Photoshop Tutorial: Part 1 – How to Create a Custom Playing Card with your Own Monogram

Hi. This is Marty from Blue Lightning TV. I’m going to show you how to create your own
custom playing card adorned with a monogram design of your initials. This tutorial is in 2 parts. In Part 1, we’ll create our basic
playing card and in Part 2, we’ll add the face design and monogram. I provided this Photoshop template that you
download to follow along. Its link is located in my video’s description
below or the project files. Go to View and make sure “Snap” is checked. If it isn’t, just click on it. Go to Show and make sure “Guides” is checked as well. Open your Gradient Tool. At the top, make sure the “Linear Gradient”
icon is active. Click the gradient bar to open the Gradient Editor. Click the Black to white, third gradient on
the top and click the lower, right Stop. Click the color box and in the hexadecimal
field, type in: 152A04. Then, press Enter or Return twice to close
both windows. Go to the top of the document and press and
hold, “Shift” as you drag down the Gradient Tool to the bottom. Click the New Layer icon to make a new layer
and name it, “Card shape”. Open your “Rounded Rectangle Tool” and click Shape. If you’re using CS5 or earlier, the Shape
icon is here. Click the “Fill” box and pick white. We won’t be using a Stroke, so make sure Stroke
has this icon next to it. Make its Radius: 80 pixels and click the gear icon. Tick “Unconstrained” and make sure “From Center”
is not checked. Go to the top, left corner of the guide line
and drag out a shape to the lower, right corner. Then, release. It’ll snap in place because we have “Snap” checked. If a window pops up before you can even drag your tool, try it again, but this time, just press and hold your mouse or pen
as you immediately drag your tool. Make a new layer and name it, “Outline”. Open your Rectangular Marquee Tool. Go to the top, left corner again and drag
a selection to the opposite corner. Go to Select and Transform Selection. In the Width field, type in 67% and in the
Height field, type in 81%. Then, press Enter or Return. Go to Edit and Stroke. Make the Stroke: 7 pixels, the color is black
and the Location is Inside. To deselect it, press Ctrl or Cmd + D. Open
your Horizontal Type Tool. I’m using a font called, “Card Character Regular”. If you’d like to use it, I provided its link, as well. Make its size: 30 points, Smooth and Center Alignment. Click the color box. If your card suite is clubs or spades, pick black. If your card suit is diamonds or hearts, pick red. For my red, I’ll type in the hexadecimal field:
DF1128. Click on the middle of the guideline and type
out the letter or number of your card. Open your Custom Shape Tool. Open your current shapes and click the gear
icon in the panel. Click, “Shapes” and click OK to replace the
current shapes with the new shapes. I’ll click this heart shape, however, you
can also click the diamond, club or spade. Click the gear icon at the top and tick “Defined
Proportions and check “From Center”. Click on the center of the guideline below
your letter or number and drag out the shape. To slide it up or down, open your Move Tool
and press the Up or Down arrow on your keyboard. Merge your number or letter with the shape
of the suit. To do this, Shift-click the text layer to
make IT active, as well, and press Ctrl or Cmd + E. Then, name the layer. Drag it to the upper left area. To slide it to the left or right, press the
left or right arrow key. To copy it to the lower, right corner, press
Ctrl or Cmd + A to select your document’s dimensions and go to Edit, Transform and “Rotate 180 degrees. Then, deselect it.

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11 thoughts on “Photoshop Tutorial: Part 1 – How to Create a Custom Playing Card with your Own Monogram

  1. nice tutorial, thanks
    btw i can't find the jupiter tutorial that was posted earlier today! how/where can i find it?

  2. Hi Marty, thanks for getting back to me so quickly when I emailed you. I think everything is up and running now. I have to agree with the other folks, this is truly a great tutorial. Will be checking out your other tutorials too.

  3. for the height and width, I can't seem to make it 67 percent and 81 percent, if i try changing the height, it changes the width as well?

  4. Thank you sooo much!
    As someone that has never opened photoshop, I managed to make these cards with your help. Thank you again!

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