Open Face Chinese Poker (tutoriel) avec Shaun Deeb au PCA 2013 (sous-titres français)

what’s up guys I’m Christina you’re watching we’re here at the 2013 PokerStars Caribbean adventure as you can see I’ve got shaun deeb next to me and that’s because he’s going to teach me how to play open-faced chinese why is this game just sweeping the poker industry why is every in love with it I really think it just has all the qualities people want it’s a new game it’s a lot of action there’s big suck outs there’s a lot of gamble and the most important thing is no one really knows what’s the right play just like when pot limit Omaha became the new rage everyone wasn’t really sure what’s going on and as it got more solved it got less fun but everyone it’s a new way to gamble you can play with two three four people whatever you want play as big as you want play small as you want and it’s just a lot of fun so you start this game by dealing every person dealt in five starting cards so it’s usually either two or four people you can play two three or four people I think three handed is the most skilled version heads up is a lot of fun and four handed I’m not a fan of I think it’s a little too slow the average hand takes between seven to ten minutes and for us to generate gambler is that just too slow okay so now Christy looks at our hand first cuz it goes by the button so she’s gonna expose her five cards and decide where to put her cart you can put all in the back some in the back some of the middle some in the front and once they’re there they’re set in stone and so the royalty system you want to be going for flushes full house straights in the back and try to maybe making big pairs up top the royalties in the middle are very difficult to get so usually you don’t set for those initially and for those of you guys who don’t know we’re just assuming you know how to play regular Chinese and we’re playing so you’re trying to make a five-card hand a five-card hand in a 3-car hand and all hands have to be in ruins strength so the back five has to be as strong as sand possible the middle five next arms to the three has to be the weakest of the three hands you have okay if you do not have that your hand is foul okay I’m I don’t really know what I’m doing so let’s see your options looks okay I feel like I was gonna do this did you shuffle these hi this is not a rigged deck this is actually what she was just telling I’m probably the first one watch it again soon we’re not playing for money that’s good I was so is this what you would do you put this in the back because of the possible yeah is worth 25 points okay that’s the big biggest world do we have okay so obviously like if you catch a baby club you and a Jack of Clubs is live it’s not you should go for the Royal it’s worth that many more importance okay and so why are you putting the Queen in the middle of the front on the front perfect see that’s actually the Fantasyland so I will explain that later she doesn’t even know what she’s doing but she’s already advanced no see I just have a measly pair of fives and I put a kicker with it and I have these two cards to put in the middle because they’re unders to the fives and I can make two pair without setting my hand the foul so now you everyone gets a new card Christy goes first so here’s the fun part you get like you sweetheart at a time the agents in the new get to squeeze however you want and you set your Chinese hand as you go instead of getting all 13 cards okay is this a joke it’s not the dead Club cheese fake slow rolling I swear it is no I literally we have camera of me shuffling the deck and I just dealt it out so how does that feel 25 points and we’re not playing for money you could file your hand though this is ridiculous I am so glad this is on TV no one’s gonna believe this and so for me what I need to do is to make sure that you do not foul you don’t want to cover your queen and your whole goal right now is the knots out higher than like a queen-high repair but what if I okay you could I have a word screen hi yep okay so you found the same okay so I have a seven I should put this up you know now seven is totally live so you want to make a pair in the middle to beat your queen okay I’m gonna miss full House’s like if you had some sevens over here yeah then they’re dead cards up top would be the proper chart because right now you’re just trying to make a pair right now you have three sevens a couple queens three aces and three kings to protect your hands so same with this yes the only live guard okay I’m gonna make I’m making it pretty okay believe you have a royal so maybe I should go no you’ve got a six and an eight so maybe I should put them on I will go for the straight straight there’s another royalty in the middle go fit straight okay I hope you catch a queen well if you catch a queen where would you put it if I caught a queen I’ll put it here then I have an eight so should I still go for it well here here’s the thing is you put the eight there you foul by catching one or two remaining Queens okay running tears above eight right now there’s fives and tens there’s only five of those left okay I would lock up what you have and just yeah now I just hope and pray that I don’t get a queen yes you’re just fading the Queen sweat now he has a queen or the ASA yeah not that Queen no so if I if I got a queen you get you read your world you’re good enough this doesn’t count nothing you just pay my hand okay ASA Queen all right now see she doesn’t scoop me because I made two pair in the middle and I did not foul my jacks off is bigger than fours up and then I have Queen high so the scoring system is won 2-6 see if you just lose the game you only lose one point for royalties if he gets scooped or foul you get six plus royalties so she has okay you could have made your straight on the end oh that’s okay you have she has 25 in royalties and she wins the game so she actually wins 26 points firstly I’m pretty good at this game that’s what you’re trying to say are pretty lucky the first time anyone has hit a row first night and it’s so hilarious it’s for an interview like it looks staged but it wasn’t and yeah and how what’s what’s the most you’ve ever played for I played for up to a thousand heroes a point it was heads up so it’s a little smaller game and for him oh well a lot smaller than forehand or three-handed if you were playing for a thousand euros a point how much would you owe you I would owe you twenty six thousand euros okay now really quickly tell me what fantasy land is very quickly fantasy land is when you get queens up top or better and when you get queens up top in the next hand you’re dealt you get all 13 cards down like a regular Chinese hand and you set it facedown so that’s a huge advantage yeah you get all your open faced royalties and even another advantage do you have a regular Chinese royalty which is quaza better in the back voter better in the middle or trips up top you actually get to stay in fantasy land but you have to announce that you stay in fantasy and it’s a huge swing and so many times we’re playing really big that last card sweat sometimes people make trip Queens to foul their fantasy land or they’ll miss and it’s just crazy gambling and fantasy land I think is the only way to play open-face so that’s how you can make Chinese poker more gambling and more fun I mean yes perfect well that’s your open-faced Chinese tutorial this is Chandi I’m Kristina you’re watching

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