WILL I WIN $74,149???

it’s time that we go get a haircut but not today today we have a much bigger fish to fry at the wind $600 buying 250 K guaranteed exceeded the prize pool we’re looking at four hundred thousand in the prize pool up for grabs we’re coming in below average 60,000 chips at 2400 big […]

For Goodness Rake

It’s here, my brand new leaf blower! Say, what are you doing mister? I am king of this front yard. Let no man question my sovereignty. Not today! Why don’t you make like a tree and leave? Huh? Whoa! I can’t breathe! No come back! Let’s get out of here! No, no! Please mister, shut […]

Question Your World – Should we rake leaves?

Question your world. The ultimate goal of science is to empower knowledge and better understand the natural world while making things a little bit easier for us in the process. Well recently scientists did just that by looking into something in our backyards, fallen leaves. Traditionally we’ve been known to rake up and toss out […]

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