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Heyo! Before we begin, a quick shoutout to Toxic
Geek, who I commissioned to create the music for the glorious new intro you’re about to
see. So go check his stuff out! I’ve put some links in the description below. Alright, here we go. So while I was cleaning the house the other
day, I stumbled across this 1GB USB stick that I used to carry around years ago, and I found
that it contained many Flash files for different online Mario fangames, probably so I could
play them on a school computer or something. Now these definitely bring back memories,
but I still wanted to see how well these games have held up and whether or not some of the
games have aged over the years. Spoiler alert: Most don’t, but hey, I figured
you guys might want to get a taste of these mediocre Flash games, whether you feel nostalgic
or just want to laugh at them, so there we go. Now, I know you guys just want to take a look
at the bad stuff so let’s get the good ones out of the way first. First on the list is the original Super Mario
Flash, and while it has a generic name, I think it’s one of the very first decent Mario
Flash games. It’s basically what you’d expect, a bare-bones
version of Mario with your regular running, jumping, and fireball throwing, and it has
a nice little single player campaign, but this game actually controls pretty well despite
only using the arrow keys and the space bar. The physics also feel pretty tight and every
action from hitting blocks to kicking shells definitely replicates the originals pretty
well. There’s even a level editor where you can
manually lay down tiles to create a level of your own, and save them via Notepad codes. I remember having a lot of fun making these
levels as a kid, and it definitely shows. …yeah that seems about right. Now some people in the audience may recognize
this next one. Super Mario 63, which, if you haven’t played
this game yet, please do. It’s probably one of the best Mario fangames
out there, and I’m honestly surprised that this was all done in Flash. For the uninitiated, Super Mario 63 basically
adopts the free-roaming gameplay of Mario 64 into 2D, and also throws in FLUDD from
Mario Sunshine because why not. The story, while simple is still slightly darker than
the official games. In the distant past, the powers of Tyrants
who ruled the Mushroom Kingdom were locked by an ancient hero into the Orb of Power,
which is now guarded by the Toadstools using the power of the Shine Sprites. Back in the present day, Bowser wants to get his
hands on the Orb, and so he crashes a surprise party for Mario, kidnaps the princess and
scatters the Shine Sprites throughout the land. So it’s up to Mario to gather the Shine Sprites
by venturing into paintings in the castle a la Mario 64. And yes, this is a full-scale adventure and
every course in Mario 64 is accounted for here, with their own unique Shines and Star
Coins to collect, as well as a ton of secrets hidden in the castle itself, it’s just really
fun to explore and find everything this game has to offer. There’s even a level editor in this game too
for Virtual Boy’s sake. Trust me, if you haven’t played Super Mario
63 yet, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. And that’s it, the only two games out of the
ones we’re going to look at that I would classify as ‘great’. I’m kinda sorry for skimming over them but
that’s probably not what you’re watching this video for. Here come the mediocre/terrible fangames! Why don’t we start by playing a Flash version
of a beloved arcade game, the Classic Mario Bros.? …oh. You can play with Captain Lou Albano as Mario
in this game for…whatever…reason. Well, it’s Mario Bros. all right, it functions
pretty fine even though it’s not that well-polished presentation-wise, and there’s even a two
player mode so if you don’t have an official copy of Mario Bros. nearby, then this may
serve you just fine. I also kinda like how there’s a practice mode
where you just dodge barrels from Donkey Kong. Pretty nice touch. Alright, next up we have, uh, Super Flash
Mario Bros, one of the many knockoffs of Super Mario Flash that just attempt to put Mario
gameplay into Flash and nothing more. And it doesn’t really pull that off really
well. Mario moves like he’s skidding on ice all
the time, and he just squishes Goombas instead of bouncing off them like you normally would. Also, the blocks in this game don’t detect
your hits that well. And you can’t backtrack for whatever reason. ‘s cool. …ok. Yeah, this game is just not that polished
in general. Let’s just move on since I don’t know what
else to talk about it. Next up, New Super Mario Bros. Flash. Let’s see what this game has up its sleeve. Well, it just directly uses graphics from
New Super Mario Bros., so there’s that. The rest of the presentation just feels off,
probably because the levels here are just bland, uninteresting and not Mario-y. Also the only enemies here are Piranha Plants
and Mario has an actual health meter instead. …okay. That’s a thing Piranha Plants can do now I
guess. Anyway, yeah, the controls also feel kinda
shoddy in this one. Aaand the music just cuts itself off. Sure. The second portion of the level has more gimmicks
like moving platforms and invisible blocks so that’s pretty neat. Okay, that should NOT have counted as a hit by the way. Ah whoops, welp, lost a life due to my own stupidity. Oh, well apparently not. Aaand that’s the end of the game. Good job, Josh Anderson. You tried your best at the time. And thank you for putting this giant pit in
the end so I can jump in and see absolutely nothing happen. Alright, next. Now Mario Star Catcher 2 isn’t really a Mario
game per say, you can only move and jump in this game and the objective is to get to the
star at the end of the level, but all you do is basically avoid enemies and solve simple
puzzles. There are coins and lives but there’s no power-ups
and brick breaking and you can’t even jump on the dang Goombas. The physics and collision detection are also
pretty rough, most of these Mario Flash games don’t give you a choice between running and
walking so you basically move at a decent speed on your own, and in Star Catcher 2 you
can turn pretty fast too leading to some pretty erratic movement. By the way, the moving platforms don’t move
you along with them. That’s just terrible game design. The presentation is also pretty bare, there’s
a lot of floating tiles and oversized sprites all over the place. WHOA, geez, Banzai Bill, slow down a bit there buddy. I think that with some pretty interesting
mechanics and puzzles down the line this could be a decent fangame if more polish was given
to the presentation and physics. I tried to see if I could beat it but lost
all my lives in this giant labyrinth of enemies who were probably doing drugs. I mean look at ’em. Next up is…uh, Super Mario Flash version
2? Where’s Version 1 then? Is it the original and this game is just trying
to leech off it? Yeah maybe. So once you start the game you end up in a
tutorial area of sorts where you can just move around, grab coins, and the game teaches
you about this manual kick move that is only used in the final boss for some reason. Well, might as well demonstrate by kicking
this shell towards the Magikoopa. Okay he’s dead. So the first stage, Goomba Valley is your
typical grass level, and– Oh. I guess I’m just sullying the landscape with
the blood of my enemies. Moving on. Yeah, it’s pretty bland in here, there’s no
actual blocks to hit, Koopas die in one hit, you have a health meter, this game is barely
trying to imitate Mario asides from the presentation I guess. After a very short walk you get to a room
full of Goombas then face off against a bigger Goomba that you stomp multiple times. Yay. Alright, he’s dead. The next level, Pipe City is a stage filled
with pipes that you can’t actually go into, The next level, Pipe City is a stage filled
with pipes that you can’t actually go into, so it’s merely the same basic platforming
challenge with a different aesthetic. Afterwards you enter a fight with a giant
Piranha Plant where you have to jump on its head. It’s easy to avoid getting hurt if you just
keep jumping all over the place. You know, for a second, I thought
it was gonna explode with blood all over the place but guess not. And finally, the final level, Bowser Pass,
which is literally a linear hallway with obscuring walls and a ton of Goombas and Koopas. There’s also Big Goombas which die in two
hits instead of one so, hooray for variety. Also the game just sorta glitched out here
and let me pass through all the regular Goombas without getting hurt for some reason. Anyway, after this boring hallway we get to
face off against Bowser by repeatedly kicking a shell at him as taught to us in the tutorial. Bowser either shoots fireballs to you or makes
them appear in the lava, and they’re easily predictable. You only have to wait for the shell to cool
down for some mysterious reason after kicking it. Anyway, after this epic battle we finally
defeat Bowser and rescue the princess. Oh. Sure. We’re going with that classic YouTube Poop
vibe here, uh that’s a welcome alternative. As a side note, there’s also a version of
this game with a Halloween aesthetic, but aside from that, it’s the same level layouts,
so I won’t talk a lot about it here. Up next is Super Mafia Bros. where Toad is
super excited about something, Bowser is dead and Mario has fallen asleep after presumably
watching a film about the mafia, and imagines being a mafia soldier in his dreams. Okay. Well, do you like Mario but with GUNS? If yes then this is the game for you…sorta. It’s your basic Mario platform level with
the ability to shoot at Goombas and Koopas as well. There’s also a run button in this game which
is pretty neat, but without using it you gain very little vertical momentum when you jump,
which leads to times when you have to make a running jump to move on and risk bumping
into offscreen enemies because they’re jumping all over the place. The game’s one single level also looks pretty
weird, looks like someone just drew up a bunch of geometry in MS Paint. Any hoo, a bunch of identical set pieces later
and we come across Bowser, who’s guarding a money ba–oh and he’s dead. Well, let’s just grab the money bag, finish
the level and– …o…k… Next we have Luigi’s Revenge Interactive,
brought to you by the same people who made Super Mario Flash Version 2, except this time
around you play as Luigi instead. The controls are the exact same, with a kick
move being used again for the final boss. The first level is once again pretty standard,
though I think the presentation here has definitely improved since Mario Flash version 2. Nearly every enemy still dies in one hit tho,
but I still think that Oh, we’re already at the boss now? Wow that was a short level. The first boss is a giant Porcupuffer which
you attack by hitting it, I guess. It also has this random spin attack that is
WAY too fast and has a WAY too large hitbox that it becomes nearly impossible for me to
react to it. I actually ended up dying once to this boss. Alright, finally have that over
with. The next level is a castle level already,
strangely enough, with Bony Beetles and Dry Bones that just die in a hit once again. There’s also a mushroom that refills your
health meter so that’s cool. There’s a bit of platforming, as well as Rexes
that take two hits to kill. Some more enemies and THAT’s the end of the
level. I didn’t even edit the footage, that’s how
short the level is! Anyway, the boss here is a Thwomp and you
have to alternate between hitting the two switches so you can damage it via Bullet Bills. Definitely much easier than the Porcupuffer
in my opinion. Next level. So we enter Bowser’s Castle and we have an
autoscroller this time around, so it’s nice to see some variety here even though the levels
are miserably short. Alright, the final Bowser fight is terrible. For a moment I was stuck figuring out exactly
what to do. There’s nothing here for me to kick towards
him! After dying and consulting the built in strategy
guide I was told you have to jump up and kick the fireballs Bowser shoots out in mid-air. How was I supposed to learn that? Furthermore, doing it is a frustrating chore
in and of itself. There’s Bullet Bills flying all over the place
and it’s so hard to even hit the fireball while simultaneously kicking it at the same
time. You can even get hurt by the fireball when
you kick it! That’s just terrible frustrating design. I just barely made it. Anyway, we defeat Bowser and…that’s it. So what was Luigi seeking revenge for exactly? I don’t know. It’s probably revenge on Bowser for not kidnapping
the princess in the previous game or something. As a side note, there’s also a mode in the
game called ‘Toad Massacre’ which should just speak for itself. Moving on, we have Super Mario Bounce, a puzzle
platformer where Mario constantly bounces and you have to get him to the goal under
a maximum number of bounces. It’s a pretty neat idea, and you can also
pick up different weapons and tools along the way to use against enemies which you can’t
jump on, or create temporary platforms. However, with the need to juggle multiple
tools, avoid enemies and get to the goal in a limited number of bounces, I think the bounce
limit could be a bit more forgiving, since it’s already hard enough to keep track of
the tools you have and you often end up losing lives because you bumped onto an enemy. And you only have a small amount of lives
to begin with. I think this game would benefit a lot more
from removing the lives system altogether to further encourage experimentation and trial
and error, but with how it functions right now, I basically lost motivation to continue
after getting a Game Over on this stage which requires you to put the temporary platforms
in a precise location to get to the goal. Like I said, this game feels too strict and
complicated for me to get maximum enjoyment out of, but the potential is definitely there. Last but not least, we’ll end on what’s also
one of my favorites: Tuper Tario Tros. The game begins in everyone’s favorite World
1-1, you have your classic Mario platforming, but then a wall stops your progress and you’re
taught by this Lakitu to switch games by pressing the spacebar. So we do that and… oh we’re playing Tetris now. Okay. So the rest of the game is pretty straightforward. You can switch between Mario or Tetris mode,
and you can build terrain for Mario to jump across or block enemy paths with in an autoscrolling
level. The two games have their own score displays,
you gain points in Mario Bros. by doing the usual block hitting and enemy stomping, and
you gain points in Tetris by dropping blocks and clearing…vaguely defined lines. I’m still not sure how that works since it
appears that clears only occasionally appear when I form long lines of blocks. I imagine this would be a great gameplay mechanic
for people who want to rack up high scores, as it definitely proves to be an interesting
challenge to manage both game modes at once. Anyway, once the pretty darn long level is
over with, we clear the level by hitting the flagpole and… the castle is gone. And you have 99 seconds to build it from scratch
using the Tetris blocks, all the while a pipe constantly drops Goombas for Mario to defeat. You don’t necessarily have to fill in the
castle completely, as evidenced by my subpar Tetris building skills, but successfully completing
it perfectly will gain you bonus points in the end. After you complete the castle, your total
score gets tallied by your Mario and Tetris scores, lives remaining and whether or not
you built the castle perfectly. For those who like to rack up scores, I imagine
this would be an interesting game to replay. Overall, this game definitely has an interesting concept, so do check it out if you have the time. So that’s it for the Mario flash games I have
on here! Some are good, some not so much, but this
has definitely been quite the nostalgic trip for me, and hopefully for you too if you’ve
coincidentally discovered some of these games a long time ago. And if you’ve never heard of these games,
you should give them a try! I’ll try and put links to the online versions
of these games in the description below. Well, that’s my time here today, so until
next time, MVBBY.

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