(OUTDATED) Method#2 Tutorial multi online ppsspp/port mapping (no Evolve,Hamachi,Tunngle needed)

Hello to all you! In this video I want to communicate an important thing to who used evolve to play online. Day 1st June 2017: EVOLVE HQ WAS CLOSED.
NOW: Evolve is working again. There are other methods to play online with PPSSPP. In fact we can use Hamachi or Tunngle… …following steps of video I’ve created time ago about evolve. Simply use Hamachi or Tunngle than evolve,at the end programs are really similar. But wait! There is also another method,the port mapping! First of all,thank to Tifa Lockhart who helped me 🙂 His Youtube Channel is open again! On videos you’ll see the old one,but on the upper part you can see “Info Ticket”: click there and subscribe to his channel! Ok now the important things! First of all you can try to download file MH_ports (in description you’ll find links) Now extract files that are inside it (right click and left click on 3rd option,extract here) Now we have the folder MH_ports. Enter inside it. Now,first of all click on README,there you’ll find some info about addMH_ports program. Ok lets start to run addMH_ports. If Upnp of modem/router is active,this program create a sort of autoporting,so you don’t need to do manually port mapping. So open with double left click (not like administrator or it won’t work) and wait that appear a screen like this. If appear go to minute 9:00 If not well no panic! Press start (in down-left corner)and go on search browser. Now write ip address (is generally the one that let to access to settings of your modem) Add name and password to enter. Go on advanced settings/configure/Administration and set on the Upnp (the image is only an example,every modem is different) Now return to MH_ports and run again addMH_ports. If give you again error (like mine 401),upnp device not found or simply you haven’t found option to activate the upnp,well we must do necessary a manual port mapping…not hard at the end 😉 Enter again inside modem (ip name/password and go on advanced settings (in my situation configure) Now search for Port Mapping option. You can see already a port…well that is for Evolve; In this video isn’t important,so go on. To create new ports,go on configure Port Mapping. Now go on creation Virtual Server. I put MonsterHunterPorts like name,but you can add the one you prefer. If you want to see ip destination,simply go on start,write cmd and enter inside it. Here write ipconfig and press go. Local ip is the one called IPv4 Inside ip selection I have only one ip,the one of my device,PC. You can also insert it manually. Protocol select ALL,is better and have also less ports. And at the end insert port 10000 inside intern/extern port. This let to see other players in Hall. One click on activate. And one on Next. Now we must create the 2nd port. Again Configure Port Mapping. Put name you prefer,but little different from previous one. Same IP. Protocol->ALL But inside intern/extern ports we put 20001-20004 (so modem see all ports) This let the players go on quest without disconnections/problems. Press Activate Press Next Finally we have both ports setted. Now we need to setup also PPSSPP (psp emulator) You should download and install this version of PPSSPP V1.3-185-gc046c54-rechat because it has less bugs. Now go on settings Go on Sistem Disable Fast Memory option (give problems during online session) Go on Networking and enable networking/Wlan. (let to play online) Now change pro ad hoc server IP address. We have coldbird.net,go on it,delete and insert ( thank to MightyZack, also known as ZackVixACD, who give us this ip) This IP let connection between players and let to play online with PPSSPP. Click Ok. Click Undo and start a game,for this time Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. Don’t watch my Character,I need to create a better set XD See? Here is the guild hall list. Now if is empty,lets go on gh 2. See? All players! Sure first you should organize with your friends or enter in Discord group Monster Hunter PPSSPP to find new friends… See? No error! Yes little lag at beginning,but that was my pc and my connection that are bad XD Ok I cut shortly XD As you can see,this method work for now.
Maybe work also with android,but is better use PC,is more stable.
There is also another method,but I’ll show it in another video. I hope this video will help you,here you can find old videos of evolve,really good if want to know how to use Evolve. If there will be news,I’ll tell you,so subscribe to receive all important informations! Bye to all you,and see ya to the next video!

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6 thoughts on “(OUTDATED) Method#2 Tutorial multi online ppsspp/port mapping (no Evolve,Hamachi,Tunngle needed)

  1. è un buon tutorial, il problema di tutto ciò è che alcune compagnie che offrono servizi internet non accettano certi tipi di port mapping…ma se si è fra i fortunati che l'accettano funziona che è una meraviglia… ti lascio un bel like per il bel video e se ti va, è uscito qualcosa di nuovo da me 🙂

  2. IMPORTANT UPDATE: Al momento ho riportato tutto com'era in origine dato che il programma "modifica" interno a youtube mi sta dando problemi. Una volta che avrò risolto tutto,il video sarà più corto e toglierò questo commento.
    For now I leave video with Old information about Evolve (now is again opened) because the program to cut parts of Youtube is giving me problems. When I'll resolve it,the video will be more shorter and I'll delete this comment. Sorry for the inconvenient.

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