Patrick Leonard shows the new custom tables feature of the partypoker software

Hi guys what’s up, my name is Patrick Leonard,
and I’m ambassador for I’m here to show you some of the new changes
we’ve made to the software. The first thing is I don’t really play cash
games, I usually play tournaments. So when I’m playing a cash game, I want to choose
a felt which stands out and reminds me that I’m playing a cash game. So now we have
this new feature, you can instantly change the colour to whatever you want.
If you are in touch with your feminine side and want to make it pink, no problem you can
make it pink, literally any colour you can think of you can do. If you’re on the final table and want to
make it gold to kind of show you’re going for glory, you can make it gold. The traditional
green felt is what I prefer generally, but you can also make the background some wood
floor…metal floor…oak wood…red carpet…black wood… you can do whatever you want basically
so this is really good. So at the table all you need to do is go onto
the table and right click or go onto the background and right click….big bet, I was just call
to keep this going, had a good hand again I guess… You can do it at the table if you want to
go table to table but if you go to preferences which is in the top right, this little wheel
and you can click it…just go all-in here and represent the flush draw… so you can either have the kind of rectangle
table, or you can have an oval table, I really prefer the oval table myself, it’s deeper,
it’s less on the eye. My felt colour, like I said I prefer green but if you want your
custom to be blue, you can do blue no problem. You can see how it’s going to look here.
For your card deck I again prefer the more modern slick four colour deck, but you can
have different decks. You can have two colour, four colour. Same with the card backs, all
you need to do is change it. And then this is going to be your custom background.
So if you want to go crazy, you go wood floor, pink felt then you’re welcome to do as you
wish. The tables have turned let’s say and we’re no longer forcing certain table types
on you, you can decide how you want your player experience to be. We’re going to give you
good tournaments, good cash games, and you can do all the rest. I’ve been Patrick Leonard, you can message
me on twitter, Plenopads, and I will try to listen to your feedback and relay it back
to the team. We’re going to aim to make new changes basically every two weeks, get
a new release out, start improving things a lot quicker than previously, so thanks for
being loyal and see at the tables.

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