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Welcome back to another Online Casino video series, today I’m gonna share with you how online casino bonuses work. Whenever you hear the word “bonus,” you get excited and you want it at all cost. Most online casinos offer different types of bonuses. Players usually receive bonuses according to terms and conditions set by the casino owner. You might be wondering how do I get these online casino bonuses? Let’s cover all the bases today and start with the list of bonuses. Bonus No. 1: The Welcome Bonus This bonus is given to you when you first registered at an online casino. Moreover, this welcome bonus is given during your first deposit. Bonus No. 2: The Referral Bonus There are two different types of referral bonuses. The first one is where you sign up and use an existing player’s referral id. The second one, a bonus will be given to you when you sign up and deposit money on the other person’s account. Bonus No. 3: Cashback Bonus Most casinos offer a percentage bonus when you attempt to lose many times at a casino game. You can easily claim this bonus by going to the casino portal. Bonus No. 4: No Deposit Bonus You get this bonus without depositing any money. This kind of bonus is also called a promotional bonus. This type of offer is often use to attract new users. Bonus No. 5: No Cashable Bonus You can’t claim this bonus. It will only provide you extra points to give you motivation and extra confidence so that you can play for longer. Now that you know all of these bonuses, start playinging now, and apply for these casino bonuses. Good luck!

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