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hello guys and welcome to my channel
today we have online game which is name is knife smash okay it can operate
in any actually devices it is based on browser and you can play it on Mac
Windows. So, we should kick the apples Stage two, so now I should put knife in the free space in the watermelon. I think we have delay because of the internet. it is a little bit delay. Stage two, we will see how far I can go
oh it’s very fast, stop please. oh I can’t concentrate. it’s very fast
okay I’m gonna use my apples. Oh Could i hit the last one. it’s fine it’s fine,
it’s very fun for free game, 1, 2, 3, 4. I got one apple but I lost five
Is it go faster if I do not hit it, yeah, no that’s very hard. it look easy but it is very hard. I am getting better, No!
My best score is 14 and stage 2. – I’m gonna break my score this time oh boy. I break my score, okay I’m gonna use. stage 4. I think there’s a delay one two three four five six I hit two balls with one knife there are two reminds yes stage 6 yes seven am I going to lose

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