Off-Track Betting : Collecting on Winning Tickets in OTB

In this segment we’re going to be covering
how to collect your winnings, if you win. Here we’ve got another track that has just
finished racing, in the upper right hand corner you can see where it says unofficial. Now,
if you’ve got your ticket that says five, six, four, three, that’s a winning ticket,
congratulations! You’re going to want to start heading up to the window, but you might want
to wait. As it says unofficial, that means that this is what came in and their still
reviewing how the track ran, where the horses were actually placed. These numbers can and
sometimes do change. These are ridden animals, the jockeys can contest, these results at
any point after the race has gone off, up until where the unofficial changes to official.
Make sure that your ticket is actually a winner. Once you’re sure that, that ticket is a winner
and once the race has become completely official, you’ve got two choices on how to collect your
winnings. You can either go to a self automated kiosk and place the ticket in the machine,
at which point you can then place more bets or get a voucher, which will be a piece of
paper with numbers on it that can be traded into any other, any of the other kiosks, or
to a human teller, for money or to place more bets. Your other option is to go to a teller
and give them the ticket so they can put in in their machine, at which point they can
either place more bets for you or give you your cash winnings. In the state of Colorado,
there are certain conditions in which you have to fill out tax paper work. Those two
conditions are, if a two dollar bet is over 601 or if it is three hundred to one odds
on a specific number. The three hundred to one odd doesn?t happen quite often. In fact,
in the time I’ve been here, I’ve never seen it happen. The 601 however, that happens quite
frequently. We’re going to need a state I.D. and a social security card to fill out that
paper work. If your current address isn’t on there, we can ask you for that.

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