November 14, 2018 Bureau of Gambling Control Workshops in Los Angeles (Part 2)

James Hicklin good afternoon everyone my
name is James Hicklin I am the assistant cage manager at the Commerce Casino but
that is really not that relevant this morning what is relevant is all of the
people that you see standing behind me and all the people who could not be here
today because where we work you have to show up you don’t make a great deal of
money you work hard for what you make we are
honest hard-working people this is what we do on a daily basis I understand you
all are lawmakers you are responsible for reporting to the rule of law I am
asking you not to forget about the law of humanity this is not about dollars
and cents for many of us this is about life and death I love my job I had been
at the Commerce Casino for 30 years I respect my work I respect my
co-workers I respect what we get up and do every day this is not just about
providing an environment for people to come and win or lose their money this is
about community family this is about trust and we trust you to do the right
thing we can’t make it without you I have been to commerce for 30 years it’s
the only job I’ve had in California I wouldn’t know what to go out and do and
I feel that many of my co-workers would feel much the same way now we have a
chance to undo the good that has been done and I’m just asking you not to take
that chance my parents always taught me that your energy is either moving in a
positive direction or negative direction you all have a great deal of influence
over our lives today and we need for you to do the right thing on our behalf now
the situation were reversed and you came to me as a human being and you express
the importance of what I did to contribute to your life
I would be there for you please do no less for us thank you or Lea will bellow good morning my name is Ola Arroyo and
this is my son Daniel I’ve lived in the city of Commerce since the age of two so
basically all of my life being in the city of Commerce has been one of the
biggest blessings of my life one of the biggest life-changing moments of my life
I grew up in a garage with my sister and my mom but as a child I never thought
that I was poor I mean I remember even washing the dishes in her bathtub
because it wasn’t a converted garage it was a garage with the bathroom but but I
never thought that I was poor as a child I thought I was the richest child and
I’m gonna tell you why I attended preschool at our local park from the
ages of three to four years old and I had so many adventures that shaved my
self-esteem my brain development my gross motor skills my social skills then
as a school-aged child I played sports at her local park I played sports did
the after-school program attended the summer day camp program every summer and
I had incredible opportunities of growth and leadership there but most
importantly I was exposed to sporting events to amusement parks to beaches to
museums all things that my mother was able to afford for us because they were
at a low cost of the city of Commerce every summer we went up to Lake
Arrowhead where the city has a camp that is at a very affordable and low cost to
its residents imagine that a city girl being afforded the opportunity to live
the mountain life the opportunity that we give to so many children of our
community who have never even seen a mountain who have never even seen snow spending time at her local library
afforded me the opportunity to volunteer and help kids with their homework
which later led to being employed by the city of Commerce for 18 years I became a
struggling adult and I never thought that college was gonna be an opportunity
for me until I learned about the Commerce Casino Scholars
program because of them I stand here as a first the only grab the first graduate
in my family but the bachelor’s degree in early childhood education
then from the University of Laverne the first and my family I now have a
six-year-old boy who now gets to enjoy from the same amenities that I did and
in my household there are three generations living and just like in my
household there is a legacy that the families of the city of Commerce have in
the city of Commerce with their seniors their children and their young adults I
urge you to please be on the side of people who want to continue to provide
these tools for our community thank you so no this would have been available to
me if not for the revenue of the casino to the city of Commerce so I urge it to
please and be on the side to provide and continue to provide these tools and not
take them away from families thank you Ernie Crespo okay
see RESP Oh No anyone you my apologies I got rejected the first time so so this
morning good morning I want to just tell you how your decision is gonna affect my
job as the city’s chief administrative officer I’m gonna have to tell four out
of every ten people there that they no longer have a job I’m gonna have to tell
the majority of the seniors and the youth that our school right now then I’m
out to close the doors to city facilities and all our quality of life
programs I think unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at
it Hawaiian Gardens is the poster child of what casino revenues and the
partnership with the casinos does to a community as most of our revenues a
large percentage over 75% come from this revenue so I urge you to please consider
that the impact of your decisions when you make final thank you thank you Aldo folk Marquez good morning my name is Adolfo Marquez
I’m the assistant director of the city of Commerce the Department of Parks and
Recreation and knife long resident of commerce as well life’s make parks make
life better and so does the Commerce Casino I know this because I am I have
observed it personally in 1983 when the Commerce Casino opened its doors in the
city of commerce it has never closed those doors to its residents to our
program because I’ve experienced it myself in 1996 one of Commerce’s own
young men Jesse Perez was one of 16 worldwide
students accepted to the prestigious Julliard School in New York City and as
we celebrated that big accomplishment we also had to quickly figure out how we
were going to help with the tuition and I say we because in the city of Commerce
we make it our business to help each other out
and so as as much as bake sales and the Milan fundraisers helped I know I knew
where to go and it was straight to the Commerce Casino and Mr Hague may he rest
in peace he did not hesitate to help us fund raise over $8,000 for that
individual and that is besides all the other programs that they already offered
in 2013 they once again never closed the doors and welcomed the Miss Commerce
pageant there along with our young man of the year which they yearly give to
the scholarship program there and we hosted a beautiful event there the that
program helps to encourage and promote our young people of Commerce and so I
asked you to please help us help the city because parks make life better
the see no makes life better and I hope that
you here today will help us make life better Thank You Rebecca
Miranda and better Tauron good morning I’m gonna
give you a little bit different perspective my name’s amber o Tran and
I’m the supervisor of aging services for the city of Commerce so I’m coming from
the frontline perspective I’ve worked for the city for 25 years and I wasn’t
from Commerce and I wasn’t from that area but I quickly came to learn that
Commerce is a very small city with large city opportunities and that is because
of the Commerce Casino the Commerce Casino affects my programs by
subsidizing or outright paying for programs for the senior citizens of
Commerce many of our residents are Commerce Casino retirees these are their
golden years they come to our building for education exercise cultural arts and
excursions we offer food banks we offer congregate meal programs the
Commerce Casino donates gift cards to local grocery stores at the holidays so
they can buy meals for their families we have annual volunteer recognition events
we have birthday parties for everybody that’s 90 years and over a hundred
percent paid for by the casino we have community breakfasts with our mayor
helping bridge the gap between the politics and the residents and helping
make everybody get along and see where each other is coming from we’re a small
community that likes to live large and we’re given that opportunity because of
the casino not only do they do these programs for my seniors they do a
holiday cheer program for all of the children and low-income programs in our
city and they take bus loads and I mean bus loads five buses full of families up
to the Commerce Casino where they feed them they have Santa Claus and they give
them a Merry Christmas they’ve also sponsored my senior
softball team they do the scholarship programs which you’ve heard about so on
behalf of a layperson who works for the city and wants to maintain my job with
the city my staff’s jobs and continue to serve our seniors I urge you to please
reconsider what you’re looking to do thank you
thank you so Ernie Vargas and that’s VAR g I guess
I’m the third Ernie here today right okay well good morning I want to share
on a different distinct different approach also I’m a resident of the city
of Hawaiian Gardens for the past 53 years I was hired by the city in 1986
and I’ve been doing gang prevention intervention programs for the city for
the past 33 years but I actually started years ago before that when I was just 20
22 years old now I around 67 and I think your proposal or your plan would would
definitely affect our city I have been doing intervention programs at for
at-risk kids for 33 years and our city has changed almost 100% not only through
the intervention programs that we do in the school but also our after-school
programs but I’d like to share one success story for you and it’s because
the money that’s provided through the casino has provided the additional
programs that I have been able to do through the city we started to rugby
program in nineteen 2008 and there’s a young man right now gonna graduate this
year in June he received a full scholarship to play rugby at Lindenwood
University and this past two years and he was selected as a collegiate
all-american and he also received the full scholarship to that College because
the opportunity was given to him he was a young man who was in my classroom when
I talked to the kids reasons why they shouldn’t join a gang
he stayed in our after-school programs and from the 7th grade to 12th grade he
continuing the program and the opportunity was given to him because
they other coaches saw him as a great young man and athlete and because of
that he’s now going to graduate with a degree and come back to our city but I
think about if we lose our programs how many other kids will not get the
opportunity to see that he has and the other thing that would affect our city
is that without the programs it could possibly create more gang membership and
more activity so I urge you to make the right choice and help all our cities
that are asking you thank you Javier Hernandez we were to the US in permitting Aladdin
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inconsideration esta súplica yo lengua súplica the Venga
súplica no para que toman conciencia de este effect okay nirvana
que esta por por venir muchas gracias la sagrada scotch egg on a tiramisu
attention contra me y vamos adelante toll master tada California yo raciones
para las familias que tan perdiendo sus casas por los huevos de california
muchas gracias and II did a bi DeLorean my name is Andy
I come here as a resident of the city of Hawaiian Guardians I’ve lived in the
city of my whole life all 25 years I grew up playing playing sports for the
REC for recreation as little as you know we start off with I mean they start off
with kids as little as three years old I have a three-year-old daughter and she
just started her first season of soccer and t-ball this year and you know it was
a joy as a parent just to see her playing the same sports that I played as
a child and you know that’s what our city is about we nurture they nurture
our kids and our community from the age of like I said my daughter’s three and
she started into a big recreation sports they also have ballet they have art they
have karate you know for whoever doesn’t like sports you know Sports is not for
everybody but we have very they have various programs for all ages after that
once you get to UM to like second third grade they they we have sports all year
round that they could play you know keep them out of trouble
I mean myself that kept me out of trouble kept me busy you know the
various programs that I that I was involved in with the city as a kid you
know and we have the Teen Center as well a lot of teens you know if if they
wouldn’t have that they would be out maybe you know messing around causing
trouble or hanging around with the wrong people and part of that was why you know
like they mentioned before our city was very involved with gangs back in the day
and I proud to say that now it’s not that’s not the case we’ve grew a lot
from there also I mean all these so basically my point is these regulations
would greatly impact again our city revenue like it comes 76% of
our of our city funds come from the casino that’s you’re talking about about
six point seven million dollars that would be cut potentially and that would
be very detrimental to our city into our community and it would not allow the
city to provide all the you know all those various events and programs that
they that we have for the community as a whole
and I just urge you to please reconsider the regulations thank you Jose Luis Riviera good morning everyone my name is Rosalie
Rivera and I’m representing keeps mic into the mic closer okay wilmarie my
name is cause a little better and I’m representing my house Commerce Casino I
start as a housekeeping Terry once later I’m still here working her because such
such nice company they’re been helping me as an employee support my family and
I seen that means 4,000 some families if you guys change the rule the revenue of
the Commerce Casino is gonna change me and thousands of employees living
working at common casino I encourage you to take us in consideration and not make
any changes to support us and continue our legacy thank you very much Edward Medrano Edward Medrano city of
Gardena okay Tasha Sara thank you mark Henderson right Mary Chen good morning it’s Maddie’s chin hi my
name is Marion I’ve been working for the garden casino for 20 years I’m a single
mom and I want to tell you a story when I break up I have nothing
basically I have nothing but one thing I have is my job
and I have four kids it’s not easy I have no car
but I one thing I kept hearing my kid that we gonna be okay mom you’re gonna
make it because I have a job a job that paid
good and if you decide to change how the game I play in the card room it will
affect my family my co-worker families and I always tell my kid that we have a
goal mommy gonna make it and from have no car I have four car now for my kid
you know and every day I’m looking forward to go to work not just yet no I
don’t want to go to work no I want to go to work because it’s a challenge work in
a court room it’s like entertainment you go meet new people you make people happy
and it could pay and about I’m over 50 already I don’t think I can’t get
another job some real because I’ve been working for so long and I love my
workplace the cardroom club is the best job that I will have and please please
do not change in how the game I play in the courtroom because right now a lot of
us meet that job especially the people a person like me don’t have high education
so I need that job if anything happened you know I don’t want to get up have to
be stressed out okay do I still have a job you know go
to work do I still have my job Oh am I gonna what happened to me what happened
all the code that I said for my kid what happened
the goal that I almost reach already and I understand everything gonna be changed
just over nice please consider your decision thank you Michael
Canada good morning I stand here today former citizen of
Weingarten’s and a casino employee but I also stand here to remind you of why
this all came to be and the mid 90s Hawaiian Gardens was nearly bankrupt and
on the verge of becoming unincorporated if that wasn’t enough they were
struggling with gang drug and crime problems the city needed help my father
Robert Ken had a former mayor made his top priority to save the city and built
community the Hawaiian Gardens casino helped make that dream a reality
dr. Irvin Moskowitz helped provide an immense amount of support to the
community there is never-ending service this wasn’t in your average business in
the city it was part of the community I myself have been an employee for nearly
20 years and it’s given me and many others the
opportunity to support their families making adjustments to the state casino
regulations like this would impact my family and could send us into complete
whirlwind the thousands of employees statewide would be impacted our lives
would be devastated and many displaced the city would lose
vital revenue that support youth and after-school programs senior programs
recreational programs and many community events a loss of these programs would
only hurt the community the state’s decision has the ability to
significantly impact the lives of thousands of people across the state the
city cities across the state communities employees and families of many will be
impacted Hawaiian Gardens the most the city the youth and the community and the
casino employees need you to understand how detrimental this could end for many
my livelihood and the livelihood of many are in your hands the city motto is our
youth our future please allow this community to have a future thank you senator Vanessa Delgado good morning I
represent the Senate district 32 which includes the cities of Commerce and
Hawaiian Gardens and so I am here today to highlight the importance of this
issue you’ve heard so much testimony this morning I’m not going to repeat
that except to tell you that as a public servant it is our responsibility to
analyze the policy impacts and the unintended consequences of the decisions
we make this issue will have a tremendous unintended consequence for
people throughout my district I represent a million people and I can
tell you that if this change moves forward it will devastate families
throughout Senate district 32 and it is our responsibility as public officials
to question why we are making the decisions before us and I implore you to
consider that now I have 300 letters here of people who could not attend
today and I will submit those into the record
of additional people who are protesting these proposed changes and I have one
request of you today other than to consider that this policy change will
have tremendous unintended consequences to the negative to the detriment of this
area but that you extend this hearing to allow everybody who has come to speak
these are working people who have taken the time to come here you have a hundred
and twenty-five speakers signed up I asked today that you hear their comments
I would do it if I had a hearing and I implore you to do that as well thank you Margaret Mercado
I’m terribly sorry I didn’t see Oh good morning my name is Margaret O Matic aloe
and I’m a resident and also employee of the point guards casino ah it’s very
hard for me to come and talk to you I’m not used to talking to the person in
front of me and feste people behind me but I hire a lot of employees and it
will be very hard for me to tell them that they’re about to lose their jobs
so please making those changes it’s gonna hurt my family and hundreds in
this room thank you Blanca’s and a house good morning my
name is Blanca and Davis and I have lived the serial covers for over 50
years and I’m here to let you know that I have seen my city grow thanks to the
Commerce Casino we have grown in a good way with not only our have you know pray
Frank preschool a lot of programs for young people that keeps them away from
breaking into your homes and breaking into our cars as long as they have these
programs and at least part-time jobs they keep busy we have programs to keep
our seniors busy and if he was for the Commerce Casino we will have all of this
because of our athletic programs that we have we have been able to send several
times or students or athletes to compete at the Olympic Games okay and they have
come back with manners we were very proud of that if it wasn’t for the
Commerce Casino we wouldn’t have been able to do that also the scholarships
something that is so important for the young people of our generation
I wish the Commerce Casino will be in around well now when I had to go to
college I didn’t have enough money to buy a ten dollar book and I had to go to
the library all day on Saturday but because of the Commerce Casino hundreds
of our young people they have graduated from high school have gone on to college
to get an education when those young people graduate in their field they’re
going to be an asset to humanity a lot of them are probably going to
two wonderful things okay and I would like you to please relay to the people
they have to make a decision on this issue that many of these cities they are
here to especially to see do commerce the Commerce Casino is her backbone
because of them we walk up straight and forward into the future please please
don’t put us on a wheelchair thank you Thank You Pat Jones good morning I’m not a big-time speaker
no nor am i a big-time executive but I am gonna represent the bicycle Hotel and
Casino I have been employed there for thirty two and a half years they it is a
great place to work I have seen the change that the casino have done to the
city of Birkins I’m not a resident of Bell Gardens
but I’m there most of the time we do have a great casino we do do great
things for the city I don’t know nothing about the revenue like I say I’m not
that big I’m just a peon but I do have a job there and I do want to keep my job
there we do big tremendous things we do a big Christmas parties for the city of
Bell Gardens for the schools for the less fortunate we do give scholarships
that I know we do great things please consider what you guys want to do
consider you sitting out here and us sitting up there thank you so much mayor pro-tem city of Commerce John
Soria good morning my name’s John sorry I’m the mayor pro-tem for the city of
Commerce not only am i a local elected official but I am a homegrown resident
the city of Commerce as you sit here looking into the crowd this morning you
see signs that say our youth and our future back in the 80s when the casino
came to the city of Commerce I was that youth and I was that future this morning
you’ve heard from countless individuals that are not only employees of the city
of the Commerce Casino of the city of Commerce or they’re both employees of
our city of our casino and residents of our community the things that you’re
looking that you’re considering this morning will have grave impacts upon our
community but not just our community or the communities that have card card
clubs within there within their committees but you’re gonna have some
devastating effects throughout the southeast area throughout Southern
California as you’ve heard this morning you are going to impact individuals
financially you’re gonna impact cities financially but those impacts are also
going to be social they’re also going to be impacts for the quality of life that
we all have come to appreciate and we’ve come to to work hard for not only a mine
a local elected official for the city of commerce but I’m also a 20 year veteran
of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department I can tell you firsthand that
this decision will have grave effects to our public safety not only to our public
safety but you’re gonna see the city of Commerce face some major crises as you
impact our library programs our Parks and Rec programs you know you heard from
our assistant Parks and Rec director earlier today
Adolfo Marquez Adolfo Marquez was my summer day camp director when I was a
young man in the 80s so that goes to show you the generations and generations
that are here represented this morning here in this room we strongly ask you to
consider decision that you are going to make the
you know the city of Commerce the Commerce Casino as you’ve seen on the
back of these shirts of these hard-working people men and women it
says 35 years that’s 35 years of them being our neighbors of being our
partners and ensuring that there’s a quality of life not only for them but
also for our community so we asked you if you look at our public safety our
public safety alone in the city of Commerce is 19 million if this is
successful and we hope that it’s not that’s gonna be a 16 million dollar
impact and we’re gonna have to find ways to ensure that we can continue to move
forward with our programs and our services so this morning we ask you to
strongly consider the decision you’re about to make as you were as you were
besieged earlier place yourself in our shoes because today you’re looking at us
but tomorrow someone may be looking at you when your community is faced with
these same challenges thank you so much thank you I’m so sorry I can’t pronounce the last
name because I can’t read it Hilda how do you spell your last name
Hilda DUI double Elian thank you okay my name is Hilda I wasn’t planning on
speaking at all because I cannot do public speaking at all I I was having a
hard time even talking to some of my employees at work but because of the
casino what the casino has done for me and my family I wanted to be here and
support the casino and I’m here from the bout Gardens
bicycle club casino representing them not only am I going to be affected but a
thousands of employees at the casino are gonna be affected by the decision please
I consider I please I beg you to reconsider your decision because I know
what the casino has done for me a four years ago I did not have a job I was
practically homeless and because of the casino and the chance that they gave me
I’m now employed and I’m stabilized not only do I have a home I have a job I
have full benefits I did not have full benefits I couldn’t see a doctor for
years because of the casino I have full benefits
unable to see a doctor not only do I also have mental mental health mental
health and because of the casino because of the services that the casino the
casino has provided I’m able I was able to have those services and like I said
I’ve been stabilized with my family and the casino is has done great things for
me just like one of my employees had mentioned one of the employees there
have mentioned that because he no has done Chris they do Christmas parties for
us they do you meant for us they provide lunch for us on a daily
basis they also provide employee appreciation they provide bonuses for us
so they do great things they also provide scholarships so please
reconsider your decision thank you thank you Miguel are with acme player services hello my name is miguel rios mig ue l RI
OS lasting just learn about this a week ago I know it’s been ongoing for years I
did a little bit of research myself it took like an hour I just want to know
more about this and how this will affect me because I work for a third party
proposition player and I graduate from Cal State Long Beach in 2012 with a
degree in economics and read up on this and I understand that the tribes have
been affected by by something called a little letter that was that was allowing
car rooms to operate in unintended ways more fundamentally I don’t understand
how the state of California allowed an artificial monopoly on table gaming I
see that this monopoly through government regulation they’re trying to
assert their authority and the problem I see now is that the little letter was
written by the gambling Control Commission I know there’s some pending
litigation about that back in 2007 and it sparked an industry an industry
generated many jobs benefited cardrooms many communities that they are located
in and around the cities I will personally live in the gardens casino
around the gardens casino Hawaiian Gardens I live in Long Beach so I’ve
been benefited by this since that letter was struck down by this Commission in
2016 we are here today to try and create a fair solution for all parties involved
I think the Commission for their time and their consideration today thank you Joe Cabrera is our meadow good morning
board my name is Joe Cabrera is mm you’ll see a b r e ra zer m e in yeah oh
I was just alerted to this a few days ago so please my my burbage and my 3
minutes are going to be extemporaneous kind of sorta first I’d like everyone to
look around in here the majority of the people in this room are people of color
right now 90 to 95 percent here are will be
affected by this decision that the board Bureau of Gaming Control will do to help
solidify this in the Department of Justice division of law enforcement
Bureau of gaming controls members mind the fact really is this issue requires
the input of all California’s voters and would respectfully ask that this be
considered to be placed on our ballot California so we can all decide how this
issue should be and not just a few I would ask the question of quality of
life is so broad and extensive it is simply immeasurable in this extremely
limited time period on how to calculate not only the financial impact to our
community of nearly 20,000 residents in the city of Hawaiian Gardens
brought to the forefront by the tribal casinos the greed for money by the
tribal casinos on the topic of rotation of the player dealer position is plain
simple clear greed they want to crush the remaining
competition that affects their bottom line their own wallets greed thirty
seconds if this has changed it will affect profoundly negative the future of
our women men children and babies of the city of Hawaiian Gardens and a very
other community here thank you very much sandra Ronis city of Hawaiian Gardens and I’m terribly sorry Jane I think so iconic you that bicycle
casino I’m dealer and my name is Jane tranq and
that today I come here I only talked of the sweet things first thing I want to
say I know my company know very rich but they try to best try to best for the
customer trust best for employee including the children try to best for
the city the school and the second thing I want to say my company and my company
try to best and a way like a little small world we come everywhere have all
different color or different age or different language but we do the
relation really love and that I know how much employee depend or the company
including the customer they depend on the tube because I say that I’m a dealer
I always say the dealer is the company the face the walkie first of all see us
and there’s some customer coming if we test break with second talk each other
that’s why today are coming I’m not only for the redeploy II and they included
some customer and it’s somebody did talk to me they said oh I’m Sunday are coming
to and we can I come too play for your head and we thought I have
a lot of fun I think out of my pressure because my
business it gave me a lot of pressure I come to your company I think all the
pressure charging my battery and then companies do more business there’s a
somebody talked to me is the single father they have a barber shop and the
finish that come home myself nowhere can go they said they’ll come to
your company I talked to you gasps you here just like or family to and it is
really like it they depend on the tube that’s the only
talk about the base and then I won’t ask you to guess you to try to help us save
all the family civil company thank you thank you crystal king crystal king from the bike it will come back to crystals I think
she’s being called Layla Leone from Commerce Miss King you are you miss King
okay you’ll go next after miss Leone Thanks and there’s a seat right up here good morning my name is Lila Leon and
before I start I want you to remember the word impact I’ve lived in the city
of Commerce for over 65 years my parents decided to buy a home there when I was
four years old and so that was before the Commerce Casino so I can speak
firsthand of the impact that the Commerce Casino has had on my life and
in deciding to raise my son there who in turn has decided to raise his to grant
his two kids my two grandchildren so there is now four generations in the
city of Commerce the impact that the city of Commerce Casino has had or the
Commerce Casino has had you’ve heard from all the residents that have come
before you so I’m not gonna you know repeat that but I want you to remember
the word impact because it’s not just going to have an impact on the Commerce
residents but also on the Commerce Casino I keep saying well it’s a
Commerce Casino their employees the businesses around them all the food
services that will go well there it will be impacted and one of the things that I
want you to as I was sitting I thought if I was on that on in your seats
I would ask why now what is driving this now because these games have been in
existence for when I understand 20 years so why now and what void is it going to
fill it’s going to fill an negative void in the Commerce Casino employees the
residents the businesses so again I ask you why now and I just want to leave you
with a little story of mine I was actually oh I guess not
but so then I should I’ll just leave you with the word impact so when you do make
your decision please remember the negative impact they will have on so
thousands and thousands of people but the positive impacts that the Commerce
Casino has brought to not only the city of Commerce to the neighboring cities
this Montebello city of Downey they’re not ajust a corporate entity but they’re
our friends thank you so much all right miss king hi thank you again
for letting us voice our concerns I’m gonna get a little motional because I
really feel strongly about this I’m a mom I’m a I’m a wife and I’m approaching
my twenty-fifth year at the bite I just don’t understand it I want you to
understand Vikas that I don’t only just help me buy a house it’s helped me
raised my two kids it’s helped me prepare them for college and this means
the world to me that I’ve been able to do this as a mom but not only just me
but our community I see my team members 22,000 of us Federer but all doing the
same thing we would have a collective goal not only to make the bike to
succeed but also raise our families support our community and the thousands
of kids we impact the bicycle senior doesn’t just support the employees we
have thousands hundreds of thousands of dollars that go into scholarship funds
for not only our team members kids but the community’s kids so they strongly
believe in having a brighter and successful future for our next
generation so I want you to think about the impact not just on our personal but
how we affect the community as well we impact thousands of needy families every
year we provide them with a Christmas that they necessarily would not have and
I personally volunteer every year for this I also help with a volunteer with
the Boys and Girls Club because I believe that because the casino has set
this great example we all do the same thing to support it so I want you to
take in consideration of that not just the families and the employees but the
businesses around it we support a whole bunch of vendors and we’re going to
impact them too not to mention all of the first responders of
so again thank you for hearing our concerns I hope you do take this into
consideration of what this means to all of us on a personal level not just on a
financial level thank you richard Hernandez it’s probably afternoon now so good
afternoon my name is Richard Hernandez I live in the city of commerce the word
impact has come up so many different times here but the reality is you’re
looking at individual lives here it’s not just watching a program on TV and
say oh wait how these people with the reality is that all these people that
are in here are concerned there are people that are working now that are
unable to be here to share their concerns but the casino provides Unser
mount of services and I’m referring to our youth without those facilities
without the community reaching out to them my question is where do you think
they didn’t Doug if they didn’t have great mentors to guide them in their
life to help them think to make the right decisions these are just a part of
the benefits that we get from the casino so there there’s one thing that actually
got to me when the gentleman was speaking about greed from the Indian
nations that I don’t believe they are surviving people but in turn we are all
people and we should be looking out for one another
and I hope that you do make the right decision and think about the consequence
and the benefits thank you thank you million Magana Magana I’m sorry Lillian hello my name is Liliana Magana and I am
currently a resident of the city of Commerce along with a city employee for
the Department of Parks and Recreation and most importantly I feel that I’m a
product of the city of Commerce and I’m a product of the benefits that the City
of Commerce is able to provide to its residents due to the Commerce Casino
you know I previously lived in a city where we didn’t have this kind of
revenue and we didn’t offer these kind of programs and I remember as a child
wanting to do more wanting to participate in sports wanting to do
something more with my life and my parents not being able to afford that
fortunately we moved to the city of Commerce where the city of commerce was
able to provide me the opportunity to participate in boxing and because I was
able to participate in boxing I got to be a national champion and I got to be
ranked number one in the nation and I got to travel and I learned so much I’m
not currently a boxer but I do feel that because of this program it helps shape
my life it helps shape Who I am today as a young strong woman and currently I’m
employed with the city of Commerce and I’m giving back to my community I do
work with teens and preteens and there were able to program provide
so much program that positively impacts their future and losing this kind of
support would be devastating it would be devastating to our future it would be
devastating to our programs and I do urge you to consider how much of a
negative impact it would create for our future for our children currently they
are able to participate in sports they are able to travel they are able to
learn about music and art and because of it they’re able to be successful in life
in the city of commerce we are not just providing a service but we are forming
life champions and I urge you to consider that thank you Marguerita Perez good money ayan margarita Paris
I live in commerce for about 45 years so my son Jesse Paris got it
a very good education Thank You Commerce Casino Thank You city of Commerce why
because they help a lot Jesse study in Korea art college in
Commerce Casino health to him commit seriocomic help to him – so what
happened right now thank you – Commerce Casino tanker to Syria commerce Jesse I
still live in a for get a job for the director art in San Diego California
why because they learn in Korea I get a good education for Commerce Casino in
Syria commerce health to him and I am had a lot motivation with a course with
everybody help to him and right now have a good education is Arizona is key goal
inna in a foreign for director in in in this place in the director in Al Bhed
and down with a city that that la San Diego so he still kept a very Kucha
thank you Cassie Thomas casino and Thank You Celia comers so he named his Jesse
Paris and then have a good education my treated my three boys have good
education thank you for comes the signal and thank
you for Celia comes so thank you very much for your time
okay thank you Alison heck hello my name is Alison Peck I’m a
senior floor staff at Commerce Casino and I’ve been an employer there for 31
years the the people who are the customers in our area or local customers
they stop by because they like us the people here they stop by because it’s
close they stop by on an afternoon after work people are not going to drive an
hour and a half to three hours each way to go to an Indian casino just to play
these games and in the absence of these games will there be a void created that
that illegal games in the Los Angeles area will crop up and all the illegal
activity that that also Garner’s the spirit of California is opportunity and
prosperity for all Californians thank you Tory big knife morning appreciate everyone being here
and hearing the different perspectives I represent the VA hospital Kumbaya
Indians and I understand the issue here today that we’re talking about to be the
bureau’s enforcement and the rulemaking process involved with that and you have
a standard in the Penal Code today that talks about what systematic and
continuous rotation of the player dealer position so one of the areas where there
is probably some agreement but a difference of opinion is an agreement
that the the law is on the books today that systemic and continuous rotation
has to be enforced what I understand the bureau to be doing is trying to go
through a rulemaking process now no rules have been drafted yet but a
rulemaking process is ahead to try to provide some clarification on what
systematic and continuous means and how that should then be enforced going
forward so we’ve heard a lot of discussion here about lost jobs lost
revenues to communities I don’t understand that to be the discussion
today though I respect the amount of fear that this situation is created for
folks in this room that have jobs that care about their families and these
important issues we also represent tribal governments and the only funding
these tribal governments get is through Indian Gaming that’s what the California
voters decided back in 2000 and that’s why the regulatory system and the legal
framework was set up the way it is these were tribes that were in abject poverty
that had absolutely nothing you know the statement about greed is just you know
it’s disparaging that’s not what this is about
this is about understanding what the legislators are meant when they pass
that law that said systemic and continuous rotation now there was a
comment made at the beginning and the description of this process about well
it’s not a defined term and yes there are lots of terms and statutes that are
not defined terms the question is is there
plain and clear meaning for what that turn those terms mean systemic and
continuous and most of us know continuous means without interruption
now there’s a two hand standard that was established by the cardrooms
if you go and you look at the rules every rule practically every rule has a
two hand standard for the rotation of the player dealer position that was an
industry standard that was formed by the card rooms so we look forward to having
a conversation as we continue to work through this process our positions of
course have been as submitted in writing and you know God Bless America that we
can have a difference of opinion and respectful discussion about that thank
you thank you Judy no N Judy no N hello my name is Judy I am a member of
the bicycle hotel casino as you can see this room is full of people who are here
to support and protect our local job and City revenues bicycle Town casino have
provided thousands of jobs for the residents about Gardens as well the
residents of other cities this job have been helping me put my little brother
through college taking care of my sick mother and it’s been helping lots of
family who’s in this industry we live in a time of opportunity and since I have
the opportunity to stand here before you I ask that you please reconsider any
changes that work that would devastate our community this is your opportunity
to do the right thing for our community thank you thank you

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