November 14, 2018 Bureau of Gambling Control Workshops in Los Angeles (Part 1)

though every good morning ladies and
gentlemen if we can have your attention please thank you there are some
additional seats up in front if people want to come and sit down and step stand
so we’re very nice okay well good morning everyone we’re gonna get started
because we are gonna end at noon so we want to get the the workshop underway I
know people are still walking in but we’re gonna go ahead and start so again
good morning on behalf of the Department of Justice division of law enforcement
Bureau of gambling control I’d like to welcome you all to this regulation
workshop to discuss the issue of rotation of the player dealer position
so this is the second of seven workshops that we will be holding in various
cities throughout the state we chose the locations to try and make it convenient
and accessible for everyone who want to participate and provide input on this
issue so the bureau looks forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts today and we
understand that individuals may feel strongly about this issue but please
know that today’s workshop will be conducted in a civil collegial manner
but I believe that we can have opposing views and opinions from one another but
it’s also possible to have civil constructive and professional
discussions I ask that we keep this in mind throughout these discussions we
can’t tolerate any discussions that are discourteous to one another
um additionally with so many people interested in participating in the
process and wishing to present input it will be important for everyone to keep
their comments brief and because we looked at the list and how many people
who wish to speak today we have to limit everyone to two and a half minutes I
know I apologize that that was different from the last workshop but there were
much lower turnouts so we will wait until you have completed
your presentation before asking for any clarification or questions that we so
that we do not cut into your allotted time if you have already submitted your
comments to the bureau and have new amputee day you may wish to concentrate
on the new input if you have brought your comments in a letter to present to
the bureau today note the copies will be posted to the
bureau’s website regulation website as well any other written comments already
submitted or that will be submitted in the future during this process with the
volume of other comments likely to be receive it’s simply not economically
feasible or environmentally friendly to distribute copies and hard copy form so
as you may know the regulatory process can be lengthy however that in part is
due to ensure that all stakeholders have a voice in the process we want to be
able to hear your concerns and your opinions and the Bureau is committed to
ensuring the regulatory process is followed and ensuring that all
stakeholders are heard so as a reminder that this is just a workshop so we’re in
the informal stages of the regulatory process and we will continue with the
informal process until such time we are comfortable that we have received
reviewed and analyzed all of your input we also strongly encourage you to
provide any suggested language for draft regulations during this informal process
the ultimate global of these workshops is to develop a regulation change which
provides clarity to the existing statutory provisions for licensees and
direction on how to incorporate this in game rules with the statutory framework
in mind so with that I’m going to turn over to Suzanne George who is our
moderator for today’s workshop good morning my name is Suzanne George
I am the regulations coordinator for the Bureau of gambling control in addition
to director shimasu with me today are Yolanda morrow assistant director for
the bureau’s licensing division Nate Diwali assistant director of compliance
and enforcement tyler Burtis special agent in charge of our compliance and
enforcement section of the Southern California region and Deputy Attorney
General General Jim Wayne with the Indian and gaming law section for the
Attorney General’s Office and just another reminder there are some
additional seats here in the front and then scattered throughout we encourage
you to make yourself comfortable it is approximately 909 on Wednesday November
the 14th in the Bureau of gambling control has scheduled the
regulations workshop at the Hyatt Regency located at six two to five west
century Boulevard in Los Angeles California
this workshop is scheduled to discuss the issue of rotation of the player
dealer position notice of this workshop has previously been published to the
bureau’s webpage sent by email and mail to interested parties and a few
housekeeping items if you have not had an opportunity prior to now to sign in
to present comments or speak today the white sign-in sheets are at the sign-in
table at the back please take a moment to do that or if you would like to be on
the bureau’s distribution list please sign in on the Pink Sheets while no one
will be excluded from participation in these proceedings for failure to
identify oneself in the sign-in sheet the sign-in sheet is being used to call
persons who wish to present in the order of sign-in secondly well I call we’ve
already covered that if you provide your email or mailing address we will include
you in our distribution list for future meeting notices this entire workshop
discussion is being recorded in the interest of time the bureau will limit
speakers to two and a half minutes and comments must be limited to the issue of
the rotation of the player dealer position as noticed for this workshop
other issues or other regulations will not be covered topics in this workshop
when your name is called please come to this podium here in the front you will
be asked to state and spell your name and identify the organization you
represent on another note please note that in that the restrooms
are located just outside these doors into your right and there are other
restrooms behind the elevators today’s workshop is scheduled for a total of
three hours we may be able to work in a short break we’re just not quite sure
depending on the how their comments are going now for an introduction of the
topic in 1984 the California institution was amended with a voter
initiative proposition 37 at the November 6 1984 general election prop 37
also known as the California State Lottery Act of 1984 added provisions of
government code and amended the California Constitution authorizing the
establishment of a statewide lottery in California proposition 37 also added a
prohibition in California of gambling casinos the type that exists in Nevada
and New Jersey specific to this prohibitions proposition 37 added
section 19 a to the Constitution which reads the legislature has no power to
authorize and shall prohibit casinos of the type currently operating in Nevada
and New Jersey until this proposition was enacted casino gambling was
prohibited within California by statute not by Constitution chapter 10 of the
California Penal Code contains codes sections specific to gambling sections
330 through 337 Z Penal Code section 330 first enacted in 1872 prohibited six
specifically named games or any banking game played with cards dice or any other
device for money check credit or any other representative of value this
section was amended four times since 1872 extending the list of specifically
named games and changing the penalty and sentencing structure you are welcome to
read that section as penal code section 3 3 0 in 2000 section 3 3 0 point 1 1
was added to the California Penal Code in 2001 section 3 3 0 point 1 1 was
amended by Assembly Bill 54 Penal Code section 330 point 1 1 provides banking
game or banked game does not include a controlled game if published rules of
the game feature a player dealer position and provide that this position
must be continuously and systematically rotated amongst each of the participants
during the play of the game ensure that the player dealer is able to win or lose
only a fixed and limited wager during the play of the game and preclude the
house and their entity a player or an observer
from maintaining or operating as a bank during the course of the game for
purposes of this section it is not the intent of the legislature to mandate
acceptance of the deal by every player if the division finds that the rules of
the game render the maintenance of or operation of a bank impossible by other
means the house shall not occupy the player dealer position there is not
however any text within the California Constitution or the statutes of
California that define what constitutes continuously and systematic rotation of
the player dealer position the California gambling Control Act in
business and Professions Code section 198 to 6 subdivision G assigns the
Department of Justice the responsibility of approving the play of any controlled
game in gambling establishments within California including placing
restrictions and limitations on how a controlled game may be played the
California gambling Control Act also mandates the adoption of regulations
which provide for the approval of the game of game rules by the bureau to
ensure fairness to the public and compliance with state laws the topic of
the rotation of the player dealer position is now open for public
discussion all right the first speaker on our list today is the mayor of
Inglewood James butts and before you start sir I will give you
a 30-second warning when you get close you have 2 minutes and 30 seconds okay
anyway hi my name is James Lewis I’m here representing City of England but
equally important the 800 employees of Hollywood Park Casino 120 of them are
ingrid residents and i’m here to talk about the rotation of the player dealer
position this game represents 1.3 million dollars in revenues to the city
of Englewood to change it unilaterally as you discuss will make it less
desirable 1.3 million is 10 police officer positions in the city of
Englewood we project a $50,000 surplus for this coming fiscal year this would
immediately blow a 1.25 million dollar deficit in our in our budget we have
come from an 18 million dollar deficit in 2011 to a surplus this year just like
all cities like all cities we have the unfunded liabilities for pers to
consider there are so many things that have been changed in the city of
Englewood and this game has been played with us for 20 years in just this manner
I have 37 years in law enforcement for those years of vice narcotics lieutenant
in charge of advise narcotics we have never had a problem with the casino we
have never had a problem in this game and so to unilaterally unilaterally
change this game so it becomes less desirable for people to come needlessly
endangered employment for our residents needlessly engage the budget of the city
of Englewood and it seems to be a solution in search of a problem I urge
you on behalf of our employees at Holiday Park Park Casino I urge you on
behalf of all these employees to not change this regulation I have 600
letters from our employee and I employees at the casino I would like to
know who to leave them with you so that we could have our voices heard it is so
important that in this day and age we have we have cut them
from 17.5% in 2011 to 4.8% right now a good chunk of that is the employment
that has been provided by the Hollywood Park Casino I urge you again to think
past regulation and think about people thank you very much thank you thank you sir Vanessa Delgado all right Hugo argumento and my apologies if I
pronounced your name incorrectly well thank you for the opportunity to address
you this morning and I too am the mayor of the city of of Commerce and we
represent many of our employees at the Commerce Casino
we represent the residents of the city of Commerce and our impacts as stated by
the mayor from the city of Englewood just our numbers are different but many
of the same points that he just made apply to us as well I’m you know
representing all these individuals here the impact potentially to our budget is
16 million dollars at our previous visit that we had with you in Sacramento we
highlighted and presented some of the information to you our casino employs
over 2,500 employees in in the city of Commerce and so the impacts to our
community are significant our city would have no choice but to begin to lay out
many of our employees in our city we would have to probably the casino in
itself would also have to probably reduce its employment as well so again
we’re here the Commerce Casino has been a partner in our community for many many
years and I do consider them to be a significant partner in our community
they’ve contributed to many of our scholarship programs our senior programs
anything we’ve asked where we’ve needed help we’ve gone to them and they’ve been
able to provide that help and assistance that we need so what we’re here in you
and imploring you to reconsider any changes to the proposed regulation the
impacts are too great to not only the city of commerce but the surrounding
cities and I think you’re going to hear some of the individuals stories some of
these success stories I know from our city you’ll be hearing from
some of our members of our community and some of the Commerce employees and I
want you to take that back and hopefully you’ll take those items into
consideration for they absolutely will have a detrimental impact to our
community and the surrounding communities and I would like to enter
into the record I brought also signatures that were
collected by many of the members in our community and I want you to take this
over seven hundred and twenty-four signatures that will receive petitions
employing you to take them into consideration as you move forward in
this process thank you thank you now Myra maravilla good morning my name is Mayra maravilla
and I am the city of Hawaiian Gardens Council woman as a leader in my
community I am most disappointed in the harsh unwarranted treatment of the
driving economic engine in our city and southeast le region I have a message for
general attorney general Becerra and the Bureau of Gaming Control what did we do
to deserve you picking on low-income immigrant communities that primarily
rely on our casino revenue this is a direct assault on our working families
our seniors and our youth I am here to represent my community again Sacramento
politicians that have no concept of how these gaming regulations affect real
hard-working people growing up I did not have the privilege of using our local
parks due to gangs drugs and violence as a young child I remember a gangster was
shot and killed in front of my home however thanks to our casino we have
been able to fund increased police and fire services leading to no murders in
the last two years in the city of Hawaiian Gardens
according to scag only 12 and a half percent of Hawaiian Gardens residents
have a bachelor’s or higher the new City Council in coming December 11th will
have three Millennials holding master’s degrees this is a direct result of the
success our casino has brought to our community you the Bureau of Gaming
Control are charged with consumer protection market balance and
anti-corruption you need to do your job and let us continue to work with our
Hawaiian Gardens casino to continue the progress in our community seventies
seventy-six percent of our revenue comes from the casino and we would lose the
ability to continue as a viable city in the southeast alley region
I ask that you join our community and the communities present here today and
supporting our economic engines to maintain ourselves as cities thank you
for your time thank you Jesse Alvarado good morning my name is
Jesse Alvarado resident of the city of Hawaiian Gardens the new state of
regulation will have a big-time financial impact in our community our
city is one square mile 76% of the revenue comes from the casino
we have great youth programs by losing 50% of the revenue will lose many
programs that affect our youth senior programs in a non so the gang
intervention program so really urge you to not to adopt the program the the
newest state regulations have a big impact community and I think it’s not
fair for a community as a whole our kids our future in the whole community as a whole
thank you have a good day thank I’m sorry one moment please ok ladies and gentlemen unfortunately we
are at capacity if there are plenty of seats that are not filled they ask you
now to take this time to please if you have a seat next to you raise your hand
ladies and gentlemen quickly fill in these seats because unfortunately we do
not have an overflow room and we do have to abide by fire marshal code senator Brevard unit alright ladies and gentlemen we
appreciate that your do move quickly and as quietly as possible our next speaker
is going to be senator Steven Bradford good morning thank you for this
opportunity to come before you my name is Steve Bradford and I’m the senator of
35th Senate District and I represent for cardrooms in the city I grew up in the
city of Gardena that has been the hub of cardrooms pride for over 80 years in the
state of California and we survived because of those that that industry I
represent the city of Inglewood as the mayor clearly stated that means six
million dollars to the bottom two their revenue and their bottom line to the
city of Gardena it means eight million dollars it means an impact on parks and
recreation departments our public safety all the city services that are vitally
important and I also represent Christo Park Casino in the City of Compton so
those are four institutions that employ thousands of people within the region
and provides tremendous revenue to these cities I also serve on government
organizations committee in the state legislature both in assembly and in the
Senate and we have worked tirelessly to come to a partnership that doesn’t
impact Native American Gaming as well as respect what has been existing in these
local communities for like I say in some communities as long as 80 years this is
important revenue to the city it’s important jobs to the cities and we have
been under the understanding we could play games of skill blackjack is a game
of skill we have no games of chance such as slots so in order to stay competitive
this rotation of dealer will be a clear disruption to the game and we’ll lose
the continuity I’ve talked to many players who said I will not play if I
have to get up every ten minutes they want continuity in a game nobody not
even want anyone playing a slot machine wants to get up every ten minutes and
change machines so continuity of play is vitally important this rotation will
disrupt not only the continuity of the but also the revenue and jobs in our
community so we respectfully asked you to really consider this and we will be
looking at this as I’ve stated in the California Legislature this year to see
how we can continue to work because these games have existed for 20 years
without any disruption so why now so thank you Hank Trimble good morning this
opportunity to speak against the rotation you’ve heard from my fellow
council member and a resident Hawaiian Gardens it is 70% of our revenue and any
rotation change would devastate our community
they spoke about gangs and they spoke about different things well I was born
there in 1956 I seen the change of that city it has gotten so much better
we went from considered a welfare city since we got the casino now we’re a
giving city we’re not as selfish city we give to schools who give the nonprofit’s
we do so much and it’s affecting our residents to see the children seeing
leadership give so freely because we have money coming in and it’s
devastating to grow up like I did with hardly nothing it affects you as a
person I grew out of that I agree with my colleagues everyone here speaking but
I’ll tell you one thing about Hawaiian Gardens now it is a giving city we give
to our residents we give the nonprofit’s we give to schools and I’d hate to see
that and so please reconsider your or just throw this in to the making Lena
what’s a plan and I just hope that and pray that you guys would take our city
under consideration thank you very much thank you Tasha Serta good evening I’m sorry good morning my
name is Tasha Sirte and I’m the mayor of the city of Gardena and I’m here because
in the city of Gardena we have two card rooms we have LD and The Hustler and
they both been very good employers offering very good paying long-term jobs
for our residents the jobs that the casino offers are very unique in the
fact that they do not require college or work experience in fact many of the jobs
they pay very well so that residents in our community can take care of their
families and have a very decent income so that they can purchase homes within
the community in addition our city would I’m sorry they greatly rely on the tax
revenues from both casinos and the fact that just last year the tax revenues
were 8 million dollars which is about 14% of our budget and this pays for our
police and our fire department and as our Assemblymember stated earlier the
other casinos have slot machines and you know it’s you know we have lot
jack there so we need to have some leverage in there so I hope you will
take all this into consideration thank you thank you Evangelina Romero good morning honorable gambling
committee my name is Evangelina Romero and have been part of Holland Gardens
community for eight years also I’m currently Miss Hawaiian Gardens as a
city resident of this great neighborhood I have benefited tremendously from
various programs there threatened to get cut such as the youth sport program the
nutritional program numerous discussions the youth employment program and most
importantly the scholarship program the scholarship program is funded by the
casino revenue that in turn funds the money that pays for hundreds of tuitions
this scholarship helps me invest in my much-needed education so I can so I can
prosper and to a successful member of society without the aid of the casino
ninety percent of my tuition and many others will be lost and forgotten
moreover a paramount program that will be taken away from our small community
will be the Youth Employment Program which eats 14 to 24 year olds to find
employment within the city and the county as a participant of this program
I was able to find a position within the city tip with the city’s engineer
department but with as much as eighty percent of the funds being affected my
newly hire position will be in jeopardy nevertheless and equally as important
will be our public safety department an alternative to gang membership program
that assurance that our youth does not fall back to gang activity
also they helped me and the other 14,000 449 residents in our city to feel safe
to walk down the streets at any given time of day and I can assure you it was
not like this eight years ago as an ambassador of this loving and giving
city it would be a disservice if I want to share our community stories I’m a
reflection of hundreds of young adults that live in our city ultimately I
highly encourage you and urge you to reconsider
settar the proposed regulations on the casinos as it will have a negative
impact on the economic structure of Hawaiian Gardens many businesses
residents families in school will be in dire need of the funds and as a result
many family households will have to retrograde to an inadequate ways of
living so please reconsider this action and
help my community to keep on prospering into an exemplary City that we can all
be proud to call home thank you for your time thank you Scott Fairfield Scott
Fairfield good morning I’m the current chief of
police of the city of Bell Gardens should this initiative pass it’ll be yet
another decision made in Sacramento that affects the residents of our city in an
unfortunate and unfair way with the early release programs and some of the
other issues that are happy in our communities the mental health funding
any significant loss of funding to the casino will impact public safety in our
city immensely I ask that you take into consideration the individuals who live
in small communities like ours that count on this this money and this tax
resource to survive in a community that has been growing and growing over the
years largely because of the impact of our casino so once again I ask that you
seriously consider the individuals that you see here and the individuals that
don’t have a voice today I seen firsthand what happens we’re already
short-handed in law enforcement in our community and another loss would be huge
so please take that in consideration and thank you for the time today thank you mark Henderson councilmember mark
Henderson and ladies and gentlemen I understand your enthusiasm but in order
for to protect the time but Pete’s speakers have please let’s keep our
applause at a minimum thank you sorry about that
good morning Commission my name is councilman mark Henderson representing
the city of Gardena as stated by our senator former councilman city of
Gardena as well as current mayor of city of Gardena a gardenia is fortunate
enough to have the courtesy of being in partnership with two card clubs the
hustler casino as well as the lucky lady and with the the quantitative numbers in
regards to if this initiative were to move forward the impact on our general
fund is a loss of one point three six million in revenue so that’s that’s the
let’s talk about the qualitative issues and what it means to our community what
it means to our community it has a negative grossly negative impact on our
public safety on the training of our police officers on our diversionary
programs on our youth programs on our senior programs these are the things
that we actually pride ourselves in in our community of 62,000 people we rely
on this revenue to make sure that our community is burgeoning we’re moving
forward and this would have a negative and extremely and grossly negative
impact on us so we are urging you to please reconsider or take all this
feedback into account in consideration of your decision and think about the
folks behind the decisions that we are making us as elected leaders we always
talk about the numbers in the budget but we also have to focus on the people
and what these dollars mean to the people so our youth our seniors our
public safety our training our parks maintenance our facilities maintenance
all the things that help make a community what it is to support the
people I thank you for your time this morning god bless you thank you councilmember Ralph Franklin city
manager Jose polio Pulido Pedro asset uno good morning good
morning councilmember paradise eternal
representing the city of Bell Gardens the muscle here on behalf of the
California cities for self-reliance joint powers authority which is a number
of cities in LA County that have card casinos chairperson you’ve heard a lot
this morning on the impacts and I’m gonna come here today before you and
tell you a story of what the casino did to an individual like myself when I was
about 12 years old we had a little league baseball and we always remember
that our younger siblings or her friends were gonna utilize an old uniform
recycled uniforms what we used to say when we were growing up that year was of
year that the casino the bicycle casino came into Bell Gardens they gave us
brand new uniforms and I still remember hearing the dollar amount of each of
those uniforms $70 back then talking about 33 years back we lost our first
game because we didn’t want to slide we didn’t want to rip that uniform
we knew that this was these were the uniforms that our siblings and our
friends will be using the following year because that’s what our mentality was
needless to say it was a two-game elimination we won our next game we
eventually lost our fourth game or so and the team that beat us they still
remember eight to six was a team that we felt that we could have beat but for not
sliding and not wanting the rip those uniforms we chose not to today you’ve
heard stories on how the casinos give back they give in many ways they give
back to kids nowadays that have an opportunity to go to higher education in
many cases first and their families so reconsider what you may do make sure we
keep our casinos in business thank you very much thank you
hey tremble Hank Trimble you signed in to us that’s teasing well we might have room
at the end all right so Devon Coomer Ernie Crespo able Avalos good morning my name is Abel Avalos and
I’m the Community Development Director for the city of Bell Gardens the
proposed regulation change is quite frankly baffling I haven’t heard any
good public policy or legal reasoning as to why this is even being considered
this is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt by Indian Gaming and
outside special interests to kill urban casinos and as a result devastate the
communities in which they operate look around you that this room isn’t filled
by outside special interests it’s filled with people that live and work in our
communities and I can tell you as a person who grew up in Bell Gardens back
in the early 80s mid 80s when the concept of a casino in Bell Gardens was
being proposed I can tell you that there was a lot of fear-mongering about what
that would do to our communities that it would bring crime that it would take
away valuable resources from police and fire parks and recs would be
non-existent and it would just be rampant with drug abuse and prostitution
I can tell you as a person who grew up in that community and who now works to
improve that community that couldn’t be further from the truth and you know it
the reality is is that the casinos are the lifeblood of some of these
communities now all of you here on the dais you each live in a community that
was in some way affected by the loss of redevelopment just five years ago big or
small every city was impacted ours more than others Hawaiian Gardens Bell
Gardens Gardena we were all affected negatively by that now on top of that
you’re considering some regulation changes that will potentially take away
40% of our current general fund think about that a moment think about your
communities what that would mean to your communities if tomorrow 40% of the
city’s general fund was cut where do you think those cuts are going to come from
okay what I’m asking you today is to consider this not as your formal
positions but put yourself in the shoes of the people that are here
and what that means to their communities okay it could be devastating and I can
tell you the irony is that 40 years ago all that talk about all the negative
stuff that would happen has it materialized but you today could
potentially make that happen if you vote to keep these regulations you’re
proposing to impose those regulation thank you very think about that thank
you edgar Cisneros Bureau good morning good morning don’t want to be repetitive
but my name is Edgar Cisneros city administrator for the city of Commerce I
want to echo all the comments that you’ve heard before you this morning all
comments from individuals that are very concerned with the serious task ahead of
you hopefully you’ll take those into account for the city of commerce I want
to underscore what our mayor said but again not be repetitive it would have a
severe impact on our city budget we have dozens of residents here dozens of
employees that they’re concerned they’re kin they’re concerned about their jobs
and they’re concerned because they love to provide services for the community
members that are here today and the actions that you take in the decisions
that you make will impact our community and many communities throughout LA
County I want to respectfully urge the bureau
to consider having another Los Angeles hearing because as you can see this
one’s at capacity and people have been deprived of the opportunity to pursue
participate I would also like to request that you hold it in the evening or on
the weekend because we do have members of the community that works so please
allow folks the opportunity to participate you also have players that
rely on these games the way that they are for entertainment and hopefully
you’ll make this hearing or the next hearing more central to them so that
they can also participate and share their feedback greatly appreciate you
for holding this hearing and hopefully all these comments are being taken into
account thank you very much on behalf of the city of Iliana
a testigo good morning my name is Ileana a chica I am a longtime resident of
Hawaiian Gardens growing up in Hawaiian Gardens I have seen the positive impact
that the casino has brought in thousands of jobs great quality of life for the
residents lower crime stats amazing opportunities for its residents in
programming for seniors our youth even toddlers our youth is our future is our
city motto we truly believe that and we live it day by day
currently the city offers a wide range of scholarships and job opportunities
such as computer labs sports dance programming senior nutrition homework
assistance we truly believe that our parks make life better without the
casino revenue none of this would be possible I strongly urge you to
reconsider implementing your new casino regulations thank you for your time
thank you Evette Avena hello hello my name is eva
Avena and i’m here to speak to you as a resident of hawaiian gardens i have
lived in the small city with a big heart for thirty years and let me just state
that the big heart has not always been there in fact at one point our
neighborhood was infested with gangs crime and drugs and growing up this
meant that it was just a matter of time before you were consumed in a toxic
lifestyle to be honest if it were not for the city programs I would have
became another statistic by either becoming a teen mom or high school
dropout just like my sisters two of my three sisters became teen moms one never
graduated high school to suffer with drug addictions and one has been to
prison three times and the only difference between my siblings and
myself is that I was fortunate enough to find refuge within the city programs at
a very young age I participated in the Boys and Girls Club played on various
city sports teams and was a regular at the local Teen Center the staff taught
me good work ethic and responsibility and they exposed me to what life could
be what they proper education because of these programs I defeated all the
statistics statistics that come with being a Latina from a low-income
community meaning no I did not become a teen mom no I did not get into drugs I
know I do not receive public assistance in fact I am proud to say that I am part
of the 1% of Latinas that holding master’s degree now that I am a bit
older and have a nine-month-old daughter at home I want to ensure that she too
has the same opportunities as I did however that may not be the case if you
decide to approve the proposed casino regulations if approved the redoes
reduction in revenues will lead to a decrease in law enforcement and
elimination of all recreational programs which in turn will lead to a bigger gang
presence and higher crime rate something that works so hard to keep my daughter
from I urge you to take into consideration the negative impact these
were relations can potentially have on a
community that heavily relies on casino revenue not only are you jeopardizing
the quality of life for my daughter and other residents are you also risking the
livelihoods of the many city employees and their families thank you for your
time Artie fields Eadie Medrano good morning I’m ed Medrano and I’m
representing the city of Gardena I’m the currently the city manager of the city
of Gardena I know you have heard testimony from many individuals about
the financial impacts to the communities as a result of the proposed changes I
want to tell you that in many of these communities Gaming has been part of the
fabric of these communities for a long time in gardena since the 50s arguably
we were one of the first communities in California to start gaming and as a
result we have relied on this funding for many many many years so when you
talk about having a shift that substantially will impact our finances
it’s difficult just last year we had to reduce our funding from the casinos by
two million dollars the impact of this will cause approximately another two
million dollars it’s hard to say what rotation we’ll do because it’s almost
impossible to quantify how how much of an impact but we estimated at least two
million dollars from this not to mention what’s proposed changes to black what
blackjack like games could have what does this do for us it impacts a lot of
services and these are services that come right out of our general fund most
importantly in a city like Gardena those service cuts are gonna come from Public
Safety because they’re the most important and they are actually the most
expensive no surprise to anything anyone else in this room and as a result of
that we’re gonna have to make tough tough decisions and those tough
decisions are people in services so I’ve had the opportunity to be a city manager
for a short period of time but most of my career has been as a police officer
in the chief for over 11 years I was president the LA County police chiefs
and the California police chiefs Association and throughout my history I
have seen when times like this come up with regulations that will have negative
impacts on communities in terms of revenue
the Chiefs get concerned because once again they know they have the largest
budgets and they’re being asked to do more with less
constantly we understand the regulations need to be reviewed but I want you to
really consider those direct impacts to Public Safety at a time we’re dealing
with homeless mentally ill active shooter natural disasters release early
release of prisoners there’s a lot of pressures on communities to enhance
services not cut services so as you consider these changes please consider
the impacts not only to the cities but all of the employees who work for these
casinos who mainly live in our communities and are you know productive
citizens so thank you and I appreciate your consideration mark collegian Christian Hernandez mark
collegian was the first one know and Christian Hernandez going once all right Cecil ramble good
morning my name is Cecil Rambo I’m the city manager in the City of Compton and
just like city manager Medrano I spent a great deal of my career in law
enforcement and been a city manager a short period of time the last four years
in Compton here one of the things I will echo on behalf of my mayor and council
as well as the 98 thousand residents and the City of Compton is we partner with
our casino in our card room the Cristal and this impacts people it impacts jobs
and impacts livelihoods right now we have fire personnel deployed in Malibu
and across the state at these devastating wildfires this means two
million dollars in revenue for the City of Compton any impact to our gaming room
affects people jobs in the community so with that I understand your position but
I have to support our folks and I hope that you support the community in
Compton also thank you Joseph Cruz her gender sing Clint oh oh sorry Silvia Gooden good morning my name is Silvia Gooden
I’ve lived in the city of Hawaiian Gardens for 50-plus years I also work
for the city of Horn guards as a community outreach liaison and first of
all I wanted to say approval on this regulation will not only affect Hawaiian
Gardens but other local communities in the state’s sixty-six communities
twenty-three thousand local jobs eight hundred million annual income for
California and other communities two billion annual economic activity and
three hundred million federal state local tax revenue those services include
youth services senior services Public Safety food and excursion programs that
support our low-income seniors which numbers are in the hundreds we are a
good City and are not so financially wealthy City with most of our population
falling under or just above the poverty level what we have been able to provide
with the financial support of the garden casino is without question life-saving
our gang membership in the city has been impacted and has decreased by offering
alternatives to our youth including sports law enforcement programming
mental counseling youth events clean slate laser tattoo removal community
empowerment programs lives have changed many of our youth and adults have
decided to steer away from violence and gangs and have decided to remove
gang-related tattoos through the support of the city of our programs thank you Luis Polanco hello my name is Luis and I
came here today to voice my frustration and fear at the proposed sanctions that
you are trying to put under casinos these sanctions threatened to destroy
our beautiful city and set us back 20 years I lived in Hawaiian Gardens before
the casino and saw and witnessed firsthand what our community is like
with lack of funding programs for adults youth children and seniors it’s a very
scary thing because I grew up in this community I grew up in these programs
they helped me go get through school and actually I make a living through the
city I’m an employee as well your sanctions the only thing I see that
they propose is adding to the unemployment really because that’s all
you hear is less loss of jobs loss of jobs so I beg you to not cut these or do
these sanctions that would been that would not benefit our city our city is
too small and we lacked funding other than the casino it would destroy our
community and like I said it just jeopardizes many lives in our community
and I beg you not to go through this thank you very much Rose commissar Rose commissar Ernie of a legis Ernie V il le GA s with Oxnard I think
that’s me okay my apologies but he asked I work for Elle Concilio which is an
organization in in Ventura County and so behalf of our Elle Concilio I’d like to
go ahead and just read a statement from them on behalf of the Board of Directors
the entire staff of ill-concealed services we would like to inform you of
the generous support our agency has received from our local cardroom
facility the players casino since their entrance in our community we have
received financial support which has allowed us to support l can see Leo’s
various quality of life programs for our low-income underserved Latino population
these services included youth for success a multi-faceted youth leadership
and development program for at-risk youth citizens program which has
assisted over 8,000 permanent residents to become citizens with a
community-based approach to naturalization and direct assistance
program bilingual bicultural direct one-on-one information and referral
assistance we are a nonprofit community based organization founded 1975 and our
mission is to provide direct services and educate programs to the Latino
communities we can fulfill our mission because of the support we receive from
committed corporate citizens and individual donors such as the players
casino they have been a committed a committed corporate citizen and a great
partner for ill-concealed Family Services their contribution has allowed
us to forward our mission in our community and that’s very impactful
because the entire staff the entire organization really has taken a
leadership role in Ventura County to make our programs
as successful as we can we really count on that kind of leadership the actions
being considered by the Bureau of gambling controls would have a direct
and negative impact to our community for decades the cardroom have contributed
steady tax revenues well-paying jobs and capital improvement in closing as the
Bureau of gambling control considers actions that will significantly harm the
revenues of cardrooms we encourage you to recognize the
positive impact of cardrooms what they’ve had in our communities as you
can see throughout here with people testifying we’re very concerned about
the lack of public process of such a drastic action and we really appreciate
you having these hearings so we’re thankful and support and looking forward
to a long term relationship with players been seated thank you and you want to
leave that letter with us okay did you want to leave that letter thank
you Jesse Alvarado listen les there’s another okay Evelyn
Dyess hello it’s Evelyn Diaz thank you so good morning my name is Evelyn Diaz
and I’m here in support of a Commerce Casino I’m a resident of the city of
commerce the literacy program manager for the city of Commerce Public Library
and the treasurer for the city of Commerce employee of Association have
asked me local 773 because of the various roles and development through
the city I self-identify as a work a walking product of the city of commerce
I lived in the city for 30 years and have participated in most if not all of
the programs offered through the city and in turn financial support of the
Commerce Casino one of the programs that has had the greatest effect on me is the
commerce scholarship which the casino generally generously donates $50,000 on
an annual basis because of the scholarship I stand before you with the
bachelors degree in sociology and Chicano Latino Studies and a master’s
degree in school counseling both from Long Beach State and currently as a doctoral student and
educational leadership at UCLA as a recipient of the scholarship and now
manager of the program I can personally attest to the positive impact it’s had
on my life and the students that have received a scholarship through the
casino support education of the means of through the means of donation since it’s
early stages of the scholarship in 1983 the Commerce Casino has donated over a
million dollars and has helped over 2,000 students pursue their college
education by easing the financial hardship hardship pursuing an education
has its helps students see college as a viable option last year alone we
provided 72 scholarships let me repeat that because as it should resonate in
you because of the annual $50,000 donation from the Commerce Casino we
have provided 72 scholarships for students to pursue their college
education last year alone the Commerce Casino consistently invests in their
community and I hope you allow them to continue to do so as a bureau you have a
responsibility consider to consider the rippling effects this change will have
on the communities the casinos operate in thank you for your time mr. hunt with the City of Compton Andres Herrera with Oxnard good morning
my name is andreas Avera and I am from Oxnard I am also the president that
concealed family services in Oxnard our players casino is in city Ventura
and they can speak for themselves as to how much that casino has helped them and
their bottom line to provide services for the city but I’m speaking on behalf
of the conceiving that provides countywide services and that are
enhanced by our builders are enhanced by the participation of the players casino
with their generous contributions to our programs by volunteering as well in our
programs we’ve been able to provide tremendous amounts of services within
our city and other cities and all of that will be lost because the players
casino is involved in the community not just in the city of Ventura which they
reside but they are a model corporate citizen where they participate not only
locally but as well as throughout the county and we’re very much in support of
their continuing operations and our relationship with them to be our mentor
to make sure we sustain the services we provide for a very underserved community
in our city in our county thank you very much Robert read Tom Kang wilco Dominic Renee baba dia good morning members of the Commission
my name is Rene Bobadilla in the economic development director for the
city of Commerce I’m gonna take a page from my Bell Gardens colleague and not
the torn pants page but the page about putting yourself in the shoes as your
residents would and your community’s us losing in the city of Commerce losing
revenue from the Commerce Casino would equate to about sixteen million dollars
of revenue that would be lost that would devastate our community it would
devastate the residents that partake in the programs that they so so much
deserve I’m truly heartbroken to see that this potential outcome can affect
our community in this way we lost redevelopment 2012 it completely took
away our ability to develop and bring development to our town so the loss of
this revenue is is paramount for us and we urge you to really reconsider and
think about the impacts that this decision will make to communities like
ours Bell Gardens Gardena Compton and others we pride ourselves in our
programs if you’ve heard today about the amounts of of generosity our casinos
throughout the state of California give to our communities ours in particular
scholarships libraries and more importantly public safety if we lose the
60 million dollars to our community which is 40 percent of our entire
revenue we would we would have to make severe cuts primarily to our public
safety fire and sheriff and as our city administrator mentioned we urge you to
please listen to to our communities a lot of our residents took days off of
work today to attend this meeting some of them cannot because of work issues if
you can please ensure that other meetings can be held in the evening to
let our community members come and voice their concerns but the impacts are gonna
be severe and we really truly hope that the Commission takes these into
consideration and as they make their decisions really
diligently look at how these communities throughout the state of California and
particularly commerce and all the cities that are here today will be effective
our residents really truly rely on our revenue from casinos and we so
wholeheartedly hope that you take all that into consideration thank you Thank
You Sammy for us with the hustler casino good morning my name is Sammy farik I
work for hustle casino I’m a car dealer the regulations you’re proposing will
affect everyone in this room all the cities we are the working poor we are
not the filthy rich we need our government to give us a hand
up not a kick down we need our governments work for us we
want you to work for us we want you to go back and tell the Commission that
this will affect our mortgages our kids in college our car payments all of our
communities you need to stand up for us not the special interests thank you very
much safe Haddad with Acme safe Haddad good
you don’t want to talk after all okay John Plata with agua caliente thank you my name is John Plata with
aqua Caliente a band of Cahuilla Indians thank you for your time today
I just wanted to let you know that we’re gonna rely on our written comments that
we submitted on the continuous and systematic rotation requirement and I
want to urge the bureau of gamle control to develop regulations that address the
rotation requirement in a way that upholds the California constitutional
prohibition against Bane games ladies and gentlemen thank you lady we talked
about being courteous and collegial if we can please remember that as we
proceed thank you ladies and gentlemen we appreciate your concern your
consideration and courtesy for all speakers as director shimasu reminded
you this is going to be a professional and polite experience for everyone Thank
You Jamie Valencia Thank You commission I have a unique
perspective in this I lived in the city of commerce in my life and I worked at
Commerce Casino in Dade County Department for 25 years as last night as
I’m thinking of putting a financial report together to show the importance
of financial gain that that the casino gives other communities I decided to get
a little personal because because what happens is I couldn’t put a financial
report together the Commerce Casino employs 10,000 people how do you say
10,000 working in the county department we pay out millions of dollars our light
bill alone is 300,000 the McDonald’s next to us how to do a second a second
drive-through because you know some employees and also some Patriots had
come to to our community to visit our casino might stop and there the gas
station alone Commerce Casino spends three hundred and fifty dollars in the
gas station alone across the street but let me get personal in 1986 I had a
motorcycle accident I used to be a lifeguard and I used to Tod life-saving
so then what happened was I ended up in a special hospital car Rancho Los Amigos
and down in California in that hospital and that hospital they trained you to
come back into and to real life because I’m not the same person I was before and
I was trained for something that was not able to do before
so after the five years came along short I they had a program where they gave me
some money to go to how to buy anything that I would need to go to get back into
society so I started playing at different places
I took a circle around my my home of 20 miles and I apply it everywhere even
though it’s more qualified nobody ever gave me a chance so nightly started to
go next door where we’re next door to the Commerce Casino they did not
discriminate I originally applied for a position downstairs we even know if they
qualify they said you have a little bit more Skills where you can put you up in
the county department so I went up to the Karen Department and then every five
years I have a I have a a interview an exit interview that the the hospital
keeps track of how people in my condition are doing so then so the first
year they told me that you might not be able to
so you have to really consider knowing that you might go over to fail so then
what happened was the after a year with the first year they give you money to
buy anything you need to go back to work and they give you full insurance for one
year after the first year that doctor called me and said you know your insurer
is gonna run now what are you gonna do you have a pre-existing condition keep
in mind this is 1982 realizing that my casino did not give up
they paid three hundred and fifty thousand not just for me but for all the
employees I had a precondition condition and that’s the what’s gonna affect with
this gaming revenue that’s one of the most important things that I want the
Commission to know thank you thank you

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