’s gonna be some like crazy. Mind
you we’re in Los Angeles so these are like actors. Yeah. These are actors this is our
big break. This is a thing. Well and there was not to get too off the
beaten path there but a pun intended. There was this old guy outside that had no
shirt on and it was actually kind of cold for certainly for L.A. and his shirt off like
crazy like a picture like Bernie Sanders meets Gollum. He’s the sidekick for the evil villain.
Yeah but he’s just there and he’s just like having weird conversations with people on
line and I just kept joking that he wasn’t with the production because he I mean there
was a lot of homeless people in the area. So the idea that a homeless guy can wander
in and just start talking to people I mean it’s not out of the car after we talk to him
and he pretended to have an imaginary friend. Yeah. Still unclear if he was part of the
production. So to your point very very unique experience that we’re in line for the ritual.
Yeah. We’re in line for the ritual and I think what they they group us up they walk us down
some stairs and holy shit. Dude’s got a cape on. Dude’s got some sort of cape robe on and
he’s he’s putting ashes on the ground and then it’s time for the fucking strobe light.
And of course you know what. You know the strobe light turns on in my household.
The first thing I think about is like let’s get let’s cock let’s take out the deck so
of course at this point. Well and leading up to it Ryan just kept going. This is where
we’re going to see the deck. This is where we’re going to see the deck. And then I also
want to just say to you I’m like Dude why do you keep. We’re not going to see a deck
like it’s kind of weird but then I’m remembering the nudity warning and then we’re in this
just random basement mansion and the strobe lights flickering on and off and the guy just
rips his clothes off and he’s like completely painted.
And yeah we just just my wife burst out laughing. I started laughing. No one else is laughing
because they weren’t predicting a dick and Ryan just. Lead pipe lock. Calling this guy’s
dick a mile away. Felt a lot like the Rams plus 360 or the Bucs
plus 360 in Los Angeles. Yeah. So I mean to complete this story you know the ritual happens
there. There is a naked woman demon or whatever but at the end of the day again naked woman
cool. She could have been wearing some clothes. All right great. Do I.
I’m not going to say no to seeing some titties. Of course not. But if that means I’m also
going out to see a guy dance around like it wasn’t like he was sideways or trying to hide
it. He was looking us in the eyes and not me doing his acting. And there’s it’s just
it was it didn’t it didn’t enhance the situation. It just made it about the deck the dicks the
whole show. Well I don’t know if I would have been so
focused on it had you not been predicting it the entire night. Well why else would they
warn you of nudity Sean. Why else. Perfect transition Ryan. To our live read.
That’s right. Man skate we were hanging out in a haunted house. And you know what. I couldn’t
help but notice the guy involved in the ritual completely clean down there completely man
escaped if you will. Hopefully he went to man skate. Dash cam use that promo code as
sheep he got 20 percent off and free shipping. But he I mean it was pretty clear that guy
had more than 20 percent off he had it all off he had 100 percent off. Man escaped. They
don’t got that going for our listeners but 20 percent off. It’s a good entry point. Again
there’s a lot of accoutrements associated with the man escaping products. They have
like a ball sack. TONER I shit you not. Know it comes in a nice kid. Ryan there is is holding
the kid. Now you’re watching on YouTube dot com site sports gaming podcast nice little
travel sack. It’s pretty nice. Again pun intended there. Yeah it is. It’s classy. And again
the nice little a nice little travel bag very easy. Can I think even the USB charger. Oh
very nice. USP charger. Exactly. Got this guard here.
Me guard. Yeah. If you don’t want to go. Like the guy in the haunted house. You don’t want
to completely go clean surface. You want to if you don’t want to have a ritual. Yeah.
Yeah you do like a fade like number two on the side or three on top blended in whatever
you want to do. Pants Gabe has you covered and Ryan even going to demonstrate the lawnmower
to bed. I know it’s so easy so easy. Even it’s Sean fired up Ryan. Well let’s actually
hear it. He can’t hear it it’s so quiet it’s whisper quiet. Ryan is taking care you know.
That means the no one will hear you doing. Yeah. That’s the other thing. You got a loved
one. Whatever your situation is you want to tighten it up. Can a quick you get rid of
that five o’clock shadow. You don’t want to hear. So I’m just laughing. I’ve got my camera
bare pubes on my knee. Yeah. Ryan flowing out of the hair from the lawnmower to point
out. But again you don’t wanna make a lot of noise a lot of ruckus draw attention to
the fact. But again man scape dash cam promo code SGP 20 percent off and free shipping.
All right. Lot of ground we covered in the middle there.
Let’s get to it with some week 9 picks. Wow Shawn that was that was an exciting week
of games. This one is going to top that by weeks to start Atlanta. They can’t lose this
week sucks. We can’t lock them up. We can’t fail him since he also on a bye Rams and the
Saints. So bit of a you know we got that we were down
to 14 games again Thursday night this week we got the San Francisco 49ers heading to
Arizona where that this is a giant number 10 and a half more than Niners minus five
thirty on the money line Arizona plus three seventy five forty three is the total who
said a lot of words there Sean added a column to the old sheet with the look ahead.
I was shocked to see this look ahead moved from six ahead. Six and a half to ten and
a half. That’s a lot of movement right. That is a lot. Is this the reckoning now.
We believe we believe this is a good team. Do we believe it’s a good team.
Yeah we believe in Jimmy G yet. I don’t know. Again I’m in a way to fade the 49ers until
the playoffs but I think right now you got to be crazy to pick the Cardinals even with
10 and a half. San Francisco is a very physical team a dominating defense. There’s a horrible
matchup for the Cardinals this is this is very similar to the I mean you just saw what
the Saints did to them right. And I mean look at the look at the defensive
line and the 49ers they’re going to destroy them. I just feel like that could be what
happens. You know the square sharp angle is like wow there’s all these free points. We
just saw San Francisco in a blowout win. Is that where sharp to take the Cardinals.
I would think so yeah. You know I don’t I don’t picture actual Shabazz being that naive
to back this Cardinals team even at home. Kyla Murray is going to get destroyed by both.
I mean that’s just what’s going to happen. Cardinals have shockingly 1 9 in the last
10 meetings kind of a weird stat there. That is weird and the cardinals have done well
as you know home dogs. Thirty six and twenty one eight yes since 2007 but doesn’t weird
should happen on the short week. I mean San Francisco both teams are banged
up I mean there’s no way am I over. You see you’re telling me if I’m if I’m looking at
a side that’s getting less than 15 percent of the action I’m being square Sharp.
No I mean I guess in my head I would think more people would talk themselves into the
into the Cardinals people in like the gambling Twitter will say like well there’s there’s
four free points I’ll give you 10 14 free points with this Cardinals team they’re just
not getting it done against the San Francisco there’s so much the San Francisco team is
very just very disciplined their confidence is sky high they’re able to run the ball none
of that stuff it matches up well with the cardinals or for the Cardinals and yet it’s
a Thursday night game where we’re getting 10 and half points at home they’ve had they’ve
played what 1 2 good games at home when they beat the Falcons and tied the Lions I’m kind
of with you mate maybe you just maybe you just get out of the way don’t overthink it.
I already I got San Francisco into my book he’s super contests at minus 10 so already
like that and I just I’m going to take the Cardinals now I can’t I have to.
It’s just too many points. I’m sticking to my too many points for Jimmy G.
Even though his defense has been very very I don’t I think there’s a there’s a decent
chance they get shut out. Wouldn’t be suppressed. I think they’re whatever their team total
is. I would I wouldn’t be scared to take them under 10 points.
I just I’m going to I’m going to fade a four point adjustment because of one game one blowout.
Shawn not only do we get a great Thursday night game this week but we get another treat
here on the west coast where we get to set our alarms and watch football at six thirty
in the morning before the sun comes up. Houston minus two in Wembley Stadium against the home
Jacksonville Jaguars 1 0 5 on the money line for the Jags.
Houston minus one twenty five forty six and a half is the total.
Why why are the Jags not getting home field respect here. I’m joking.
The Jags I’m half joking here but I’m not really Bill O’Brien on a road trip.
Really. Yeah I mean this is old hat for the Jags right.
So those two factors right there. Give me the eggs Bill O’Brien’s not going to have
this T has Bill O’Brien ever been the one and I don’t know.
I don’t have his passport book in front of me but I don’t know if he has.
I’m going to ask Google this. This kind of seems to play into the Jags hand
if you remember that Jags Texans game the Jags were able to pressure to Sean Watson.
I think what they only had 13 points at first matchup JJ Watt out for the season. Texans
have had they’ve kind of dominated the historically the matchup but it’s a good Jags revenge game
and I think the sloppy field conditions that could be let’s go. This seems like a game
where Fournette kind of has goes off right. JJ What’s out yet.
I mean I went out again. I think Oakland might be a decent team and
I think they might have a decent offense. I think they’re in the top 10. VOA on offense
but it did seem like this Houston defense had some flaws and I think when you you know
say what you will but foes is foes can get activated after this game.
That’s got to be mentioned said. Maybe he over thinks it. Maybe that’s a negative. I’ll
take it as a positive. This guy strikes me as the kind of guy when when the pressure
mounts he gets better. Yeah and I think Fournette has the opportunity but also Shawn would it
blow your mind if I told you D.J. shark is leading the NFL in touchdown catches. Really.
This is like with six. What the fuck.
This is a legit team with some play. I mean it’s not DeeDee Westbrook who everyone thought
it was gonna be It’s D.J. Sharky and they have a number of receivers Connolly another
one who has been flashing scoring touchdowns. I love you. They got out of it. I was half
kidding. But why is Jacksonville not getting respect as being the home team here. They’ve
actually done it before. Yeah and they’re experienced playing overseas
or you know in this Wembley Stadium and it does seem like they actually of all these
teams they seem to have a bit of a fan base over there.
Well I think when you play over and over but also just knowing how to do the trip. If I
had to guess Bill O’Brien not doing the travel right. Probably getting over there right.
Yeah they’re going Thursday again is is a bad move. They go with our guys like routines.
We’ll send them over early to get used to living in London routines are fine.
That’s a long flight. Houston’s in the middle of the country. Yeah like they’re adding out.
It makes no sense. WASHINGTON coming off the long rest of Thursday night football they
head to Buffalo where the bills are a nine and a half point favorite minus for forty
on the MONEYLINE Redskins plus three fifty thirty six and a half very low total minus
ten was the look ahead. So slight adjustment here. Sean I like how you just slotted in
the pick for me. Yeah but you know where I’m going here. Josh Allen cannot be laying these
points right now. No he can’t. I’m not. I don’t even know if I care because Callahan
one way or another of Haskins is in there. Guess what they’re running the ball.
Yeah well I’m a little scared. If Haskins is in there because the turnover potential
but if Keenum is there and it sounds like. He’s going to be lock it up and at UNC and
we asked for some listeners quiet listener question.
Uncle wrote in Bill’s in Survivor against the skins. No no bad spot. Do you use what
I mean that Bill’s team severely flawed. They’re rushing defense has been exposed you know
recap an Eagles game two hundred eighteen yards. That’s a lot. And this watching Redskins
seen their coach by an offensive lineman or a o line coach they’re gonna want to pound
the rock. You stole one of my points Sean twenty eighth
rush rush DVLA defense twenty eighth. Now granted they have a good pass defense but
that’s not good and this is gonna be a team that’s gonna want to run the clock. Yeah slow
the game down. And Josh Allen guess what. Guess what guys came metric undefeated and
still is any super turnover. Yeah. Wow. Not much to say in this game honestly.
Again still blown away that Washington’s defense is the cheapest in TFSA this week.
Yeah we hit on an on the DFS podcast. What this bill seemed to make the ball over.
It doesn’t make sense at all. Yeah I just. I think the Eagles showed it
and the Eagles are there below average running the ball this year.
They’re not a good running team and they exploit them so I like it and I like Washington coming
off the long rush on teams coming off Thursday night are now nine and five straight up nine
and 5 against the spread. So solid trend pretty pretty strong there.
Next up Tennessee heads the Carolina where Carolina was four and a half on the look ahead.
It’s now three and a half minus one 90 on the money line. Tennessee plus one sixty five
forty one and a half is the total. Well I’ll tell you one thing the Titans aren’t
doing titans aren’t winning three games in a row. So give me the Panthers coming off
that thumping. Yeah. They get focused. This is a serious bounceback far for the time.
Will the Panthers is Cam Newton finished with his transition. Will he be playing.
He’s. No he’s still in his role as backup quarterback.
Kyle Allen kind of struggled which means bring in Will career baby come on.
Well A.J. Dori Jackson he’s out for the Titans. I think that could be could be a bit of a
dish to Tennessee dealing with some offensive line injuries. Carolina though on the other
side of the ball they’re getting Greg Little back. Mm hmm. I think it’s just they figure
out how to give him McCaffrey going again. I think they had a formula that was kind of
working for them as far as moving the ball taking care of business non conference road
game for the Titans coming off a win just a bad situation tant road Tannehill against
a decent team. Lot of scenarios that you’d like to take the Panthers here saw.
All right the Panthers as well the spreads should be. Yeah. I think we everyone has got
some shit on their eyes because of that horrible game that Carolina played last week. And I’m
for the same reason I like the closure I especially even though they’re not underdogs here. I
like them in this spot. Lay the three and a half points here Sean. Not surprisingly
more money on Carolina. Yeah. But Tennessee can’t win another game right now. Three in
a row seems crazy for them huh. Chicago heads to Philadelphia where your Eagles
Shawn three and a half on the look ahead. It’s now five minus one.
Why does 230 Ira in Chicago plus two hundred forty two is the total where are you going
John. In the game where do you think Ryan.
I’m going to the Phil Adelphia eagles. I think a big reason that they’re gonna win this game
and cover to get a lot of guys back from injury right to Shawn Jackson of Auntie Maddox Timmy
Jernigan all practiced. Sounds like they’re all going to go. The Eagles defensive line
kind of coming alive. You saw that with Fletcher Cox’s first strip sack of the season against
the Josh Allen. And yeah I think this team kind of got a little
bit of their mojo back and I think it’s a good spot. The bears that has to be beating
the Chargers is necessarily a dream but that’s got to be a pretty deflating loss at home.
Now you go on the road you have to announce that.
You know Mitch is starting again at quarterback in Chicago. Quietly there. Their ability to
stop the run post Akeem Hicks and this is courtesy of our good pals over Walter football
and post Akeem Hicks. That bears run defense. Not quite the same. You saw what Latvia’s
Murray did. I think Jordan Howard in a revenge game nice bounceback opportunity good opportunity
and a DFS as well. And DeShawn Jackson. He’s scheduled to be out there. I think that just
opens up the offense so much on the other side of the ball. Maybe you know Robinson
gets a double move on one of the cornerbacks the Eagles but I I’m saying that’s certainly
a possibility. I mean I just minimize it. I just don’t see
Mitch coming in and just bawling out the guy. I mean if you I was watching the press conference
with Mitch Biscay and he was he said his coach told him to go watch the game film gave him
some advice. And he goes I was watching the game film and I didn’t think that was me out
there. It didn’t seem like me out there. So Mitch Stravinsky’s having an outer body of
experience and this is the Halloween episode. But Sam Donald’s seeing goes your business
is a bad experience. Yeah. You got a phantom here is a little inflated off that three probably
but there’s five a key number now should it be three and a half. Probably but I’ll take
equals minus five. You know what I’ll take Eagles my minus one
because Mr. Brooks tribute Mickey fucking sucks and the Eagles appear to be stopping
the run. Yeah. I would argue that the bills are very similar team to the Bears and they
clog up the run and force the quarterback to beat you. I don’t I’m just never in my
life going to bet on Mitchell true Biscay to beat me. Would I rather be laying three
and a half than five. To your point yeah. But it wasn’t not enough to scare me off this
one. Give me the Eagles Sean this has lost potential.
Wow. I might not let you stop me this time. Okay. The only thing that concerns me here
is that the Eagles also unclear if they are good off. And they could really drag their
ninth in points per game. But I know what you mean. They have moments
where they’ve really looked out of sorts. I’d say the two quarterbacks who clearly do
just look have moments where they look really bad or Tom Brady and Carson wins this year.
Carson Wentz has moments where he looks great but then he has throws it. I know you don’t
like it when I say this show but it reminds me a lot of watching Donna Donovan McNabb
grants and more of his throws were bad when it’s just urine so it’s just way you’re here
early. Hold on hold on one game. I’m not saying he’s
having bad games. I’m saying there are moments in games where
he just makes horrendous throws and it’s not it’s not something I saw last year. So now
you’re you’re way off OK on a lot of levels because he was probably less accurate last
year. So if you’re saying you didn’t see that last
year I’ve seen an atrocious game play from Carson once this year.
That’s what scares me. I’m laying the fucking point.
There is no trigger statistics that could. Well I’m just saying if you’re ever going
to make up stuff that’s fine. I’m not saying the games you’re getting so
defensive. Which tells me I must be right. No I think I think there’s a lot of fair critiques
of Carson Wentz but that to say that he’s atrocious at times I think is not he’s had
fair criticism. What I’m saying is that he’s supposed to be
here and you can’t see this if you’re just listening but I’m saying he’s supposed to
be here. He’s he’s having a lot of moments where he’s
down real low. That’s all I’m saying. That’s what I’m gonna do. All I was saying
a lot of moments where he’s atrocious. That means he’s horrible. No I’m saying he’s having
moments where you’re just like What the fuck was that.
And that’s what’s scaring me off or that’s what would scare me off betting the fire.
But like I said Did you not hear me when I said this as lost potential I did.
I was I’m just purely saying that for a team the Bears who have a decent defense. I’m not
sure I’m more in a weird way I’m more I’m more certain on what I’m going to get from
the defense. I think that the defense is going to stop
the run. I think they’re going to give up some plays
in the passing game which makes me nervous when I’m not sure of the Eagles offense is
gonna be able to consistently move the ball. Moving on Vikings coming off Thursday night
football they head to Kansas City Sean I don’t see this up over there at the. My bookie my
homes I guess could play maybe he doesn’t. He’s not playing I mean do you know that.
Yeah confirm breaking. Patrick Mahoney’s will not play according
my sources that they’re they’re just kind of bluffing the Vikings into preparing for
that interesting game because I I think I’m going Vikings here. I like the Vikings giving
that extra rest. I think whatever juiced the Chiefs got from that first Matt Moore game
not going to be here for a second Matt Moore game but really I just I don’t see the Chiefs
defense being able to stop Minnesota in any sort of way. DAVID COOK Yeah going to run
all over this team I think Diggs could have a couple deep shots.
How is Kansas City’s defense going to stop Minnesota regardless of what goes on the other
side of the ball. What time’s this game being played. 10 a.m.
was perfect perfect time to back Kirk Cousins especially as the defense that’s this bad.
I’m not sure what why. Why is Kansas City favorite Yeah.
I mean especially if Moore is starting I think it’s gonna be it’s gonna close like Minnesota
minus 1 Minnesota minus 2. This line assumes more starting this will
be bigger if more homes are starting. I would think so. Yeah I guess. Green Bay was laying
for in Green Bay and Minnesota. Aren’t that far off on a neutral site. Yeah it’s confusing.
It was prime time though. Anyway I’m kind of with you.
I think this might be one of those instances of taking the two and a half. Granted this
is the we’re using the Westgate line that they had to drop Wednesday night for their
super contest. Unclear what this will surface at. In the wild three and so Sean this might.
This tells me they think more Holmes is playing the West Gate at least because the look ahead
was Minnesota minus three and a half. And if that’s the line with Matt Moore.
So if you think if my Holmes is playing are you taking Minnesota plus two and a half man
that’s tough. Yeah I think I’m just locked in Minnesota. Whatever side it is because
I just don’t think Kansas City’s defense can slow them down. So that’s kind of where I’m
at. So does Kansas City need to rush him back
for this game. And maybe they do. Maybe they do end up playing
him. I don’t think they’re gonna ultimately play.
Do they need a Russian back. No I don’t think they do. The AFC is what does it for five
teams. About 500 it’s not. I don’t feel like there’s a lot of competition that they have.
You know they have a game and a half lead on the 3 and 4 8 or so yeah I like Minnesota
here but I do think Minnesota will be favorite if Matt Moore is going to be the starter.
Yeah I do too. So that that’s why I don’t really understand this line. They think Bill
Holmes is playing it must be Jets head to Miami coming off one or they they will. That
could just be the line they put out for the contest kind of splitting the difference.
Maybe I do see uh I do see that there is a two and a half potentially in the wild. I
thing it must not be a number it’s the only place out there.
Jets head to Miami coming off Monday night football where the dolphins they cover John
for the magic. He knows how to do it. Plus 140 on the MONEYLINE jets minus three
and a half minus 160 on the MONEYLINE forty one is the total.
There’s another game I feel like in the NFL. It’s rare to see these kind of adjustments.
I look at headlines this late in the season but this this was jets six and a half which.
That seems crazy. That’s insane. It’s now three and a half. Let me ask you
this show. Why are the jets Yeah. What I’ve seen about I mean greatly they beat
the Cowboys which was fun but I mean people off the scent me Miami kind of shown some
rare flashes of competency. The Jets offensive line is super banged up
locker room is probably not super happy locker room and turmoil Jamal Adams compared himself
to Tom Brady saying that he should like you can’t even discuss trading him. Fitz magic
man he’s alive and well. That guy is just whoever it doesn’t matter. Throw him out there.
I think Mark Walton look for Martin Walton. Interesting that DFS play for the old Walton
boy. And yeah I’m wrong with the fins fins up man have we ever had a road favorite.
This is not good. We’re agreeing way too much because yeah I know the Dolphins are tanking
but they’re not going over right. This is the win.
Yeah I mean it seems as though a couple of your best like the coach is coming after the
middle linebacker for being hurt. They’re trying to stray to safety they’re trying to
trade love on. Yeah there is a whole host of things he doesn’t
believe the guy’s shoulder is injured so he’s suing the team.
The coach is a psychopath. The quarterback is. How would you describe describe Donald
at this point. I think he’s underdeveloped. I think that’s
a fair way to describe zero redrafting today. Or is Baker Mayfield still the one pick who
would be then one Panama Jackson right. Maybe but I mean Allen again if you put Sam
Darnell in Baltimore I think the results are very different.
I think it’s fair to say St. Arnold’s had a horrible situation. Yeah yeah and you know
I think Cleveland’s situation is better. They’re certainly way more talent Baker Mayfield
sucks. That’s what we’re learning here. You’ll be out of the league in three years.
I think Sam Arnold is still savable not Adam Gase but you bring in someone and it’s tough
to compare but like imagine imagine if the Chiefs somehow drafted Sam Darnell. No you
don’t think we would see a competent Sam Donald like that guy. At least I’ve seen moments
where you’re like OK I get it. And Baker had it too for a little bit last year.
You are a maniac. If you’re betting on the Jets. You’re right.
I mean again I probably I’m going against my own words here fading this recency with
the look a headline disparity but well Sam Donald and maybe this is a similar situation
to when we talked ourselves into batting the skins minus three and a half in Miami.
You know not too long ago. Yeah. Doesn’t that seem like a similar situation.
I think it’s a better situation because the Jets.
I just I could see yes I see many situations where they’re not trying hard they’re not.
Not to mention Sean. Dolphins have lost 10 straight to the Jets. Yeah they’re down man.
Andy heads the pits are deep. Who’s also coming off Monday night football.
This look ahead was one and a half. The spread is one and a half minus 120 on the MONEYLINE
Steelers plus one hundred at forty two and a half is the total seat.
I appreciate the Steelers team Mason Rudolph. That’s all that’s great but isn’t now this
becoming where it’s a little bit disrespectful because the Colts are a real team competing
for the playoffs and the Steelers are a team with a backup quarterback right backup quarterback
but the backup quarterbacks have been foreign won ATX so that’s they’ve kind of held this
ship down to a certain degree and I guess the one non cover was last week against the
court against the Dolphins. But the thing with the Steelers is very good defense right.
With the exception of kind of how the Miami game started a lot of that was the turnovers
by Hodges but I think that’s why I like the Colts.
I think they can figure out Hodges you know why.
I know the Steelers defense has been pretty solid but I don’t know man. I mean this is
almost a pick them. Don’t you just pick the better team here it is Indy going to be so
out of sorts against this Pittsburgh team. I mean you’re talking about Mason Rudolph
right. Yeah okay. I think the that this is a situation spot
you would you would look to the fact that it’s an indoor team going to Pittsburgh the
long grass the outdoors I believe they’ve lost nine out of 10 in Pittsburgh you also
have a situation where although 75 percent of the tickets are on the Colts only half
the money so that that’s one of those areas where I am.
Pittsburgh playing well at home this is a very important game to them and maybe that’s
the biggest piece of this narrative. The Steelers are not. I mean if Google look at the AFC
standings right now. Yeah they are not out of it now especially if the ravens lose to
New England this week when but they’re in the wildcard Yeah. No I mean eight eight nine
and seven could definitely make it Holts are coming off a big divisional game I’m uh I’m
going to take the home dog yeah I’m taking both the teams coming off when I get a ball
I’m know if I like that but because I can’t imagine they’re both gonna get it done but
it does feel like the Colts are coming off that that uh that big actually who do the
Colts have last week it was my note incorrect there. Now they had. They the Raiders. Yeah.
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right. Be the bookie ace per head dot com slash s GP.
Just to be clear you took Colts I took Steelers right. Yes. Cool moving on to the afternoon
games four or five on the East Coast. For those who don’t like when I say 1 0 5
on the West Coast the lions head to Oakland where the rate of the Lions were one point
favorite on the look ahead. Oakland is now a two point favorite minus one twenty five
on the money line lions plus 1 0 5 fifty and a half is total they use some dude named Trey
Carsons to run the ball. What the fuck was that Detroit’s a good team
right. Yeah they let the back door open against the Giants but like you said they they.
There was never a doubt there and unless we think that Oakland is a real team we gotta
get our shit on now. Stafford beats bad teams Yeah but I don’t
I don’t know if this Raiders team is that bad. I think they’re quietly a little bit
frisky Waller having a great season forty six catches four hundred ninety six yards
three touchdowns the Raiders offensive line a little banged up and in Detroit I guess
you could say they shut down say Quinn Barkley only sixty four rushing yards he did all right
through the air Yeah Josh Jacobs I think might be able to do something at home I kind of
like the Raiders here I think this is the time I haven’t got a good handle on this Raiders
team all season but I think this is the time to bet on the Raiders there’s a lot of a know
there’s a lot of turmoil in Detroit but yeah I’m going to take to Oakland here less than
a field goal that’s flying out to Oakland I think I think Patricia and Jon Gruden are
both kind of like coaching from the same book right but maybe Jon Gruden is like a John
grins like a slightly more experienced and slightly smarter Matt Patricia and I mean
that as the insult it is so give me the Raiders though minus two I got to win one of these
raiders picks Yeah they got their own special buffs I know what you’re talking about.
Yeah I’m going I’m going to take the lions I do think I think that I said it before the
year I thought this Detroit team would be scrappy they’d win some games and granted
this is a non conference road spot but this game.
The Raiders are in it this is a I feel like this is maybe you know some other teams this
season is on the brink but 3 3 and 1 in the NFC this is a must win game I think Oakland
gets up for this game battle between two two awesome cities Detroit and Oakland.
Tampa Bay heads to Seattle where Seattle is a six and a half point favorite minus 250
on the MONEYLINE Tampa Bay plus to ten. Fifty one is the total he told me last week
Sean you just can’t bet on Tampa Bay retail you give me the Tampa Bay box all day this
I think I forget what his Twitter handle was like gangrene something or whatever he tweeted
the great stat the the Seahawks 0 1 4 8 Yes at home their average margin is negative four
and a half points per game two home wins one of which was just a one point win over the
Bengals the Seahawks team is quietly just not been that good at home they used to be
dominant at home they they lost to the saints you know they had that one point win over
the Rams but I mean do they look great doing that now. That game was a Thursday night or
they got worked by the Ravens and they’re passing defense is really bad it’s just bad
I mean match job four hundred sixty seven yards and I know passing yards is a trash
stat but there’s gonna be something in there right like something just not right about
this the secondary and Arians clearly just has James Winston’s back you’ve got the dueling
Godwin Evans games that are just going off I think Godwin’s going to be the guy who has
the giant game this week and last time the Bucs played on the on the West Coast big upset
win against the Rams possibly a similar situation here in Seattle I mean James.
So here’s the thing right because they probably still have a three and a half point home edge.
So on a neutral site. What do you make this are you really still making Seattle a three
and a three point favorite. Neutral. It’s interesting. I just think also
there’s to me it’s less about that. It’s just like a passing defense is just so bad and
the Bucs really can throw it it’s I mean it comes down to will he throw it to the right
team. Well I think and at six and a half what I
like a seven. Am I going to be able to get a seven. I don’t
think so. I think this. It did. It did move from six to six and a half in
the last couple hours so maybe a seventh. Not that far out.
I think it’s going to go back down. I’m seeing if I look out in the wild I’m seeing a while
it opened at five and a half. It has come up I think it’s going to come back down. I
think people are going to see what you’re seeing now.
Granted Seattle the offense is the only truly elite unit on the field but we’ve seen the
Seattle team repeatedly. Big numbers aren’t something they’re interested in covering this
year last week. Great example of that. Meanwhile Tampa Bay they’re not quitting until the very
end. And if Jameis can just not turn it over which
maybe that’s the foolish thing here is we’re gonna we’re gonna go back to that well we’re
gonna take the points with Tampa because if you evaluate these teams without the ridiculous
turnovers this should be a four point spread probably but the combination of records and
the fact that James can’t can’t seem to not throw the ball to the wrong team it could
be it could be a motivation thing for the Bucs too but I don’t know I don’t think they’re
going to have that problem like Aryans get these guys up for the Games bombs they’re
gonna rally behind their GM Oh yeah and if you saw that it was like over on all over
the Internet but the dirty sports guys revealed that this at GM is one for one like Twitter
handle that had just been like crazily pro Jameis Winston was like a burner account for
their general manager which is pretty pretty hilarious and it’s looking like just looking
at the money breakdown for this game Sean 40 60 split on the tickets 40 percent on Tampa
but 70 percent of the money on Tampa Mm hmm. That’s a pretty despair. Hell yeah some sharp
money is pretty good spread right there. Big tickets come on fellow fellow other big big
movers. It’s a fucking real me.
Why do it. Why do this to yourself why. Bet on James Woods High now go through that.
Well you teased Jameis Winston last week right. And you bet you bet him as well. Right.
I know I keep going to the well I’m not the one shamefully not going to that well I go
to that well and I’m going to continue to go to that well I have him in way too many
fantasy squads I’m way to invest in fucking Jameis Winston.
Shawn Cleveland heads the Denver where Denver is a three and a half point home dog. This
opened is a one point on the look at plus 150 for the Broncos on the MONEYLINE minus
one eighty five for the Browns. Thirty nine is the total I want no part of
the scam I want no part of this Cleveland team Are you kidding me. Mike Baker Mayfield
stomping off with his toys they suck. Freddy kitchen sucks. Yeah. Joe Flacco is not four
and a half points better than any quarterback on the planet period. They have a good running
game. They’re a defensive coach team. They’re going to pound the rock. They’re gonna play
a little bit of defense against the team that he’s ruffled.
Isn’t that what. Isn’t that what Cleveland can do. Because who’s who’s the best player
between these two offenses. It’s Nick Chubb right.
And it is yeah. Is it would you. I’m taking the Denver backfield Freeman and
Lindsay over. Can’t take two players over one over it over the backfield and I’m saying
I’ll take the Denver running game in this match.
I mean Nick Chip’s pretty good. But again they don’t seem to know how to use them. It’s
crazy because they have Landry and Beckham and they keep trying to run this high powered
passing offense and really they should simplify completely. You have chub be the focal point
through the offense let Baker do play action move the pocket for him let him create plays
outside of the pocket Vic Fangio starting to have it going there number three. Defense
DVLA. That’s true. And they they just played well defensively
and maybe uh maybe Brandon Allen is the Joe Flacco was not. Four and a half points better
than anyone. I’m always worried when I don’t know who the starting quarterback is. I have
to google him. We’ll challenge you to go to show Arkansas and you know Denver Post It’s
like so who is Brandon Allen. Like I’m always worried. I’m always worried about taking those
kind of quarterbacks. But you could say the same thing for who was Gardner Menchu.
Well until they come in and look good so yeah I’ll go Broncos with it three and a half.
But this is a this is perfect. Candi Knapp nap like I’ll miss like you know half of the
second quarter and a little bit in the third quarter of this game days enough it almost
90 percent error sorry 80 percent of the tickets on the Browns.
I just if you’re following the Browns how can you possibly want to play points with
them. Yeah. You know I’m in a tough road game. I don’t think so. I’m sorry. Next up Sean
the Green Bay Packers. They head to Los Angeles will surely be the home team in the what they
call the stadium now. And Dignity Health Sports Park baby. There
you go. Packers laying for minus 2 0 5 on the MONEYLINE
Chargers plus one seventy forty seven and a half is the total.
Oh poor poor chargers. All right. Wisdom hunt out yeah. Is that a good thing
is that a bad thing. Well I’m going to take it as a good thing
as a guy who has awesome heckler because I think that’s the guy that you need to run
the offense through right now until you can kind of figure things out. But I would say
a huge plus for the Chargers getting our boy back the BTC BS Russell Okun. He got the blood
clot sorted out and he was a huge difference and the reason why the Chargers won I think
is good felt the offensive line. It’s so tempting to take Chargers as the home dog here but
they’re just horrible. At home against the spread. Six and 13 eight. Yes. Since they
moved in that new stadium they just I’m not taking them at home. And you could say Oh
my God Sean all the publics on you know on the Green Bay Packers everyone their mom.
Well me and everyone’s mom is gonna win a ton of money in the Packers because there’s
no way the Chargers are winning and are covering this differently. Adams is getting back. It’s.
And I tweeted this out or mentioned it on the pod.
So weird to fire your offensive coordinator after a win on the road against a tough defense
a non conference road win against Chicago’s defense and you can say what you want about
Chicago’s defense but they won and then you get fired.
It’s it’s weird it’s it’s perfectly the Chargers driven to Adams this is going to be back it
seems like that’s huge. The Chargers just to have too many injury concerns. I want them
to involve cooler more and I think he could have some moments.
But yeah you’ve got to take the Packers here it’s it’s an awfully tough spot for this Chargers
defense to be in. And I think that’s maybe the big surprise
is that defense for the Chargers is not very good. Twenty seventh TV away shown they miss
Derwin James big time safeties. Can can really affect defenses. We’ve we’ve seen it with
Earl Thomas in Seattle and I think we’re seeing it here. You know that I mean it Green Bay.
It’s getting cold. People are gonna travel out to Los Angeles for this game. You nailed
the home team point. They don’t have a home game here. And the last thing is I just it
looks off right. Like mother they’re enforcing it with Melvin Gordon Keenan Allen there’s
been some chemistry problems there. I really like with his Packers team is doing
Sean and I don’t want to brag but I also went to the feud I went to future shop and a couple
of weekends when I was a little bit under the influence Packers I have them 10 to 1
to win the conference. OK. One to one to win the Super Bowl. All
right. That feels nice right now. I know with updated odds over my bookie you
know upsetting to the Bears fan Ryan. I know I could do that. I’m all in.
I’m all in on our boy Aaron Rodgers. I’m laying the points. Sunday Night Football.
Did you have any other points about the Green Bay Packers. No I nailed it.
Yeah the Patriots head to Baltimore who’s coming off both teams coming off the bye.
Get extra rest. With a night game. Baltimore coming off the by their host in
New England where there are four point home dog plus 160 on the MONEYLINE minus one 90
for the Patriots forty five and a half is the total.
Are you getting in the way of a few Mo. No I mean New England.
I’ve been throwing them in my eye. My book is super constants every week because they
just team just covers reds and you could say like oh Harbaugh has extra time to prepare
you know. Yeah.
So you think you think Bill Belichick was really thrown off by that week he put in preparing
for the vote of the Browns. I love I love Belichick. Under against the second year quarterback
like Lamar Jackson that the the the films the film on how to beat Lamar is kind of out
there. If you’re smart enough or if you’re playing him for the second time which I think
belt check is are they smart the Patriots. Yeah. New England’s offense has struggled
but I think they’re actually going to be OK against this Baltimore defense. They got some
new they were figuring out a way to get him involved. BRADY historically Sunday night
football a TSB 2011. I just like fading Lamar Jackson in a primetime
game here going up against this new england defense.
Who were the Patriots play that have a top running game. Steelers Week 1. No dolphins
Jets Bills. Roy Wilkins. Giants Jets no say Kwame Brown. Brown’s is part of the team right.
Yeah. How they do against the Browns. They cover thirteen and a half chub got loose.
Yeah chub chub had some success. I think this Baltimore team will have success running the
ball. I think this is very similar to when they play the Chiefs. I’m going to take the
dog here. Baltimore historically plays New England well they have.
They definitely have skill humor in their classes historically good defensive defense
that’s historically good hence the pass scoring more touchdowns than they’re allowing.
I don’t know I hear you about the one dimensional they can make Lamar one dimensional. They
also have you know I’m with you I have some belief that they can shut down the more but
I like that this is in Baltimore. I think Baltimore is a great team. In Baltimore I
think Harbaugh is a great coach offered by love that you’re on Baltimore here situationally.
This is a dream spot here because what we haven’t seen yet is we have not seen someone
take advantage of the fact that Tom Brady looks very mediocre. I think that happens
in this game. I think Dara I’m going to make a prediction Shawn. I don’t do a lot of these
injury predictions but I’m all I would be worried about Tom Brady if I Lowry Trent.
It’s a fucking real man. Earl Thomas. He hits hard. He hits her lower
extremity I’m calling. Monday you’re going gonna win by 14. Monday night football. The
Dallas Cowboys head to the big city to take on the New York Giants where the Dallas Cowboys
Cowboys own 1 and MetLife Stadium so far. Oh and one MetLife state. There are seven
points. There are seven point favorite minus three
thirty on the money line giants plus two seventy forty eight the total somehow.
The look ahead was seven and a half and it came when he came out at seven.
Why. Because they saw the back door that. Found against the Lions. I. I’m not going
to take the Cowboys as a road favorite here although I met the by Jason Garrett off the
by Zeke’s. That’s a negative right.
Zeke’s going to go off. Is he. Yeah. Why would he not. The Giants defense is really bad.
And the thing is you can’t even really. It’s tough to evaluate. Stop it. It’s the way it
really is tough to evaluate. Because he’s not a lot of the his playing time isn’t a
competitive game situations. Oh he we’re down like two or three scores. It’s really hard
to evaluate Rio. That being said I will take the Giants plus seven. No no. Maybe Leonard
Williams does something for him. I think as a Giants backer he leased the Jets. I like
that as a jet. I mean they probably overpaid but get the fuck out of here I do like. I
do like say Kwan’s matchup here. And how do you beat the.
How do you beat the Dallas Cowboys by. I mean Aaron Jones showed you right. Super. Like
an athletic running back like Aaron Jones getting sick Juan going in the passing game.
I am worried about the Giants offensive line Danny dimes the turnovers the turnover margin.
Again this feels like another backdoor opportunity prime time.
Maybe we don’t know what Danny dimes is like in prime time.
I get it. Yes but I’m. I’ll give you the. I’m just not gonna pick the Cowboys.
Yeah. Cowboys also get in two or three quarters
of the money. So what else you guys. Barkley is gonna have a big game they’re gonna show
up. Leonard Williams is going to make all the difference.
What else do you say. Yeah I’m just not taking the Cowboys. Probably should be favored by
two touchdowns right. That’s it shall we made it. We get it.
Fourteen games this week we agreed on a lot of games. No he didn’t. Did it get better
at the end. Yeah oh yeah yeah.
Um I didn’t fill in you having the Giants but we disagree on one uh two three four.
Let’s uh. You know it’s almost four and a 14. That’s nothing. That’s nothing some percentage.
Let’s do it. Now to present the. Lack Doug and T is presented by my bookie
died from a code SGP. Why don’t you kick things off this week. Well
why are we. Why are you mixing it up cause I’m 0 to my
past locks I need to get hard again I’m the Eagles just play it good just meandering around
meandering around five hundred I need a neat little lock Mojo the lock mojo is not impacted
by what the Eagles do are you sure positive. Okay from my locks on I have a feeling I know
where you’re going. But I know where I’m going and I’m going right. I won’t lock up your
Eagles. Scratch that I don’t want to screw you up.
What I’m going to do is I’m going to let you put that on me I didn’t I didn’t say that
I felt it. I felt it coming from my lock. I’m just gonna keep riding this train and
yeah the Chargers. Maybe maybe they’ll bite me in the ass here
and they’ll cover this but I’m going to take the Packers. They’re gonna be they’re gonna
have a home game. Yeah I mean it’s gonna be like 80 percent
Packer fans. I just keep coming back to this game and just
usually my instincts will tell me Oh yeah we’re we’re gonna take we’re gonna take a
gross public favorite here I’m going to take it gross public favor here with Aaron Rodgers
he’s just there’s a tiny bit of that we’ve we haven’t spoken about it in a while but
that that that pre-season chugging incident total eff you mode I think he I think he closes
the loop on that down and Los Angeles for my dog give me the Baltimore Ravens plus 160
they give they not only do they give the Patriots so there are evil. Not only do they give the
Patriots their first loss they leave the San Francisco 49ers as the only unbeaten team.
Mm hmm mm hmm. And for my teams give me Detroit up to eight give me Jacksonville up to eight
and give me the Pittsburgh Steelers up to seven and a half.
Mm hmm. All dogs in your teams right. That’s scary
I’m teasing up for some teasing and some that could be a scary endeavor just for the right.
I left the Vikings after. I feel like I don’t wanna spoil the numbers with a team that isn’t
possible. Yeah that makes sense. All right what am I
going to do here. All right. I’m looking at you know what.
Keep it simple New England minus 4 0. I just want to hug going against your dog
which will be a loser. I know. And give me Washington plus 350. I’m going Big Dog. Big
dog. Go home for my tease. Let’s get it to Green Bay plus to also throw in throw in San
Francisco minus four and a half and uh why do we close things out. I don’t want to throw
Jerry throw Jamieson the tease that’s kind of wild. I cashed it last week but day.
Yes that is a little look out aspect. Why don’t we throw in put in third in Philly plus
one there for the tees. All right. That does it for this week’s edition of Sports
gambling pal. Guess what he hit us up on Twitter at gambling podcast. More importantly rate
review and share on iTunes. We’re five ninety nine. I think we’re I think we’re probably
over 600. Yeah there’s a little bit of that. Five dollars ninety nine cents for all these
perks so for all these picks. Now it’s of course completely free like everything
we do here. We don’t sell picks. We make them at the Sports gaming podcast. Appreciate you
guys tuning in as always reading reviewing sharing spreading the word. Come on. Group
groom your balls man escaped I can probably get a sheep here try out a spread. Get that
sportsbook going a spread that com slash SGP and of course we will have the lock challenge
will be tweet that out and read tweet that tweet to be entered in for a chance to win
a hundred hours on a nice little run here. Paying guys a hundred bucks a week. So tune
in there for the pregame Periscope to hear the winner. 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time Sunday
for that pregame show and for the sports gambling podcast.
I’m Shawn stack in the money green and he is Ryan Good luck to you in the New England
Patriots Shawn Cramer. Let it ride.

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