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Hi, I’m Caty and I’m here to discuss the Nike Manchester United kids kit at The kids kits are great for the young soccer fan but sizing can be a little tough to figure out. So, let me help. The kids kits look like this on our website and they come with the jersey, shorts and socks. We provide this chart to help but let’s get a little more detailed. So this is the Nike Manchester United home kit in the kids kit extra small. It typically fits ages three to four, but we know that kids grow at their own rate, so we’re going to measure it. From shoulder to shoulder, you got about ten-and-a-half inches. And then from shoulder say hem, it’s seventeen and a half inches. Alright, so this is the Manchester United home kit in the kids kit small. And again, this is going to fit more ages four to five, in general but let’s measure. Shoulder seam to shoulder seam it’s eleven inches. Shoulder to hem it’s eighteen inches. Alright, this is the Nike Manchester United away kit in the kids kit medium. It fits kids ages five to six, in general but let’s measure again. So, shoulder seam to shoulder seam, it’s about eleven and a half inches. And then from the shoulder to the hem it’s about seventeen and three quarter
inches. So we hope this video helps in picking out the right size in the Nike Manchester United kids kit for your children. They are licensed, and we do offer the player names and numbers for the back for an additional charge. Kids love to look like the pros, so make sure to measure and get the right size. I’ll see you later.

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  1. Being a store based in the United States we list everything in our countries unit of measure. If you would like to convert something from inches to centimeters simply type your conversion into google. Example search would be "14.25 inches to centimeters" and google will instantly convert it for you.

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