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Hi, welcome back to P se Poker Today, I will talk about the importance of
opening bet size in tournaments. Many new players make a mistake while opening a hand Opening a hand means, you are the first player to bet. Many new players increase/decrease their bet size on the basis of their hand strength If they get aces, they will raise 5-6 times of the big blind If they get marginal hand, then they will limp from any position If they get Ace-Jack, Ace-Queen or any small pair, they will only raise 2 times the big blind By doing this, we are giving a signal about the strength of our hand to the opponent which we should never do in poker Poker is a game of deception If we give such a signal Then the opponent will understand our game and we will never be able to win. This can be the big leak of our game. So what should we do? In 9stacks, you have a feature to fix your opening bet size. Go to settings When you will press settings, you will see a “rate slider” in the drop-down column Click on it. 2 columns will open in front of you One would be “Pre-Flop controls” and one “Post-Flop controls” In “Pre-flop controls”, let the minimum & maximum pot remain as is In front of the big blind row, there would be an absolute number Change that number to anything between 2.2 or 2.3 Then press “OK” to confirm Now, whenever it will be your turn 2.2 or 2.3 whichever number you have entered, will automatically come in your bet slider You don’t have to do anything You just have to press the button to open the hand If you find this video useful, Then like the video and subscribe to this channel And don’t forget to share the video with your poker buddies. Thank You

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