It plays music too! School time with EXO! I have eaten all my breakfast. Time to go! ottokhae T.T Hello everyone! My name is Maggie and
this is Chiara and… recently I had the perfect idea! I was thinking what content we should make like a beside kpop reactions.
Like…we should try something new then I was thinking what is something that I
haven’t seen before. And than I thought Oh my god! What about KPOP games! You know like those online dress up for kids What if I find something? I did found some. One of them… oh my
god I couldn’t stop laughing. I feel so sorry for someone who made it but…you will see… Oh I’m curious! The first game is this Who is this? Yeah… who is this supposed to be? Jungkook? Taehyung? I can’t tell. I feel weird. Standing there only in his underwear. What am I supposed to… oKaYyy There are more hair! (to choose from) This kinda looks like Jimin…okay But there are more hair. Look! Not many but… This reminds me of Jungkook from boy with Luv or I don’t know… Boy IN Luv! I am getting confused. Oh my god I feel weird. Look there’s the torn sweatshirts that Jungkook wore in War of Hormone Did he had this hair or which one? He had… brown hair. Shoul we look it up? He had brown hair. (are you colorblind?) I told you! Let’s say…maybe BLACK? Why are we taking this
so serious I got about the layers with BLACK! There it is! I put hair on hair! okay What was he wearing? Black trousers? Which one? Oh my god. Look at it. I mean look! I forgot about the LAYERS in these kind of games. What did he wore? I remember when we played this kind of games when we were little! I don’t think it looks like Jungkook. Beautiful. Also as I was searching for BTS games I found also this…It looks like “stardoll” (name of game) We used to play stardoll…remeber? Yeah I remember. Stardoll BTS! It’s loading! oooh! Is it supposed to be Taehyung? (kinda looks like him I admit) He wears like those sweatpants (seen him wearing similar) What? What am I supposed to do? I accidentally took of his clothes! THE LAYERS! I’m sorry….sorry. (what a noob can’t even play a simple game) This is it. Oh we can look at the room! Why is it not working? That’s it? And the last one that I found you are gonna… Cover your eyes I want to see you reaction! And I have to reload the page. I don’t know what to expect! Look! LoOk! LOok! Now? Yeah! What is it? It plays music too! *aRt* Dress up Jimin! THIS is Jimin? Dress up Jimin for his concert! oh here you turn on and off the music oH my gahd I aLwaYYs wanTed to DRESS UP like this in the paint made BTS member which I can’t recognize “I can exactly tell who this” like I’m sorry for someone who made this but I think I could draw Jimin better than this It’s just cartoon figure of some boy Please! Put on the hat! What are we doing?! What is this? Idk. I’m just putting everything on together. We should TRY to make it look good. Ok some sneakers. The only trousers that are available. (struggling to say available) “English not available!” This shirt. Floweeers. *saying BEAUTIFUL with no soul* and glasses… *weird fireworks* Ta daaaa! And we play music cause this is fashion show! *clothes dissapear* *rage* It destroyed my OUTFIT! That I worked sooo HaRd on! *screaming internally* *having existential crisis* *enjoying music* NOT TODAY! “TODAY WE FIGHT!” okay. “I know it doesn’t look like him but
I tried my best hope you all liked it.” oh CUTE!
I’m sorry for laughing! I’m sorry. But like… singing?: “when you try your best but you don’t succed” (my life anthem) Still… like… someone… They tried. Someone put their time into it so (good job!) It made us laugh. So thank you! So these were the
only games and like what I found with BTS I thought I would found like more
but maybe I should be glad that I did not. So here is the one with EXO It looks like same like the BTS game. Uh-huh. Just different clothes (and background) Fans can tell maybe they seen like…. I haven’t seen every MV by EXO yet and I am not that could in recognizing therefore… If you can tell….Then please tell us that you recognized these outfits. This hair remind me of Xiumin. *what is my life?* This is what I thought I’m going to do when I’m 20 years olddd. Put the jacket on! Which one? Blue? The layers! It looks horrible. LOOK! *weird noises* *contemplating life again* The last game that I found is this one! “SCHOOL TIME WITH EXO!” Well it looks rEaL! It looks like them but only with that cartoon filter How to play? “Meet Yixing, Luhan, Xiumin, Sehun and Kris at school! Choose best response for each question. What you choose will guide you to have a chance to get closer for each member. Good luck!” Oh my gahd! I can get closer to Xiumin…or Sehun… *Day 1* iM sO ExCiteEDd! “Well today I will go to school as a fresh
student! I’m feeling so curious about the high school students life. I’m going to read too! *awkward silence* Read. I’m going to play another role you are ‘YOU’ and I’m someone else. okay. “Okay, the books already in my bag and I have eaten all my breakfasr. Time to go! “Why the bus isn’t come yet?” wOOw English!! Like I’m not English speaker (native) but I’m not sure if this is right… I will go late. (?) “ottokhae” T.T (*suffering greatly*) “Suddenly someone closed my eyes!” OMG Don’t cover… Like I can’t click when you do this. help. “Can you guess who is this?” You were supposed to tell that! Nooo. Yeah! there were question marks! “Can you guess who is this?” *mixing languages* What was there? “Can you tell who is this?” Help. Help. “Who are you?” *wtf is my voice like these all the time?* “I said try to guess!” I feel uncomforTABLE!” I don’t know if I read those names right. (sorry) Okay…suddenly I can’t continue with the game So we will never know! Who it was!? Only…we could feel the
cringe but we will never know who it was! YAYYY *with no soul* guys! This is what I wanted! This is the end? I want to know! Ohh *actually dissapointed* I didn’t do/read too much lines you know! You were so much into your role that you forgot…. YOU HAVE TO GET INTO IT WITH YOUR SOUL! Yeah guys…these were KPOP games that we found. Can you refresh it? *still dissapointed* I tried before and it froze at the same time. what a cliffhanger! I wanna see comments. “I stuck at the day three!” well you still went further than we did “This make me shock.” “I can’t choose SEHUN!” “I like BTS, BLACKPINK & EXO 1” what is EXO 1? (what does 1 stand for?!) “OMG! I can’t stop playiiiingg!” “Why I can’t end up with SEHUN OPPA??!” “Oh my god” – yes this comment is me. Little kids I think they enjoy this. I’m not dissing! You do you! But “ottokhae” I’m not making fun of the language
– Korean but I’m making fun of like how it looks in this game It reminds me of that like Koreaboo and stuff like that You know what I mean? Like those videos the day you can find
those cringe compilations on YouTube and “Beautiful!” Tell us how you like this video! If you
like this how we tried to do something new and if you want us to do like something like
this maybe next time too…we were thinking of doing like be BT21 cakes so that could be
interesting. So if you like that please tell us in the comments. Like this video yeah and
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like Instagram and Twitter that are listed down bellow And we are getting closer to 6000 subscribers really thank you we really appreciate it Love you guys! Thank you! Bye!

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