Patrick Leonard shows some of the new features of the partypoker software

Hi guys, my name is Patrick Leonard and as well as being one of the luckiest guys in the world I’m also an ambassador for
You couldn’t make this up but I just pressed record and this is happening so I’m going
to leave this in for comedy purposes but the actual reason for me making a video today
is talking about the software updates at You can see a bunch of different software
updates just from this one hand. You can see my timebank, I’m timing down here. You can
see it’s a lot clearer than previously. The time bank used to be disguised, now it’s
a lot clearer. There’s also a hot hands thing going on here so when you get dealt
a really good hand, you can choose what is a really good hand in your settings, your
table comes up orange which is really nice. Looking at the table now, let’s look at
what’s changed. The table is now in oval size so it’s a lot bigger than it used to
be. The player plates have changed. The avatars are a lot easier to read now. Even as an ambassador
I used to have my avatars turned off because they weren’t really good to see, they weren’t
really nice on the eye. But now I can see this guys little teddy bear, I can see everything
going on, again you can see my time bank just telling me how much time I have, especially
in fast forward where its such a fast game. You can just be timing out all over the place
and that’s not very nice. You can mark people colours, here’s the
notes section. I’m going to colour him pink but now you can colour people whatever colour
you want… so I can make him this dark purple or say I want to make him blue, it works like
this. Really nicely, can see him properly. Someone in the hand you can see him a little
clearer because he’s active, again, really nice there.
When I right click on somebody i can disable the chat, I can look at the player notes…
like this – that’s pretty nice. Fast forward button is very clear here. The
fonts now are a lot bigger, if you remember the partypoker previously, we used to have
pretty small font. You couldn’t always read them or make them out so well. Now the bet
sizes are really big, fonts are really big, I really like that new feature as well.
So I’m going to call the video to an end here. You can tweet me @plenopads on twitter
and tell me your suggestions, things you want, things you want changed.
My job at partypoker isn’t to go to the Caribbean and play tournaments, its more working
with the team to introduce changes and listen to player feedback.
…Going to bluff this hand. We’ll do a big one to finish off. He fold so that’s
good news. I’m going to go now. Get in touch with me
and lets make the software get better and better every week.

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3 thoughts on “Patrick Leonard shows some of the new features of the partypoker software

  1. is there any 3rd party software available for party poker that helps you multitable? any suggestion except table ninja please..

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