NFL Prop Betting Explained

NFL prop betting allows you to bet on a wide
variety of events that can happen in connection with the NFL. Here are some examples Player props, like whether the starting quarterback
will throw over or under a certain number of touchdown passes. Team props, like how many touchdowns the whole
team will score. Game props, for example, whether or not a
safety will be scored in a game. There are also season props, where you could
bet on things like whether a team will make the playoffs, and there are special props,
such as who will be the next head coach for a certain team. Props allow for a ton of variety in betting. Let’s take a look at a prop listing. Will a special teams or defensive touchdown be scored? YES: +250 NO: –325 Betting a $100 on “Yes” would win
you $250 if you nailed it. If offensive players are the only ones to
score, on the other hand, betting $325 on “No” would win
you a cool $100.

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