Number of Māori with gambling problems decrease; Māori still lead in problem gambling

There’s good and bad news
in the latest problem gambling stats for Maori. The positive angle reveals
a steady decrease in the number of Maori affected
by this issue. But here’s the rub: Maori still lead the statistics
in the area. And as Hania Douglas reports, that’s prompted a ministerial review
of the strategy to address problem gambling. Gambling still a big problem
for Maori. Lance Norman, the CEO
of Hapai Te Hauora Tapui, says that while stats on the issue
are on the decline, the govt still has a responsibility to create support structures
for gambling, which is part of their submission to Associate Minister of Health,
Jenny Salesa. The latest stats say that up to one
in five New Zealand adults will be affected
by problem gambling, but community experts on the issue
say that when one is affected, the whole family feels it too. Ruth Herd, researcher of the effects
of problem gambling on youth, says youth are never included
in the govt’s plans for gambling, even though they can be quite
heavily affected. The majority of services
focus on adults and the elderly. However, it’s actually young adults
that are seeking out help. And both Herd and Norman
believe that for a new strategy to have any effect in the war
against problem gambling, there needs to be a
holistic family approach. The young people want help, they want to know more about the adverse impacts of gambling
can have on them. Minister, please do your best
to help care for our young ones. Minister Jenny Salesa has begun her
series of consultation hui with Maori and Pasifika communities, with the last to be held in Auckland
where she’ll be willing to comment on the issue. Hania Douglas, Te Karere.

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