Odorgate : World Series Of Poker Edition

we’re back from dinner break stinky on
my left has not returned yet maybe the clothes, didn’t even take the
clothes five minutes go by he returns wearing
the same clothes as before ya know you can smell it
dealer can smell it everybody can smell it horrible well you can you can one
cycle in second so I do this off and check my name’s checked in truth I got
100% guarantee you think they’ll go to the spa here I give you my you can see
that I checked him I mean there’s no actual proof set to the shower but I
don’t care everybody’s probably it’s not just mine here’s the only one to
complain to everybody else agrees the floor pulls him aside he’s missing
hands I can hear them speaking the floor tells him to go buy some deodorant and
put on deodorant he says I will file a civil claims court lawsuit against you
if you disqualify me from this tournament I overhear them say
disqualify him he’s bluffing the floor laughs the floor is on my side to eat he
noses the stench everybody the table was the stench so something must be done
stinky sits down on my left again with every walk by and every sit down the
stench intensifies the floor concluded that it was the hoodie he was wearing
that still stinks so they made him remove the hoodie and put it in his
backpack you’re a nice enough guy but it stinks I
mean it’s an awkward situation look man you talked about it don’t talk about it
more talk to the floor I don’t have time I probably think it was that Jack a
little bit spell them – I didn’t smelling it you will the whole time you
clearly don’t care about anybody at the table Oct come out he doesn’t want to
play he doesn’t care about anybody at the table
he said it it’s not exactly right I heard what he says I didn’t I said why
don’t you yeah yeah I didn’t say that I said why
don’t you and us will be new people if you went to this point yeah you can stop
in – right it’s incredible it’ll be good if you usually you can smell the whole
table can smell we should just vote them off it’s the only way to get rid of the
best thing is you can smell it maybe you can yeah he’s on a one-round penalty
maybe he can take a shower and it’s next a crown penalty like you clearly lied
about taking a shower when I asked him me just pause and it’s like yeah I went
to the spa here you can check the tapes oh yeah in the same clothes table change another another shower and another new
shirt and pants underwear listen listen after this guys let’s not talk about it
anymore shower slathered in deodorant a new shirt he’s coming back to the table
let’s quit it where’s the shower ha right there Oh
what are you legibly already went to ok it’s over at least at least the odors
half gone because of the dinner break right no it’s the same nothing’s changed
she didn’t shower he’s wearing the same clothes well III can smell it the whole
table smells new shirt shower and all that and I I witnessed a lather all that
look the owner is not gonna solve the problem
he admitted he hasn’t showered in three days was proud of him how can you let
these creepers play just qualify him giving his money back do something weird
we paid enough rake for his entry alone I I know the story I know it’s funny I
know it’s awkward but it’s not good good the masseuse behind his seat at the
other table he looks back and gives me the flared nostril look she can still
smell him from his backpack which contains the mysterious hoodie that just
covered in his stench she reaches into her pouch and offers me a vial of tea
tree oil I say thank you sniff it pour it on his
chair and pass it around the table all the way
around she encourages us to put it under our nose like a smelling salt so he
can’t smell the stench even though he’s not there it’s still there I’m trying to
focus I’m trying to play my a game I’m not trying to tell and worry about this
shit but here we are 10 20 minutes go by he
comes back the floor tells him he still has 5 more hands before he can sit back
in right in the middle so you got 5 more we’re in the same pants stink is in the
pants I don’t know how he showered and changed clothes in this time he’s
wearing the same jeans he’s got some adidas polo golf shirt on I don’t know
where that came from but as he walks by he still reaps like a skunk
a skunk you know what a skunk smells like yeah that’s what’s up
so I’m trying to stay composed the whole tables in agreement that he’s stinks and
they’ve had to deal with it for the last six hours seat four isn’t even close to
him he says he’s a Somali aid he’s used to sniffing exotic wines all day he has
a very sensitive nose and it’s affecting him this is a big problem you know you
can make light of this but in the end of the day I still have to sit next to this
guy the floors offered me such solutions as
oh he’s gonna buy soon yeah well guess what he’s still in he still got chips
the tension at the table is palpable when he finally came back from his
penalty no one said a word just tension so here we are with two hours left in
the day and we’re gonna make the best of it to a bag and tag and hopefully you
know just stay on our a-game and try to breathe to our right because all the
stinks coming from the left this is not stinky I wouldn’t be sitting this close
to them on my 20 minutes of freedom but I hope you guys can understand and I
hope I am the white Rosa Parks of dealing with body odor in poker
tournaments take a stand when Stinky’s at your table see you guys in two hours with blinds at 300 600 open middle
positions with king queen of clubs stinky I’m I love flat calls and the big
blind calls the flop comes six deuce deuce rainbow checks to me I bet 1800
stinky calls turn is a beautiful one a queen this point I’m putting him on 6x
or a mid pair possibly ace high so I want to set it up for a turn in river
jam so I bet 3300 on the turn yes exactly ten thousand behind he puts
in the call the rivers one of the worst cards in the deck the ace of spades
bringing the backdoor spades although I don’t think that’s too likely an ace
high floats also not very likely still put him on a mid pair it’s high patented
after calling the turn but I don’t see much value in shoving anymore so I check
he shoves I go in the tank and put in the call he shows ace Queen of Hearts and we
double Mon with blinds at four hundred eight hundred we have twenty six
thousand action folds to the hijack who opens for 1800 cut-off calls and then we
have Queen Jack off on the button my gut says to just three bet fold this hint we
block East Queen pocket jacks pocket queens King Queen stuff like that but
we’re gonna go the low variance route and put in the call small blind folds
and the big blind calls flop comes Jack eight five rainbow good flop for our
hand two checks original caller bets 2,200 a good raise but I think that’s
over upping our hand so we just put in the call on the button in position other
two players fold the turn is a nine so six seven gets there small possibility a
few two pair combos and Queen ten get there he now bets 4500 of course we have
top pair with the nut straight draw gut ball gutter I think it’s pretty close about we put
in the call let’s see what happens on the river
the rivers an off suit three he has about 30,000 behind and he bets 8,000
sure looks like a value bet and I can’t think of it really any hands that he’s
bluffing with king queen Jack ten then value what do we beat here not too much
not too much and I put in the fold I asked to see one and he just flips up
the top one and it’s a nine of spades so I think it’s very likely he had a hand
like pocket nines or Jack nine suited and we made a good fold on the river we play for another 40 minutes and fold
every hand I love tan handed poker and we bag up 14300 chips not the desired
result but we did survive today – pretty frustrating day is pretty irate with the
whole stinky situation the grand simulator just loves love strolling me I
swear these things cannot be coincidence of course I double up the stinky guy that’s poker and it makes me really like
this game less and less the more I play it the skill edge is narrowing is that a
word getting more narrow which just makes the rage more of a factor so it
just makes it more luck based if everyone is near the same skill edge and
no one’s making huge mistakes variance is high a break is high spirits are low
we’re coming back Monday at 11 o’clock for day 2 with 14 blinds I know what to
do with that we can definitely build that up and start fresh so let’s keep a
positive attitude crush online tomorrow big Sunday and come back strong on
Monday never give up comfortably

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100 thoughts on “Odorgate : World Series Of Poker Edition

  1. You’re right man…the fish have improved enough that the solid regs barely have enough edge to cover rake and be winning players. I lived in Vegas for 2 years and just moved back to Louisville, Ky. last May. Kentucky has no casinos (probably trying to avoid competition with the race horse industry, which is ignorant to me) but there is a riverboat casino about 30 minutes outside Louisville and then there is Jack casino in Cincinnati about 1 1/2 hour away and another riverboat between here and there. I have played several cash sessions since I got home and the players out here aren’t at the level of the players in vegas, for obvious reasons. I played constantly in vegas and I was winning, but nowhere near the way I win here. My point is that the average player in vegas is much better than the average player in louisville. Tournaments are simpler to learn and much more popular amongst recreational players. My advice would be to spend more time in cash games and you could still play the occasional tournament. You will have a bigger edge in the cash games there and I guarantee you will win more money. Tournaments are hard to cash, let alone make enough profit to cover the time spent and rake. You are definitely a great tournament player, but I do suggest you at least mix in more cash sessions to supplement your income. You will win a big tournament one day soon and it will justify all these stressful bubbles and dealing with stinky guys at the table. You admitted in this vlog that luck is a huge factor. Its a much bigger factor in tournaments because some donk getting lucky once is all it takes to be out of a tournament. You can recover in a cash game by rebuying and the math will always work itself out. Sorry to write a book, but this is the best advice I can give you. Tourney life seems so stressful

  2. Checking into a spa doesn't confirm you took a shower. If anything ,you go in and get more sweaty and more musty. Sad that ppl have to tell a grown to wash up. Smdh. And it's even worse if ppl do this on purpose to get other players to the point that they are happy to bust out just to get away from the stinch. And this guy didn't shower on the hottest days of this year. This past week it was 108-113 degrees out. So he must've been pretty musty.

  3. Boski I saw both vlogs..hats off to you for not punching stinky in the face…i heard the comment he said…but anyway your right we all must stand up to stank ass people!!!…respect the game …respect yourself….and RESPECT BOSKI👊😎…because he will call you out….and oh yeah ….putting on deodorant on top of stank ass …still smells like stank ass🤣

  4. Don't know why people are so afraid to call out said stinky person when they are spreading they're stench throughout the room. You are a true warrior for freshness, showering and all things clean..😀

  5. How in the fuck is he not so embarrassed that he doesn't just leave and not come back, or at least buy some fresh clothes?

  6. No one should tolerate 6 hours of reek. As soon as any player determines the direction, if not the source, talk to the floor, tell them it has to stop or they'll have to give you your money back as you can't take it. If everyone did this the floor would be proactive and weed these people out maybe even before the first card is dealt.

  7. Rule 40-d.
    …any Participant whose personal hygiene has become disruptive to the other Participant seat at the table.

  8. This is why I prefer to play online poker :-D! Don't have to smell or look at these scumbags who literally do nothing but play poker for 3 days without showering.

  9. Haha, Jeff, did you say, "The viewers can smell it….??? I think you said the dealer can smell it,,,lol, I need to go back and hear it again. Anyways, man, guys like Stinky, rarely win it all and even barely make the money. Just remember, you got the pedigree, you have the poker skills and you're in for the long haul.

  10. I'm glad that isn't my man. They are probably so stinky and clammy that "they" stick to the side of his leg. Tell me you didn't think the same thing! You can tell boski is very clean. Stay focused and win one soon!!

  11. I don't understand how somebody can not shower for three days (in 100+ degree heat) and then think it's ok to sit down with a bunch people basically all jammed together. Especially when HE can smell how bad he smells. Why dontcha just sit down with a big fresh turd on yer head? Same damn thing.

  12. What’s mind blowing is this guy doesn’t seemed embarrassed nor does he seem to want to rectify the problem. What fucking world are we living in? Unless he’s like Autistic or some sort of mentally challenged situation I’d be so embarrassed I’d immediately leave and shower sacrificing blinds. But this asshole had every opportunity to rectify the problem without missing hands and didn’t. Why? He’s an American so it’s not cultural.

  13. You achieved the goal, bag and tag – get those 3 double ups next session and take it down.


  14. It’s embarrassing to them but you actually do these people a favor when you tell them they smell. If I smell bad I’d want to know so I can quickly fix the problem. But then again I take showers and this guy doesn’t.

  15. I'm just going to start carrying around body spray during my sessions. That way I can have an easy solution most of the time. But three days? No amount of axe can cure that in the Vegas heat.

  16. So … let's be clear here. Jeff Boski is bothered by "stinky," but is NOT bothered by the Night of the Living Dead zombie standing beside him blankly staring into space while he provides us with a mid-session update on the saga of stinky? This is the thing of nightmares!

  17. Pro poker must be tough … dealing with the swings/variance is one thing, but on top of that sitting next to filthy pigs in tourneys??

  18. fkn gross situation..so the floor cant do anything more? there should be sum type of rule set up to avoid this kinna shyt

  19. Bro, how did you not Sniff out that AQ? If your skill edge is narrowing, you need to Raise Your Edge.

    Lol, sorry, couldn't help it. Someone in previous vlog comments who said they worked in a morgue or similar mentioned a little Vick's VaporRub in the nostrils works wonders. GL.

  20. Stink is a high rake. Poker sucks if you are not making money. Having to sit with a bunch of losers for hours gets old if you are not making decent money.

  21. At most of the casinos I play at, I have to listen to a bunch of losers argue over whose better, lebron or Michael. Hour after hour, day after day, it never ends.

  22. Bravo Jeff for standing up to the stink bomb. I had a similar situation last week in a cash game. I played for about 30 min and couldn’t take it. I just cashed out. The floor asked me if something was wrong, I’m like yeah the guy 2 seats away stinks something awful and I’m not going to stay and smell that. Plenty of other places to play. Thanks for recommending the Wynn poker room. Went there awesome poker room, didn’t have to deal with stinky people there. Keep up the good work on the vlog. It’s the best one out there. Your tournament hand break downs have me thinking on a different level these days. I made a deep run in a tourny at the gold nugget just a couple of days ago. Stay in the zone. Keep the stink bombs away from poker!

  23. I just worry in this type of situation that stinky villain doesn’t just dump like he normally would but now he’s got a mini vendetta against you and becomes a wizard.

  24. I played 8 years mid-stakes limit holdem for a living. This game will absolutely crush your soul. Hang in there Boss.

  25. Great vlog..still 😁😁😁.. and you doublle him up…😂😂😂 ..really funny story..love it… hello to your boys (boxer best dog in the word) gl boski👍💪

  26. Good commentary and analysis at the end…. skill is narrowing with high variance. Luck at 80%. There are a few that have been running pretty good lately. Have to pull out all the tricks to win.

  27. Wow, everyone complaining here are such entitled people… get over yourselves and move on with life… u will encounter worse things in life.. if u don't u are very lucky

  28. Jesus Christ, how does Stinky have such little dignity or sense of self worth? How the actual F is he not utterly mortified?! I’m amazed.

  29. Boski jeez how many times are they going to catch runnier runnier on you…you got luck like me could be raining pussy and I would get hit with a dick!!!!!!!go get them my man patience it'll come to you

  30. All the other guys are pussies. They only say what’s on their mind when he is not at the table. That’s far more worse than the stinky guy. Hate peoples who only can open their mouth behind the back.

  31. Stinky says he banged $2 mexian whores for 3 days straight without showering. He's on a plane headed for vegas, looking for u😂😂😂😂. 2019 odorgate imminent

  32. Lol you doubled up “stinky” that’s karma you were rude af calling him out like that u coulda been polite about it you’re far from perfect as we all are but I would never say to the floor n table Jeff’s long face is bothering me give him his money back treat everybody w respect what if he was mentally challenged u never know just saying

  33. Ok I'm going to pack a Haz-mat suit when I go to my first WSOP just in case I run into this situation. That's not overkill right? ⚠️☣⚠️🤢

  34. Ever thought about what big birds shit smells like…well you take that aroma.multiply by 2.and you got stinky !!

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