Online Gambling News: Wire Act Appeal Approaches

How ya doin’ folks? J.Todd here in Las Vegas… got Excalibur behind me,
but you’re not interested in that. No no no…you want to know what’s happening This Week in Gambling! Hello all you gorgeous people out there! J Todd here with This Week in Gambling for
November 12 2019! A very important deadline, actually, and that deadline is this week’s big story. I’m sure most of you remember that
in January of this year the US Department of Justice decided for no apparent reason that they were going to change their opinion on the Federal Wire Act. What’s more is that the DOJ actually believed that by simply changing their mind
on the Wire Act suddenly… overnight…
all interstate online gambling in America became illegal… state regulations be damned! A move that state regulators
called bullshit on! One state in particular, New Hampshire, actually sued the Justice Department over
this in February, rightfully claiming that the Wire Act, in fact, only applies to sports betting…
not online casino games, not online poker games,
and not online lottery games. DOJ opinion be damned! Then in June, a federal judge agreed with
New Hampshire: The wire act does only apply to bets placed
on sporting events! Which of course the Department of Justice
disagreed with… which set in motion a
series of events leading to a date and a deadline… which brings us to today! November 12th is and or was
the date the… the deadline that the Justice Department had to have their
paperwork filed in order to appeal the judge’s decision and keep this party going! But some of you may be wondering at this point: Is it possible? Is there a chance that the DOJ could actually come back and prevail in this case? Most industry experts agree that,
at this point, there is very little, if any,
chance that the DOJ could actually come back and win this. In fact This Week in Gambling
just conducted an interview with Greg Brower, former Legislative Counsel
for the Justice Department, about this particular case. He had a lot of insight into what the DOJ
may do next and why they actually might not be so enthusiastic about prosecuting people for online gambling
under the Wire Act. Basically he feels that if the DOJ should
win on appeal then this case will most likely end up at
the US Supreme Court. If, however, they lose on appeal, then his opinion is this is game over, man… Game over! You can watch the full five minute interview
with Mr. Brower on our YouTube channel, or by following the direct link that I’ve left for you
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click that “Subscribe” button? It doesn’t cost you anything, I promise! And our channel could always use the support… not to mention my ego always needs a boost! Also this week we have two new game reviews to tell you about. First up it’s Aurora wilds. A five real three row ten payline
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now on our Channel. Finally this week, on our last program I told you that residents in the
state of Colorado were going to be voting on whether or not to regulate sports betting. I also said that the vote had little opposition and not to worry because it would pass easily…. Yeah… Turns out the vote was a little closer than I thought it would be! I mean, sports betting still passed… by the narrowest of margins… at 50.2 percent… But hey! A win is a win! And regulations is regulation! I just happen to get some bad information. Still, it’s better than that bad sushi I got at that gas station in Fresno… Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!

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