Playing for $1,000,000 at the World Series Of Poker!

our first event at the World Series of
Poker is the 565 Colossus hopefully we get a good table draw I’m just kidding
all the tables should be soft hopefully we don’t have to enter multiple flights
you can bag up and play the online event in the comfort of my home tomorrow that
is the plan let’s do it hi it’s Chris Pearson I’d like to take this brief
opportunity to address the poker community which I love and I’ve been
part of for a long time with blinds at 5100
we men raise to 200 with ace four of spades
button calls big blind calls we started the hand with 2800 chips flop comes King
nine seven two spades big blind checks we put in the check going for the check
raised or free card button bets 350 big blindfolds and we shove all in could
go for a smaller sizing maybe 1,100 chub turns but we just wanted to fold and
realize her equity now get rid of all this one pair type hands he goes deep
into the tank and calls it off king queen off suit turn as a four river is a
five of spades and we double it these
with blinds at 75 150 under the gun elderly Caucasian male makes it 300
we’re on the button with 4,500 chips and 9 10 of clubs putting the call over
heads up flop comes Queen Jack 8 all spades he bets 450 since we don’t block
any of the pair’s and we don’t have a spade we want to get the money in now so
we raised to 1400 he doesn’t like it but he puts in the call turn this in offsuit
7 he checks we shove for 2600 he puts in the call with two red kings and he’s
drawing dead now nine thousand ships it blinds that 150-300 under the gun
shoves 5000 run the button with ace-queen offsuit he shows King Jack of
Hearts pop comes King Queen deuce turn as a Jack rivers is-7 we double them up with blinds at 200 400 with a 50 ante
we’re in the cut off with ace Jack offsuit we make it 1,000 big blind
shoves all in for 4500 we call he shows king and queen off suit flop comes ace 9
7 turn is a deuce rivers a for Henry Busta player puts his head about 21,000 short chain tied to me tight with blinds at 200 400 under the gun
opens to 1,200 we’re under the gun plus one with pocket kings good flat said the
trap but we don’t want to see a multi-way pot let’s attack the strong
under the gun 3x range we make it 3500 action folds to
him and he shoves all in for 12000 does he have aces we’re ten handed he could
have aces but we got him covered and we put in the call he shows pocket tens the
flop is ace six seven with two hearts he has the ten of Hearts
Turner’s the four of hearts and the river is the deuce of spades a huge pot
our way we now have 35,000 chips sitting pretty in this turbo Colossus
perpetrator of one of the largest Ponzi schemes in US history
today Jesus Ferguson American greed would be featuring him on
an upcoming episode yet here he is launching his new pond
and Player of the Year stamen in the house card dead for two hours one hand I
picked up was ace queen guy shoved on me with a snide and we held 30,000 going
600 1200 no no 800 1600 they were 10 away from the min cash eight hundred and
thirty three dollars line down from 35 K to 26 K we’re now in the money blinds at
1224 I’m under the gun with East ten off nine handed I shove all in action folds
to the big blind who goes in the tank and asked me how many bullets I’m gonna
fire in this event I tell him 11 I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean but uh
somewhat the truth he puts in the call he shows a seven offsuit
the board runs out all bricks no sweat we hold in more than double Oh currently
working on four hours of sleep ten hours into the day or so the very next hand
action bolts the same guy in the small blind he shoves all in for 20,000 we’re
in the big blind with these three of hearts putting the call he has Queen
five offsuit the board provides him no help and we now have 80,000 chips 115,000 going to two thousand four
thousand one hour left in the night let’s bag and tags we don’t have to
reenter with blinds at twenty five hundred five thousand five hundred were
under the gun nine handed three hands remaining in the night before we bagged
and tagged pickup Ace King of Hearts under the gun we make it twelve thousand
middle position calls off a sixty five thousand stack flop comes Queen four for
rainbow we see bet twelve thousand and he calls turns six check check
rivers an eighth check check he shows pocket tents X hand the same guy raises
to twelve thousand button calls were in the big blind with eight nine of clubs
so we put in the call flop comes ten nine three one club I check you bet
seventeen thousand button folds we put in the call turn as a king horrible card
for our hand and his range is much stronger than ours we don’t have Queen
Jack not this time I check he bets 27 thousand and refold he claims he had
pocket tens again first that good thing I didn’t check jam the flop in the last
hand of the night folds to me in a small blind eye of King six suited I
definitely could limp here but since it’s the last hand people generally
don’t want to bust last hand so I raise it up to fifteen thousand big blind
calls flop comes eight four deuce one Spade
playing it’s a sea bet and jam and he turn that’s a spade or gives me a
straight draw so I bet 18,000 and he shoves all in for
75,000 I fold and he shows a for ice and we bagged 80,000 ships coming back
Tuesday 2:00 p.m. three thousand six thousand about four percent of the
flight remains so we made it

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52 thoughts on “Playing for $1,000,000 at the World Series Of Poker!

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  2. Troll H.O.F move….Give all the players at the sit n go table that trooper is sitting at a No Gamble hat.

  3. Way to B&T JB. I predict big things for you this summer. Hopefully I'll see you this weekend, flying out Friday morning from NC.

  4. jam that k6ss for the same reason (people don't like busting last hand) (and yall are 15bb eff?)
    GOGOOGGOOGO JEFF!!! sleep well!

  5. The Chris Ferguson call out was brutal…and I loved it!
    Nice to see Jaman in your corner.
    Keep it up!

  6. A4ss seems to be your Hot Hand ! Tired play always equals chip loss. keep some raw ginger with you in the wee hours. wakes your mind up.
    Love the C "Judas" Ferguson comments. He should have toothpicks shoved under his fingernails. Just my 2 cents.

  7. God your voice and tone is like being in hell don’t know why I watched your Vlog you bore the shot out of me

  8. You are playing great. As I write this on Tuesday evening hope you, Clyde, and Duke are still in it. You do know the Rio allows you to bring your dog(s). You could sic them on Ferguson. Just an idea!

  9. AQ vs KJ run out KQ2J7 you double up, no flushes? I don't get it. You're still the Big Dog. It's your time!!

  10. I love these videos, please keep up your (should be trademarked) practice of casually mentioning the Approx age, probable ethnicity, and gender when describing your opponent. If someone tells you this in not helpful, they are not being truthful. lol keep posting Jeff! Middle aged, athletic build Caucasian, bald, male here.

  11. I heard you needed around 300k going into day 2 to have a real chance, but hell all you need is 2 double ups. Looks like after a certain point if you do have chips you can flip with the abundance of short stacks who shove with aces, faces, and pairs.

  12. Who is the handsome guy in the purple shirt about 5 minutes in? Probably some horrible poker player lol

  13. im your biggest fan. go get em. love your info about the hands, but please tell us if the villian is a nit or a LAG or something…. or maybe i use this info too much or doesnt matter? GO get em brother

  14. Great playing Jeff! Better what you did to that dirtbag Ferguson. What a piece of garbage. GL rest of the way and you have a hundo dinner on me!

  15. I just.. how can the international poker community pretend it’s okay to welcome Chris Ferguson back? Dude did his best to destroy the entire online poker industry purely out of selfish greed. Disgusting.

  16. The hand @ 9 mins or so, AK v TT, wouldn’t you say there’s some merit to barreling on the turn or river? You have him stacked and you have more Qs in your range, plus you’re probably hearing from any of his 4s or Qs on the turn. You’re the wizard so I defer to your judgment, just a thought.

  17. Love the Ferguson thing. Dude is a total scumbag and screwed a lot of people out of their money and yet he walks free among those very people. Shame on the WSOP for naming him player of the year. This just makes me that much more of a fan of Boski. Good job brother.

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