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Anatoly «NL_Profit» Filatov Made his choice GPL Draft analysis Hey everyone I’m Anatoly Filatov and I am gonna tell you how the GPL draft wrapped up How I picked players for my team and how we’ll place No, I’ll tell you why we are going to win this competition Alright, it was a simple draft There was a pick order, we recieved the list of available players beforehand From the very beginning I was inclined towards Russian-speaking pros from community, because our team called «Moscow Wolverines» I had a plan for the draft Regardless the picking order, because it was unlikely that other managers would take any of our guys. In the first draft stage I picked eighth. And there was almost nothing could change my draft When I saw the list of eligible players I instantly thought about Dmitry Urbanovich Well, he’s closer to the foreign community Because he lives in Poland and generally hangs out with foreign regs Also he made prop bet against Vanessa Selbst, $10,000 vs $2,000,000 that he’ll win 3 WSOP bracelets Needless to say, if he wins it’ll be really cool to charge Vanessa for two millies Although the bet itself is most likely marginal but still intriguing Speaking about Dmitriy, recently he won EPT Dublin and lots of other highroller tournaments Before picking I asked him whether he wants to join the Russian team and he said yes That’s why I chose him first Anyone could steal him in the second round My second pick was current #1 among Russian offline pros, Vladimir Troyanovsky Well, he’s #2 on GPI right now, but he’s consistently shown high results year after year Troyanovsky frequently makes it to the final table in various high roller events Plays a great number of offline and online tournaments, destroys offline cash games A very good utility player There were no second thoughts about him Volodya is one of the most famous Russian players Although he doesn’t promote himself that much Troyanovsky is a must-pick, no questions asked Onto the third round Commentators predicted, that I’ll pick Eugene Katchalov But my choice was Andrey Pateychuk He’s our fancy pants EPT / WPT champion It’s easy to explain Eugene is mostly engaged with foreign community And doesn’t show himself in Russian community (on gipsyteam’s forum, for example) So, that’s why I preferred Andrey over him Because in my opinion, the team must consist of people that know each other and hang out together Generally speaking, all players whom I picked, aren’t strangers All of them play offline and in the same clique For this reason, we won’t ever have any problems with team spirit I remind you, that last year on Global Poker Masters When it shrinked down to 3-max (Americans, Italians and us) Our Russian team was present en bloc, so we had a possibility to consult with each other And when an American player wanted some help From his teammates, I can’t remember who the guy was, to be honest He couldn’t get it, because none of them were around His teammates were partying somewhere else All in all, he couldn’t leave the table So USA team placed 3rd and we made our way to the grand final Hence, I want our team to be friendly and supportive Your approval is also very important for us Alright, I picked Pateychuk And by the way analytic panel mentioned this potential pick, at least as a wild card The last pick was Sergey Lebedev One of the top regs out there He played CAP games, made the final table of the $100k One Drop last year But unfortunately didn’t ship it That’s a bummer, actually, because I was rooting for him And we are all set for the moment There are only two wild cards left 2 players whom you don’t know yet Well, it’s not a secret for anyone That 1 wild card will be for each team manager, almost everywhere, for sure Maybe one or two teams will be left without captain But it’s very unlikely So, our first wild card is me The second one is for you to predict It can be one of the 203 eligible GPI players or someone else not from top-1000 GPI But I still don’t have a certain candidate from superstars Chances are that I’ll review 203 eligible players There aren’t many people who can be a wildcard And by the way, I read GPI’s news where recommend me to pick Konstantin Puchkov As far as I saw and also Igor Yaroshevsky, current Unkrainian #1 We’ve also got Kirill Rodionov and several other Russian-speaking guys It’s an open secret that I’ll pick a girl to add some groove to the team Or one of ‘our’ guys, most likely second option All told, draft was very smooth for me You can almost say laid back There wasn’t a second I doubted that I’ll pick everyone I wanted, unlike other managers Some unpredicted picks happened there For example, Ladouceur wanted to take Duhamel in his Canadian team But Moneymaker suddenly picked him first There were some tough talks after that In the sense of 2 world champions in one team and so on… Ladouceur then picked Jacobson instead But still was very disappointed London Royals also didn’t pick as planned Maria Ho picked completely differently as she was initially expected She was in an uncomfortable spot after me and all the Americans before, all in all, a horrible slot But still, she’s got an amazing team, I like it very much They’ve got Fedor Holz, a great powerhouse Whopping Olivier Bousqet, who can scare the hell out of you with mere appearance But we, Russians, are fearless If anything, we can set Vladimir on him or sit someone with good ‘aura’ near him In general, there are 12 teams participating We play online on a special platform Once in a week we play a match Which will be streamed on GPI’s Twitch channel with hole cards Eight teams make it to the playoff, based on the results of the leaderboards Playoff will be held in a live arena, most likely in USA Don’t worry about visa or something like that Because it’s not necessary to go as all 6 Everything is easy to handle And then only 4 or 2 teams (it’s still unknown) qualify for the finals I won’t tell you exactly where it will happen It’s gonna be a stadium, a huge one And it is also gonna be streamed on Twitch, of course I rate my team high As it did the analytical panel Players are skilled, composition is fine They also mentioned Sergey Lebedev, something like «Hey, I know this nice guy, he plays expensive tournaments» Yes, it’s him, the one who also crushes people online and plays One Drop events Fun fact: someone from analytics, maybe even Hellmuth, came across him in One Drop High Roller How did the Draft go? I arrived to Los Angeles One day before the draft we came to the studio to film short videos Which you can watch on official site of GPI We all look cool there, talking about the draft, project and our native cities I finished with that and was going to stream with Mashka, oh, I mean Maria Ho But due to bad Internet it was cancelled Next there was GPL managers meeting Where everyone was present except for Philipp who couldn’t make it due to unknown reasons Also Liv Boeree’s flight was delayed, so she made appearance only at the draft In short, Akkari claimed that all managers should promote each other in their native countries For example, in Brazil there is a local-focused market with its own poker boom I noticed, that their regular players have quite a number of followers in Instagram and so on Everything is legal there, media devotes a lot of attention to the game In a word — golden years for Brazil So, Akkari told us, that second or third famous player there is Faraz Jaka Because once he pointed on Ronaldo and asked «Who the heck is that fish guy?» at WSOP or EPT event Brazilian community was indignant So that’s how Faraz Jaka became 3rd famous poker player in Brazil after Akkari and Neymar Of course, it was a joke But all in all, I will definitely invite a team manager to my stream for a good talk First of all, of course, it’s gonna be Maria Ho Because she’s already promised me when I came to her stream We talked on camera a little, but no one saw it So, this time we will definitely sort things out with Maria Ho Of course, we’ll also ‘deal’ with her stream and ‘deal’ with her team Our best guys are ready to dig up the hatchet That’s all, folks. See you later.

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